Boat Shoes for Kids

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You can never be too old to be fashionable. This is a very popular saying that one is bound to here time and time again. Shoes are arguably the most important and crucial part of any outfit. The right shoes for the right outfit make the outfit better and complete. The wrong shoes, on the other hand, may destroy the whole outfit. Boat shoes, also referred to as deck shoes or top-siders are shoes with rubber sole that have leather or canvas uppers. They were originally designed to be used on boats as the rubber soles provide great traction on boat decks. Boat shoes have been made the now all too familiar switch from utility shoes to fashion shoes. They have been fashionable for quite some time now with many adults, especially men, taking wearing them. Women and kids, however, do not want to be left behind. They have also got in on the act.

Due to this, boat shoe companies have designed a range of boats shoes specifically for kids. Your kid can now rock boat shoes and look great while at it. You could even get matching boat shoes for yourself and your kid. How cool is that? The question is, what is/ are some of the best boat shoes that you can purchase for your kids? Let us find out!

1. Little Kid’s Classic Bluefish Crib Boat Shoes

The classic Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes are boat shoes that dad, mom and kids can wear! Talk about a family shoe (if there is such a thing.) These kids’ boat shoes feature a flexible outsole and padded collar that make them very comfortable to wear, so much so that kids can play with them with minimal fuss. The outsole is made of rubber which provides excellent traction and flexibility. With kids, it is imperative that the shoes they wear provide stability and these boat shoes provide just that. These shoes have leather upper with an authentic hand-sewn moccasin construction which ensures durability. You can be sure that the shoes will be in use for a long time. The laces are made of cotton and the shoes have grommet and lacing detail. They are great shoes for children between the ages of 0-12 months.

2. Bluezoo Boys’ navy boat shoes

Bluezoo has a fantastic range of children’s clothing. These kids’ boat shoes are from that range. They are very stylish shoes that have textile upper. They feature rip tape fastening design that is finished in navy and has brown lace detailing. These boat shoes have a striped insole that is nautical-inspired. These are great shoes for your kids.

3. Sperry Top-Sider Kids Billfish— (Little Kid/Big Kid)

These are amazing boat shoes for kids. They are comfortable and will keep the kid steady on his feet. The upper is made of leather which is smooth with contrast stitching on toe and side mesh panels for even more comfort. The lacing system is 360o Lacing System. These kids’ boats shoes feature a shock-absorbing cushioned heel cup which provides even more comfort. The out-sole is non-marking, made of rubber with Wave Sipping to provide very good traction on both wet and dry surfaces. These shoes have received rave reviews on all online selling sites which proves their quality.

4. Sperry Top-Sider Kids A/O Slip On —(Little Kid/Big Kid)

These boat shoes for kids are very fashionable. They feature a leather upper that is very durable with twin elastic goring panels which ensure that the kid has a secure fit. Like most Sperry boats shoes, these shoes feature 360o Lacing System with metal eyelets for a customized fit. The laces are made of leather. Also, they come with removable cushioned, leather foot-bed for all-day wear. The outsole is a non-marking sipped rubber outsole for good traction. These Sperry shoes for kids have also received five-star reviews all over the world.

5. Sperry Top-Sider Kids A/O (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Every boy would want boat shoes that match their dad’s. If that is your aim then, the Sperry Top-Sider Kids A/O are perfect kids’ boat shoes for you. They feature leather uppers with genuine true moccasin construction that guarantees style, comfort and durability. They also have a textile lining and a non-marking rubber insole which offers very good traction on both wet and dry surfaces. The laces are genuine raw hide laces. These are also five-star boat shoes that will be great for your boys.

6. Cole Haan Kids Grant Driver (Little Kid/Big Kid)
The Cole Haan Kid Grant Driver are very comfy style boat shoes for kids. They have a durable leather upper. Also, they come with 360o lacing system and a slip on construction. The lining is synthetic with padded foot-bed and a rubber driving sole which offers amazing traction.

7. Frye Kids Sully Boat —(Little Kid/Big Kid)

This is an excellent and classic boat shoes! In fact, these boat shoes for kids are an incredible upgrade to the classic boat shoes. The upper is made of rich leather which offers durability. The traditional boats shoes features such as wraparound laces and heel stitching are all there. The shoes feature smooth leather lining helps the feet stay fresh. The foot bed is made of cushioned leather for extra comfort while the outsole is made of flexible rubber which provides great traction. These are kids boat shoes that are retro-fresh and incredibly cool.

