Aerosoles Women’s SO Soft Slip-On

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As their name suggests, Aerosoles So Soft shoes are especially designed to be comfortable. While comfort is great, good shoes should have more than that. What about durability? So Soft Aerosoles are one of the most durable canvas loafers on the market. Looks matter too — Aerosoles loafers come in several colors and textures, which fit anyone’s tastes and preferences.

Aerosoles Women's SO Soft Slip-On

Buy on AmazonSo Soft Aerosoles is the kind of shoes you can wear for hours. They are covered by a soft and comfy denim-like fabric. They’re also one of the widest slip-on loafers on the market. If your feet are not narrow, then you are definitely going to love So Soft Aerosoles.

They also feature ventilating ports at sides, which make them great for summer days. While they don’t stretch after any wearing, they do adjust to your leg shape. That makes them even more comfortable to wear.

So Soft Aerosoles come in eight different colors. Mid Brown, silver combo and Gold Fabric color variations are the most conservative ones. They have almost no texture and give an elegant and rather mature impression.

The Chambray Fabric design expresses creativity, youth and has an artistic look. Its light color with attractive straps makes them the perfect choice for springtime.

The last four color designs are White Combo, Natural Ink, Multi Fabric and Natural Combination. Those feature a combination of colors. Their texture varies from straps to pineapples, which give them a playful and cozy look. Some of them are extremely glittery.

The Aerosoles So Soft loafer features a flexible grip sole. Thanks to the diamond pattern and high-quality rubber, you can be sure that you won’t slip easily. The sole color varies from light to dark brown, depending on the color design. Aerosoles So Soft shoes also come with a wedge heel of approximately 0.75″.

Aerosoles Women's SO Soft Slip-On Top View

Buy on AmazonA Word about Durability

Finding durable canvas loafers might be a daunting task. While canvas is a comfortable and soft material, it’s often considered a poor choice for shoes. For instance, rain can easily ruin most fabric shoes. Once drenched they either lose part of the color, deform or wrinkle. Shoes that are glued, rather than stitched together, might even fall apart.

There’s another problem often associated with this kind of canvas loafers. Since both the fabric and the sole are flexible, they tend to stretch after a month or two of usage. This way, you might end up with longer and/or wider shoes. While that doesn’t usually affect comfort, that does decreases support. Support and stability are essential for any kind of shoes, especially for the ones you might use for long walks or jogging.

Aerosoles Women’s SO Soft Boat Shoes proved to have none of the problems above. The high-quality fabric doesn’t stretches over time and it dries out like new after being drenched. Hundreds of surprised and satisfied customers reported that the shoe looks and feels like new even after almost a year of usage.

Aerosoles So Soft slip-on shoes are praised for their innovative looks. They feature frayed seams with reverse stitching, which make them look different and fancy. They are not just another slip-on shoes.

Established in 1987, Aerosoles is well-known for manufacturing high-quality shoes for women. The So Soft loafer is no exception. While it features a great design and materials, it also has an affordable price.

Aerosoles So Soft loafer has certainly great value per money.


Looks great
8 color combinations to choose from
Very comfortable to wear
Durable and don’t fall apart if drenched
Don’t stretch after wearing


Has a rough spot at the end of the toe box, which can or can not be an issue for you
Could use some more arch support

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