5 Tips for wearing boat shoes

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These are our 5 tips for wearing boat shoes.

Wearing boat shoes with shortsTip 1 – Clothing:

Wear boat shoes with casual wear such as chinos, khakis, shorts and jeans. Do not wear boat shoes with an absolutely formal attire or evening party wear.

Tip 2 – Socks to wear:

Ideally, you should not wear socks with boat shoes. But, if you must, you should wear non slipping boat shoe socks such “Mabua breathable no-show socks.” These socks will not be seen outside the shoe. This will make you feel trendy and comfortable at the same time. You can find more information about boat shoe socks in the post “How to select the best boat shoe socks”

Tip 3 – Shoe Lace Techniques:

Shoe laces can be tied in multiple different ways. Boat shoe laces especially can be tied in an attractive fashion using a Reef knot followed by a tassel barrel knot or just the tassel barrel knot. You can find more about these techniques in our post “Best way to keep boat shoe laces tied.” These knots will make your boat shoes look more trendy and also ensure that they are firmly tied.

Boat shoes in cool colorsTip 4 – Top brands:

Some people don’t mind wearing non branded stuff as long as it’s a quality product. However, when it comes to boat shoes not every brand delivers the best. Generally, the following brands sell top quality best selling boat shoes:

  • Sperry Top-Sider
  • Sebago
  • Timberland
  • Cole Haan
  • Rockport

However, Crocs is one of the brands that manufactures boat shoes exclusively for beach wear. They have some attractive designs & colors especially to be worn on the beach. Some of the Polo Ralph Lauren and Clarks boat shoe models suit well for office wear.

Tip 5 – Colors:

Boat shoes come in variety of colors. If you are not of the adventures type, you can stick to black, brown, tan, maroon, navy blue, dark green. These colors will work well for office wear. On purely casual occasions outside office, you can wear colors like bright red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, silver or gold. Of course, pink & purple is more suited for the ladies.

Follow the general color coordination rules. Whichever color you choose to wear, ensure that you match your accessories with the color of your shoes. For example, if you wear brown shoes to office, wear a brown belt and a wrist watch with a brown belt.

Here are some sexiest ways to wear boat shoes…

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