Aravon Women’s Jillian Lace-Up boat shoe

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The Aravon women’s Jillian Lace-up shoes prove that elegance doesn’t come at the cost of comfort. The leather upper offers elegance and durability. The mesh lining is breathable allowing you to wear them even in the warmest summer days. The rubberized soles and removable footbed are, however, the number one features of this shoe. The soles have a perfect � inch heel which provides a perfect Achilles-relieving slope. For additional comfort, you can even add an additional cushioned footbed. For durability, the footbed can be replaced or just removed and washed. All these features make the Aravon boat shoes an amazing fashion statement while also protecting the well-being of your feet.

Aravon Women's Jillian Lace-Up

Buy on AmazonFinding a good shoe for every day is hard. Most of us give up and choose either discomfort or sneakers. For those who cannot allow themselves the luxury of slight discomfort, they must bare the fate of wearing an orthopedic shoe. Unfortunately, the most comfortable shoes are not elegant. They make even the best outfit matronly. If you opt for style, you also choose discomfort. Wearing uncomfortable shoes may be fine for a while, but after a number of years, you will find your feet to be tired. In some cases even disfigured. A well-known fact is that wearing beautiful heels and tight flats results in bunions. This change to the feet is often only reversible by surgery. Bunions are also extremely painful. They are so painful, in fact, that they will force you the life of sneakers every day. The Jillian Lace-up shoes solve this problem with ease. They have created a shoe which gives your feet the perfect arch and comfort while also being stylish. They can be worn with jeans, suits, or even summer dresses with elegance.

The special features of the Jillian Lace-up

The Soles: The rubberized soles have a perfect Achilles-relieving slope. This heel is often used with orthopedic wear. With the Jillian Lace-up, however, the style is not compromised. The soles of the Aravon boat shoes also offer a good grip. The nautical shoe offers the same grip to the ground as do sneakers. This means they can also be worn during the spring and autumn when the ground is wet after the rains. They ensure that you won’t fall during slippery conditions. However, it is not advisable to wear them during the rain. Because they are made from real leather as they dry they may crack. If they do become wet, pat them down with a kitchen towel and allow them to dry in the closet, away from direct sunlight.

The Leather and Mesh: The uppers are made from full grain leather. The panels are made with comfort in mind. The uppers of most elegant shoes are made from one piece. This is quite uncomfortable when they are new and as they age they wrinkle or crack. The Jillian Lace-Ups are put together with 3 leather panels similar to sneakers. The tip and either side are separate pieces. This allows for movability without bending or creasing the leather. Not only does this make the shoe even more comfortable, but it also makes it durable. The back collar is padded to maximize the wearability of this shoe. As for the mesh lining, it allows your skin to breath. This means you can wear them during any weather condition.

Removable Footbed: The footbed is cushioned and offers amazing support as is. They are removable allowing you to wash them and keep them looking and feeling new. The insole is made from Ethylene-vinyl acetate (or EVA for short). This material is rubber-like. It gives you the sense of walking on clouds while also being highly durable.

Aravon Women's Jillian Lace-Up Top View

Buy on AmazonPros

The Comfort: The Avalon women’s Jillian Lace-up takes comfort to a new level. It is the one thing that is always mentioned by customers. Wearing the Jillian Lace-ups is almost as comfortable as wearing slippers.

The Elegance: The number one reason why this shoe is popular is actually its style. The nautical-themed loafer can be worn with any outfit and instantly make it elegant. Also, this shoe never goes out of style making it the “go-to” shoe for every day.

The orthopedic aspect: Customers who must wear orthopedic shoes have found a stylish alternative with these loafers. Because of the perfect � inch heel and the rubberized soles, they offer the vital support to the heel.

The great options: The Jillian Lace-up is available in Navy Leather, Blue Multi, and Cream Leather. This gives you the option to choose a shoe which best suits your style or, as many have, buy all three colors and wear them according to your current outfit.


Price: Some may wonder if $80-$110 is a lot compared to other Aravon women’s shoes. In some cases, this may even be true. However, these loafers can be worn as business attire, everyday wear, and even for lunch with friends in a cute dress. This means they can replace at least three pairs of shoes and thus are the best offer available.

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