Kids have become fashionable in this day and age. For them to stand out in front of as fashion icons among their peers, good clothing is not enough.It needs to be complemented with a extra look by donning amazing shoes.Gone are the days when parents used to dressed their kids in the bare minimum. You, as parent, would not want your kids to be left behind and, honestly speaking, neither would they.

The boat shoes described above would make great additions to any kid’s wardrobe and they would love you even more for it. Many more excellent bought shoe scan be found and purchased online or in stores. Buy one for your kids today and get one for yourself while at it for the most amazing and unrivaled experience.


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3 Easy ways to keep your boat shoes from smelling

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Here’s How to avoid boat shoes smell

Before we tell you how you can easily avoid your boat shoes from stinking, lets discuss few popular solutions that don’t work. Here are couple of myths about killing this stinking smell:

Do not freeze your shoesX Freezing your shoes: Believe it or not, freezing your boat shoes is a temporary solution. Many people freeze their shoes overnight to get rid of the smell, but it always comes back. Its widely believed that freezing kills the bacteria that causes the smell. It may be true, but there is no scientific evidence for it. If it does kill the bacteria, why does the smell come back again? 

Deodorizing your feet wont helpX Deodorizing your feet: Some people like to spray deodorant on their feet before they wear the shoes. This does not help either. In fact, the deodorant smell can mix with the actual stink and cause even more disgusting smell. Deodorants do not kill the root cause of the smell.

If the above things don’t work, what will? The solutions lies in getting rid of the root cause. The stinking smell in the boat shoes is caused by the sweat produced by your feet. The warm condition created within the shoe helps multiplication of the bacteria.

There are 3 solutions to fix the root cause of this problem:

Odor-X Odor Fighting Insoles by Dr. Scholl’s1. Non leather insoles:

Wear non-leather insoles that can be washed and replaced. Buy multiple of these so that you have spare ones. The washable Pure Cotton Terry Barefoot Insoles by Pedag work the best with boat shoes of many different types. Pedifix and few other companies also produce such insoles, but the Pedag are probably the best and most popular among the boat shoe wearers.

Another alternative to the terry cotton insoles are the Odor-X Odor Fighting Insoles by Dr. Scholl’s. You can get a pack of 4 insoles for less than 20 bucks. These insoles are easier to wash and can be low maintenance compared to the terry cotton ones.

Sheec Boat Shoe Socks2. Boat shoe Socks:

Wearing good boat shoe socks will ensure that the sweat is produced by your feet is absorbed by the socks and does not reach the shoe leather. This will prevent any bacteria from developing and will keep your boat shoes odor free.

In one of our posts, we discussed comprehensively about how to select the best boat shoe socks. Click here to go through that post.

Gold bond foot powder3. Foot powder:

If you generally sweat a lot, you may want to use a good foot powder like Gold bond foot powder. Pour some powder on your feet and in your socks. This will help absorb the excessive sweat and prevent infections in your feet. This is a must for people with sweaty and irritated skin.

So, those are 3 sure shot solutions to get rid of that unpleasant stench from your boat shoes.

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Where to buy boat shoes

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Where to buy quality boat shoes that look beautifulSee More Options

Boat shoes have always been a rage not only with people of all ages. The great thing about these shoes is not just that they are very stylish and comfortable, but because they work perfectly well with all sorts of outfits. No matter your personal style, you will find that boat shoes will compliment your overall look very well. Here’s a couple of tips on buying boat shoes.

Where To Buy Boat Shoes

The best possible place to purchase boat shoes would have to be online, and the reason to this is that you are given a plethora of different options to choose from. The amount of colors, styles, and designs that can be found and purchased online are quite overwhelming, and what makes it even better to get them online is the fact that you won’t have to go anywhere. If you have never shopped for anything online, then it is important to know the basic fundamentals on what and what not to look for. As long as you have reasonable knowledge of online shopping, you can easily purchase a high quality pair of boat shoes with ease. Amazon is by far the best option for online shopping as they have a great selection and prices that no other company can beat.

