Rockport Boat Shoes

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Rockport ShoesIf you are considering purchasing a pair of Rockport mens boat shoes this article will provide you everything that you need to know to make an informed decision. There are so many boat shoes on the market today that research is required to make sure that you choose the brand and style that is just right for you. Today, we will be specifically talking about the Rockport 2 Eye Boat Shoe which provides many different advantages over other types of boat shoes. These shoes are not only stylish, but also possess proprietary technology from a popular sports brand that increases the comfort and walkability of the shoe. Please read below to learn more.

Rockport AdThese men Rockport shoes are designed to provide a pleasant experience during your everyday walk routine. They can be paired with a casual outfit or dressed up a little as well. They are made of genuine leather and synthetically lined. These are quality materials for a long-lasting shoe. But there are many shoes that are stylish and made of quality materials. So what is the difference with the Rockport 2 Eye Boat Shoe? The answer is simple. The Rockport 2 Eye Boat Shoe uses a patented ADIPRENE┬« cushioning brought to you by the major sports conglomerate Adidas. This unique technology produces a shock absorbing heel that reduces the impact on your foot during walking. This provides extreme ease for your feet. Yes, you heard that right. Adidas is not just limited to athletic shoes and apparel anymore. They are now bringing their sport’s performance quality and technology to every shoe style. Their partnership with Rockport is a very exciting development in the boat shoe industry. The ADIPRENE technology makes the Rockport boat shoe an extremely walkable and comfortable shoe.

Rockport Boat ShoesADIPRENE by Adidas also boasts an extremely slim profile creating a sleek and comfortable boat shoe. This produces a lighter shoe as well, making walking effortless. Some customers have reported that they forget the shoe is on and it feels more like walking on a cloud. The shoes are designed to be very breathable and allow you to wear them barefoot. No socks are needed. The shoe also contains an antimicrobial lining which reduces foot odor. You do not need to worry about the shoe producing an unpleasant odor or smell. The Rockport boat shoe also possesses an EVA outsole to provide lightweight shock absorption. This reduces fatigue of your feet and legs while walking or standing.

The Rockport company was formed in 1971 with the mission of providing the most walkable shoes in the world. They use the highest quality materials, the most comfortable technologies, and pride themselves on producing the most stylish shoes on the market. All of these qualities can be applied to the Rockport 2 Eye Boat Shoe. If you are searching for a stylish but comfortable shoe that infuses high performance sport’s technology into its design, then this shoe is definitely right for you. You should purchase one today and experience all of the benefits that this high performing shoe has to offer.

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Cole Haan Boat Shoes

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Cole Haan LogoCole Haan provides a more formal style of boat shoe that still provides excellent comfort for extended wear. These shoes are excellent when you want a crisp casual look that also contains a good amount of pop. The Cole Haan boat shoe is an extremely handsome shoe that gets extra points for the style and and sophistication it projects. This shoe will get attention. The shoes are also very versatile because they can go with anything you choose to wear. When you wear a pair of Cole Haan boat house shoes you are sending the message that you have superior style even in casual and comfortable wear.

Cole Haan Boat ShoesThe Cole Haan brand name is also a well-known name that you can trust. The company has been in business providing a premier luxury brand in the United States for almost 80 years. That’s right, they have been providing quality boat shoes to the masses since 1928. In this time they have demonstrated that they are the epitome of quality craftsmanship and impeccable artisan taste. Cole Haan drivers boat shoes truly transform your feet into a stylish fashion statement.

Cole haan storeThe great thing about the Cole Haan brand is that they merge the dapper essence of the roaring 20’s with the new-age sophistication of the modern gentlemen, to craft extraordinary leather footwear options. This is a brand that understands and embraces its heritage providing us with a classic retro-style footwear experience that can only be provided by a Cole Haan driver. No other brand on the market today is offering the same retro-sophistication as Carl Haan. It is hard to consider yourself a fashion enthusiast without a pair of these shoes in your closet.

