Clarks Boat Shoes

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You may have heard of Clarks because they have been in the shoe making business since 1825. That is almost 200 years of experience in the shoe industry. With that kind of longevity you can only imagine what Clark boat shoes can offer in terms of comfort and style.Clarks Logo

If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable boat shoe to get you through your weekend, a Clarks boat shoe is an excellent option. Clarks boat and Clarks deck shoes are more casual than some of the other boat shoes we talk about and review on this site. They provide an ultra laid-back vibe which is versatile for relaxing on a boat or beach, or spending time cruising around town. These slip on deck shoes are purposely designed to not require socks. clarksIn fact, they are engineered to be vented through the fabric so that your bare foot is all that is needed. Who wants to worry about socks when they are trying to relax the day away? With Clarks there is no need to worry about blisters or sweaty feet. Your shoes ensure that your feet remain vented and cool throughout your day.

Clarks offers many different styles of boat shoes, all of which come with varying features and benefits. They are purposely created to provide a high level of comfort that puts you in a relaxed and laid-back mood. These are the ultimate in kick-back and relax foot apparel.

Some of the top features that most Clark deck shoes provide are:

1. EVA Soles: You have probably heard about EVA before on this site. EVA is great because it improves shock absorption and water resistance while adding to a boat shoes lightweight appeal. We often recommend that you consider boat shoes that employ EVA.

Clarks Best Boat Shoe2. Ortholite Technology: This technology helps to support your foot. It also aids in the venting we mentioned earlier, making your foot experience more pleasurable with less moisture and more air. We don’t always want to wear socks, but we also don’t want sweaty feet. Ortholite technology helps in this area.

3. Nubuck Lining: This is a unique feature which reduces the friction you feel, making your bare foot experience more smooth and comfortable. When they say they want you relaxed they truly mean it. With these shoes socks are definitely optional.

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As you can probably tell the theme of Clarks boat shoes is relaxation. These are the shoes that you take on vacation and wear throughout your day, and then to a relaxing night out on the town. Clarks claims that their boat shoes redesign relaxing comfort, and it is hard to argue with that point. They truly embrace a kicked-back lifestyle. If you are looking for a boat shoe that is comfortable and relaxed, while not compromising on style, you should check out the selection of boat shoes that Clarks has to offer. They have a unique niche and almost 200 years of experience backing them up. It is very hard to go wrong with a pair of Clarks boat shoes.

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Dockers Boat Shoes

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Dockers Logo2

Unless you have been living on another planet, or under a rock, we are sure that you have heard about the Dockers fashion brand. Most people are familiar with the Docker’s brand khaki pants which were first introduced to the world in 1986 as an alternative to casual jeans or more formal dress pants. They quickly became a fashion favorite. Since that time Dockers has offered men and women clothing and accessory options that represent an on-the-go casual lifestyle. Today, Dockers considers themselves a quintessential source for casual and stylish apparel. They no longer just offer pants, their offerings have expanded to include things like Dockers mens shoes. They are a true global force operating throughout 50 countries in every region in the world.

Even thouDockers Style1gh most people are familiar with Dockers clothing many people do not know that Dockers also offers shoes. Of those people who know about Dockers shoes for men, and Dockers for women, most do not know that Dockers also offers boat shoes. Despite this lack of awareness mens Dockers shoes deserve more attention because they really are a high quality and comfortable boat shoe.

Dockers brand boat shoes have many unique features not found in many other types of boat shoes. This includes features like smooth leather uppers with 360-degree lacing. The 360-degree lacing provides for a secure fit and is truly unique to the Docker boat shoe. Dockers boat shoes also have flexible rubber outsoles, which provides extra grip to prevent slipping. The design also has a touch of pop with contrast stitching on the moc-toe. This stitch let’s the world know that the shoe is stylish and well put together. It is a great touch to the front of the shoe.

