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Johnston & Murphy Men’s Trevitt Tassel Loafer

Having gone through difficult experience with your previous shoes, you might be in need for a change of your shoes. As a result, you may be in search for a comfortable shoe simple for you to walk with. Additionally, you may be on the look-out for a long-lasting shoe and high-quality shoe. This guide introduces you to a comfortable and considerably durable shoe that comes with a relatively cheap price.

Johnston & Murphy Men's Trevitt Tassel Loafer

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Since its invention, the shoe has been noted for its durability and sturdiness. It is simple and a classic. The outlook of the shoe is spectacular and especially its supple leather upper part tassels. In the interior, the shoe is fitted with woolen cushions which allows for comfort and breathability during walking.

The Johnston & Murphy Men’s Trevitt Tassel Loafer has a synthetic sole which is durable and elastic to enhance easy walking. It is also made with full-grain leather which fits your foot inside comfortably and it takes the shape of your foot as you continue to wear the shoe to increase comfort.

Why Go For the Johnston & Murphy Trevitt Tassel Loafer?

You may be having a broad foot which does not fit in many shoes in the market. At the same time, you may be having challenges with other shoes which do not expand or take the shape of the foot even after a long time of usage. This loafer, is now here as your solution. It comes with all sizes for all the different feet sizes. Also, it is a bit broad on the sides than other shoes. The loafer conforms to the shape of your foot in a short time of usage. Thus, it gets better to use after a short time of wearing.

There are some people who do not like shoes with laces. This is essential especially if you like doing things in a hurry, especially leaving home heading to workplace. This shoe is the perfect choice for you as it is easy to fit without necessarily making changes to its tassel detail.

Johnston & Murphy Men's Trevitt Tassel Loafer Top View

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The shoe has its entire body made of leather. It comes with either brown or black color. It has a sheepskin and memory foam foot-bed in the interior which is really comfortable and fitting as you walk by. It is fitted with tassel detail made of leather too. At the same time, the shoe has a slotted color which proves its design.

Being a leather shoe, it is easy to maintain it by simply polishing with suede or other materials as instructed by the dealers. Its leather does not easily get torn or fade. Thus, the shoe is long-lasting even if you consider using it regularly. It has an elastic rubber sole which is easy to walk with. The sole also adds on the shoe’s durability.

Pros and Cons of Using the Shoe


– The shoe is cheap, selling at $69, which is considerably cheap as compared to its features and durability.

– Being a leather shoe, it is durable.

– It is easy to fit in and walk with the shoe as it does not have shoe laces.

– The shoe is spacious thus allowing space for broader feet.


– The shoe expands easily after wearing for a short time.

– It slips off the foot when you are walking over stairs.

– The shoe can be too loose for those with slim feet


This loafer is among the best Johnston and Murphy men’s shoes. It is made with sheepskin cushions to increase comfort as you walk with it. At the same time, it is made of leather thus increasing on its durability. Therefore, be the next to enjoy the spectacular experience with Johnston & Murphy Men’s Trevitt Tassel Loafer.

Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Tremont Kiltie Tassel Boat Shoe

If you can hardly wait to get up and go to work or just go out for a walk because you love your new shoes, then that’s solid proof right there that you’ve gotten a good pair. After all, when it comes to the sperry tremont kiltie tassel loafer, it’s still one of the most comfortable and high quality pairs of shoe you can get. Made entirely out of leather and boasting a classic design, it’s hard not to love these shoes regardless of what style and preferences you may have.

Sperry Top-Sider Men's Tremont Kiltie Tassel Boat Shoe

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After many months of wearing your shoes on a daily basis, the day they finally broke has come and you’re now required to buy a new pair. The thing is that buying a new pair of shoes is not as easy as buying a pair of socks, since there are so many things you need to be aware of. It’s not only the material the shoes are made of, but also the company producing them, their design, features and so on. Well, if you don’t want to go wrong, then you probably have to consider getting a pair of sperry tassel loafers.