Tips On How To Buy Boat Shoes

The most important thing it should offer is comfort, because that is the whole point of getting this type of shoe in the first place. However, not all boat shoes offer superior comfort so be cautious, you must go through all reviews especially the negative ones. To find out if the shoes are comfortable, durable, and worth buying, simply read the 3 star reviews that they have gotten from actual customers. You will find that the customers will provide you with a better insight on how well made and designed the shoes are without having to buy them yourself. Of course every pair of shoe will have a couple negative reviews, it is just a matter of finding the right pair with more positive than negative feedback. Once you’re certain you have found the perfect pair, make sure to look at the size chart of the website you’re buying them from just so that you don’t end up buying the wrong sized pair.

Now that you know how and where to buy boat shoes, don’t wait any longer to get all the pairs that you want.

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Best boat shoe colors

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TimberlandThere are many scientific and psychological theories that relate human beings with colors. However, none of them has had enough evidence to prove concretely why human beings are very selective when it comes to color. This posts highlights general boat shoe color preferences of different people.find-more-like-these

Let’s start with women. Women are strict on this. She will hardly accept a gift she does not like the color. You, therefore, have to get it right on the choice of color if you want to impress her. Men are a bit tolerant, but that does not mean they don’t respond to it.

During the summer, we all want to ride high in the waves and have the most amazing moments. Almost everyone wants to ride in the newest boat and dress to impress. Boat shoes are part of the dressing I am talking about. Since different people have different color preferences, it is hard to pinpoint which exactly is the best color for everyone. Choosing the right one can go a long way in helping you add more fun to your beach moments by making you look attractive. So, which ones are the best boat shoe colors? Well, read on and discover for yourself if you have been getting it right or missing out so much.

Rockport Blue GreenBuy on AmazonThe best color is one that matches your environment, is versatile with most of your clothing, does not reveal traces of dirt from a distance but is bright and attractive to the human eye. Most people, do prefer brown just because it is easier to rhyme it with most clothing. Go ahead and disagree if you must and then let me know what your opinion is. Another group of people prefers blue. This is so because they think it is the most appropriate since blue represents water on maps and in pictures drawn about nature. So, their imagination tells them that they are rhyming their environment. Is this true? Do you support them or disagree like I do?

The remaining lot have their preferences with reasons best known to them. It is hard to choose the best color but carefully analyzing your situation can go a long way in landing you to the best option. I personally think brown and blue are most likely the best colors for boat shoes. However, the selling boat shoes models of Sperry Top-Siders and Timberland do come in many other colors.SebagoBuy on Amazon

Apart from buying a good color that soothes your mind and matches you outfits, you need shoes that are comfortable inside and gives your feet a soft and gentle touch as you move around. They also need to soak as little water as possible and finally, they need to be light to enable you run around for a fantastic summer time.

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What boat shoes should I get

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Boat shoe types

Boat shoes are some of the most stylish pairs of shoes in the market today. They are among the traditional shoes. Back in the day they were often paired with sweater vests or something else that made for a geeky look. But not anymore, boat shoes can be paired with just about any outfit and produce a really spectacular design. They come in all materials, colors and sizes but then they have similar shapes. So if you are wondering to yourself, “What boat shoes should I get?” Here are ideas to guide you in buying the best pair for yourself.

Check the design

Boat shoes bring with them both aesthetic looks and impressive functionality. This however depends on the design that you choose. Often, they are in neutral colors such as black, gray, beige and brown. These shades are very versatile and thus can be worn with many clothing styles. White boat shoes are not the best unless you can keep them clean constantly (which is pretty difficult). Those shoes made from trendy print fabrics are best used for casual affairs.

Right size

Boat shoes are pretty different from other shoes particularly so when it comes to fitting. To get the right fit, ensure that there is just the right space remaining at the top of the shoe. The space should not be too much or too little. With the right amount of space left, the foot will be able to move comfortable and accommodate slight movements happening inside the shoe.

To test for the right size, use your thumb when the shoe is on the foot. An extra thumbnail between the top of the shoe and the big toe should prove to be enough space. Too little space between the foot and the shoe might make walking unbearable.

Leather boat shoes

Leather boat shoes come in highly favored because of their versatility. They can play both official and casual. The only problem with leather is that it can be difficult to wear and even maintain. The feet may develop nasty blisters if the shoes are not worn properly especially during the first few occasions. There is however Chromexcel leather. This is a better option. It is a type of leather that has gone through a softening process using natural oils. It is so soft that you can walk so comfortably in the shoes.

Chromexcel leather being soft allows you to skip the whole process of breaking in a shoe. The shoe will not need to be trained to grow accustomed to the contours of your feet. To top this off, it is really easy to maintain.

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