More Dockers boat shoe features include:

Soft, polished full grain leather upper

1. Brass eyelets
2. Cushioned leather footbed for added comfort
3. Durable, siped rubber outsole for maximum traction
4. Padded tongue lining
5. Rubber sole

Dockers Boat ShoesThe shoes are highly durable with many customers reporting that they last around 5-7 years even with extended use. We have been told that the shoe sizes run a bit small so when ordering you might want to consider ordering a half size larger than you usually wear to ensure a good fit. We also recommend going with the darker brown and tan colors because the dark leather adds an extra layer of style and sophistication to the look of the shoes.

Dockers boat shoes are high quality shoes from a global brand that the world trusts. You can also match your boat shoes with a complete Dockers outfit including khakis and a collared shirt. With Dockers brand clothing and apparel there is really no limit to the possibilities. If you are looking for a pair of stylish boat shoes from a brand you can trust, we highly recommend that you look into what Dockers has to offer. Their boat shoes are sold at many places online and at most major retailers. Even though their boat shoes may not be as well known as other popular brands, they are definitely not hard to find. Look into them today.

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Skechers Boat Shoes

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Skechers LogoSkechers On The Go Boat Shoes are best known for being an extremely comfortable shoe at a very affordable price. Boat shoes are not just for men, and with these Skechers boat shoes for women everyone now has the opportunity to experience the quality and comfort that a well-constructed boat shoe can provide.

SkechersIf comfort is your top priority, then this boat shoe is definitely the choice for you. The shoe contains a yoga mat energy-return insole which provides supreme comfort allowing you to walk all day with no issues. It feels like you are walking on air. Many customers have reported that their foot problems due to long periods of walking or standing were eliminated after switching to these shoes. You can be on your feet for hours and feel no pain or soreness at the end of the day. You also will not need to worry about blisters or other types of common foot problems that other shoes may cause.

Skechers buildingThe bottom of the shoe is made of a rubber substance so there is no issue with slipping or sliding on any type of surface. However, they are also not “grabby” like some other non-slip shoes providing a very safe walking experience no matter where you are. The shoes are not made to just slip on loosely, they must be laced up and tied, providing extra support. You might be surprised to learn that they come with 2 pairs of laces. One pair is standard white and the other pair matches the color of the shoe you have selected for some extra style. There are currently 27 different shoe colors and combinations that can be selected to fit your taste. In person the colors are extremely vibrant and bright. These shoes are made to look good.

The shoe is not tight around your feet and provides plenty of interior room. They can be cleaned in the washing machine but may shrink about half an inch after the first wash so if you plan to care for them this way it is recommended that you purchase a pair that is half a size larger than you normally would wear. The shoe is extremely soft and lightweight providing a slight bounce and great padding on the inside. It is made to feel like you are walking in the clouds.

sketchers StoreThe shoe does contain an odor inhibitor but it is not recommended to wear them for extended periods of time without socks or footies, depending on your natural foot odor. Socks are not required for comfort but some people have feet that sweat more than others, so keep this in mind.

If comfort and style is your priority you could do a lot worse than this Skechers boat shoe. The yoga style insole of these shoes eliminates the need for any type of orthopedic inserts saving you time and money. The shoes are made to provide an extremely pleasant walking and standing experience. So if you would like an extremely comfortable boat shoe at an affordable price, we highly recommend the Skechers On The Go Boat Shoe. They may be the last boat shoes you ever need.

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Polo Boat Shoes

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Polo Ralh Lauren Ad

For decades, Polo boat shoes have been one of the most popular brands in America and around the world. From the classic Rylander series, to the best-selling Sander model, Polo boat shoes have long been synonymous with style, versatility, and dependability. Polo has only needed to make minor changes to its boat shoes over the years, as this brand has found a style that has perhaps become America’s most recognizable among any boat shoe.

Whether it’s Polo boat shoes for men or Polo boat shoes for women, each pair always mixes the comfort of a sneaker with the stylish look of a boat shoe. Polo does this perhaps better than any other brand on the market. This combination of look and feel is what has driven the popularity of Polo boat shoes for years. In Polo boat shoes, you always feel comfortable and confident, whether you’re with you family and friends on the boardwalk, or stepping into a work meeting in your boardroom.