Sperry Top-Sider Men's Tremont Kiltie Tassel Boat Shoe 2Classiness meets style

The ord ideassperry kiltie tassel loafer is a very classy pair of shoes that’s very comfortable to wear and on top of that, they have a classiness that’s rare to see in most other shoes these days. For added comfort and durability, they feature a Tru-Moc construction and given the fact that they’re a slip-on type, you can easily put them on and take them off.

Excellent grip and traction is something these shoes definitely excel at thanks to their wave-siping and non-marking rubber outsole. Buy on AmazonOn top of that, walking in these shoes feels like you’re in the Mercedes of shoes. That’s because they feature an EVA heel cup that not only provides extra support and comfort, but is also great at absorbing shock.

A solid and well reputed brand 

Sperry has been in the shoes manufacturing business for many years and if you bought at least one pair of shoes from them, then you know what quality standards they adhere to. Using only the best quality materials, sophisticated manufacturing processes and having well trained staff that helps manufacture the shoes, it’s easy to realize why they’ve managed to survive on the market for so long and continue to enjoy great success.

Ever since the sperry tremont kiltie tassel loafer was released, they’ve been selling like hot cakes and that’s because people love their style, classiness and comfort. In terms of color, you can get them in a single style that combines black and dark brown. Rest assured though that no matter if you plan on using them to attend a formal event or maybe go out for a walk, you’re going to attract a lot of compliments.


1. Very stylish and classy.

2. Built using high quality leather.

3. Classic design.

4. Easy to put on and take off.


1. A bit heavy for some people.

5 Tips for wearing boat shoes

These are our 5 tips for wearing boat shoes.

Wearing boat shoes with shortsTip 1 – Clothing:

Wear boat shoes with casual wear such as chinos, khakis, shorts and jeans. Do not wear boat shoes with an absolutely formal attire or evening party wear.

Tip 2 – Socks to wear:

Ideally, you should not wear socks with boat shoes. But, if you must, you should wear non slipping boat shoe socks such “Mabua breathable no-show socks.” These socks will not be seen outside the shoe. This will make you feel trendy and comfortable at the same time. You can find more information about boat shoe socks in the post “How to select the best boat shoe socks”

Tip 3 – Shoe Lace Techniques:

Shoe laces can be tied in multiple different ways. Boat shoe laces especially can be tied in an attractive fashion using a Reef knot followed by a tassel barrel knot or just the tassel barrel knot. You can find more about these techniques in our post “Best way to keep boat shoe laces tied.” These knots will make your boat shoes look more trendy and also ensure that they are firmly tied.

Boat shoes in cool colorsTip 4 – Top brands:

Some people don’t mind wearing non branded stuff as long as it’s a quality product. However, when it comes to boat shoes not every brand delivers the best. Generally, the following brands sell top quality best selling boat shoes:

  • Sperry Top-Sider
  • Sebago
  • Timberland
  • Cole Haan
  • Rockport

However, Crocs is one of the brands that manufactures boat shoes exclusively for beach wear. They have some attractive designs & colors especially to be worn on the beach. Some of the Polo Ralph Lauren and Clarks boat shoe models suit well for office wear.

Tip 5 – Colors:

Boat shoes come in variety of colors. If you are not of the adventures type, you can stick to black, brown, tan, maroon, navy blue, dark green. These colors will work well for office wear. On purely casual occasions outside office, you can wear colors like bright red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, silver or gold. Of course, pink & purple is more suited for the ladies.

Follow the general color coordination rules. Whichever color you choose to wear, ensure that you match your accessories with the color of your shoes. For example, if you wear brown shoes to office, wear a brown belt and a wrist watch with a brown belt.

Here are some sexiest ways to wear boat shoes…

Best way to keep boat shoe laces tied

It can be quite a challenge to keep boat shoes laces always tied. Most lace locks and other lace fastening tools do not work with boat shoe laces. The best way to keep boat shoe laces tied all the time is by using 2 types of knots:

  1. First, you use a Reef knot to tie the lace
  2. Second, the left over portion is tied using a Barrell Tassel knot

Some people just do a Barrell Tassel knot and use their shoes like slip-ons. Images below describe the detailed instructions on how to tie the Reef Knot and the Barrel Tassel Knot:

Lace Instructions

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