Polo Ralh Lauren LogoEach polo boat shoe is made of the industry’s finest leather and textile. The classic Polo logo is always embroidered on each shoe’s tongue. That elegant style, which has come to help define America’s “preppy” culture, is always matched with a firm rubber sole that is still light easy to walk on.

The Rylander, perhaps the best-selling of all mens Polo boat shoes, are known for their relaxed look, with laces made of rawhide and a soft leather collar on the top of each boat shoe. All Rylanders and all other models of Polo boat shoes are always handsome, but still extremely breathable. This is made possible from the soft canvas that is still durable.

Though much makes them stand out, Polo boat shoes also feature all the features of a classic boat shoe as well. There are the sleek metal eyelets studded around the shoe and lacing that traces 360 degrees around. Each shoe has a smooth, rounded toe and rubber Polo tag on every heel.

Polo boat shoes for men and women are popular because they always seem to fit well with any style. Whether you’re looking for a casual stroll around town, or looking for a elegant night out, Polo boat shoes go well with just about any outfit, and are offered in a nice variety of colors.

Polo Boat ShoesIn addition to style and versatility, Polo boat shoes for men and Polo boat shoes for women are both known for their durability. These are boat shoes that are built to last. Almost anyone who buys a pair of Polo boat shoes knows they won’t need to buy another pair for years. The canvas is as strong as you’ll find on the market. The rubber soles seem to hold onto their tread as long as any gym sneaker you’ll ever buy.

For their excellent quality and durability, Polo boat shoes are very affordable, as most varieties cost around $50 or even less. For a shoe with excellent style, versatility, great comfort and durability, that’s an excellent deal. Most men and women who buy a pair of Polo boat shoes are so satisfied they never buy a different brand again.

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Crocs Boat Shoes

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Crocs LogoThese shoes are definitely not what most people think of when they picture Crocs. When most people think of Crocs they imagine large rubber slide-on shoes which are sold at a kiosk in the mall. These boat shoes are not big and bulky clown-like shoes. However, they do maintain many of the features and benefits that the Crocs brand has become known for.

If you are not familiar with Crocs, the Crocs brand is known for their footwear infused with a proprietary closed-cell resin called Croslite. This resin is soft, comfortable, and lightweight. It also makes shoes non-marking and odor resistant. These are the same features that make the Crocs boat shoe a highly versatile shoe. But these shoes are not completely made of the Croslite material like other Croc shoes. These are really classic style boat shoes with a Crocs twist.

Crocs StoreCrocs boat shoes are extremely water-friendly so you do not need to worry about getting them wet. They have dual goring insets, a slotted collar, and water-drainage ports. These are features not seen in any other boat shoe currently available on the market.

Some of the most impressive features of the Crocs boat shoes include:

1. Croslite Foam Interior
2. Easy On/Off with Twin Gore Panels
3. Vents for Air and Water Flow Through
4. Rubber Outsole Pods for Improved Traction
5. Iconic Crocs Comfort

The shoe is adjustable and can be tightened so if you are concerned about sizing you can always buy a slightly larger size and then tighten it. The shoes do not need to be worn crocs boat shoeswith socks and they are so lightweight and breathable that they do not make your feet sweaty. The inside of the shoe is what contains the Croslite so the interior is extremely soft and comfortable. Many customers have reported that the soft interior is the best aspect of the shoes. The shoe contains grooves on the footbed that acts as a vent to make the shoe more airy and vented. They also act as a port to allow water to run out and provide for extremely fast drying. The rubber outsoles have pods which improve traction and increase the shoes durability. You can wear them for hours on end without experiencing any discomfort.

The color scheme offered is a lot more fun than other brands of boat shoes. You can even purchase uncommon color combinations like navy/citrus or expresso/orange. They are very eye catching and you will probably have multiple people asking you about what they are and where you got them. They can definitely be a conversation starter.

The entire shoe is soft and pliable but also high quality so the Crocs boating shoes last a lot longer than you might expect. If you want a casual multi-purpose shoe that provides comfort and fun, the Crocs beach line boat shoe is a great option for you. Remember, this is not your average pair of Crocs. These are classic style boat shoes with a Crocs twist. Give them a try and we guarantee you will be happy that you did.

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