Although these shoes can match anything, Cole Haan also provides accessories to accompany your stylish boat shoes. Some of the matching accessories include belts, wallets, small leather goods, outerwear, and sunglasses. You can purchase a full array of accessories to perfectly match the subtle style projected by your leather boat shoes. Cole Haan is truly providing a full fashion solution for the modern man.

Coal Haan Boat ShoesIf you are searching on the internet for terms like “Cole Haan boat shoes men,” your search can end here. This is a shoe for a man who wants to project style with casual apparel. If this describes you, then the Cole Haan boat shoe is probably right for you. Some customers have reported that they feel the sizes run a little small, so you may want to purchase a slightly larger size to ensure your comfort with the shoe. They are crafted from high quality leather and do not require time to be broken in. They are ready for every day comfortable wear right out of the box.

For the dapper style and quality craftsmanship you receive when purchasing a pair of these leather boat shoes the price is extremely affordable, providing no barrier for men of any income to purchase a pair. These shoes are the perfect addition to any male wardrobe. We highly recommend that you purchase a few different styles today.

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Timberland Boat Shoes

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Timberland LogoTimberland is one of the most renowned manufacturers of quality shoes. The brand is known for toughness and durability. The company has been in existence for many years. During that time, they have built their reputation as a quality manufacturer of classic shoes.

Timberland StoreBoat Shoes from Timberland:

One of the most popular bands from Timberland is the timberland classic 2-eye boat shoe. This shoe manages to retain that rustic look of past years while at the same time keeping up with modern times.

The other boat shoe from Timberland is the timberland 3 eye boat shoes. There is little difference between these shoes. The only definitive difference in these shoes is that one has three eyes and the other two. Both of them are sturdy and useful for everyday walking.

Timberland StyleHow Did Boat Shoes Catch on:

The history of boat shoes can mainly be traced back to the United States. At the time, sailing was one of the biggest economic activities. It involved a lot of people who sailed out to sea in the hope of cashing in big one day. However, it was very problematic working on the boats if that era.

Back then boats were quite tiny, what we call ships today are monsters compared to the ships of that era. As a result, the rough seas would do a number on them. They would easily sway in all directions at the slightest waves. Besides that, the decks were all wooden. When sailors tried to stand on these wooden decks, they would slip and fall quite often. It presented a challenge for sailors, who they gladly accepted.

The discovery came in 1938 when a sailor took his dog out for a walk. He noticed that it remained extremely stable on the ice. Upon closer inspection, he noticed that its feet had cracks that resembled a herringbone pattern.

He went on to produce shoes that had a herringbone-like pattern at the bottom. However, the shoes left marks on the surface of the boats. Upon further inspection, he noticed that white soles did not leave such a mark. I the years that followed, almost every sailor wanted to own his unique shoes.

Timberland Men's Classic Two-Eye Boat ShoeWhy Choose Timberland:

Unfortunately, most brands have lowered their quality. Now they just sell the name without the quality. However, Timberland has never had the need to do that. All their shoes remain as awesome as they were back in the day. The company still uses the best leather in the world in its shoes. Besides that, their shoes use the same quality soles as ever. One thing that people who wore Timberland shoes as kids realize is that one had to outgrow the shoe. The shoes never come apart if it is properly maintained.

Timberland classic boat shoes are some of the finest shoes for anyone. Best of all, they can be worth both casually and formally. They are not cheap, but they will be worth every penny spent. However, buyers should be careful not to buy knock offs.

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Sebago Boat Shoes

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Sebago Boat Shoes

When you are in the market for a new pair of boat shoes the Sebago Docksides might be the right choice for you. The Sebago Dockside is a true representation of the Sebago brand. Sebago aims to craft boat shoes that provide a truly timeless look. These shoes feature rawhide laces and durable traction soles which truly differentiates them from the other available boat shoes on the market today.

All Sebago products are truly authentic. This is because they hand-sew their Docksides in the same way that they did when they first started selling them decades ago. In fact, Sebago has been in business for over 70 years. Throughout this time they have believed in providing well-crafted shoes that help their customers live the active lifestyle they want. This attention to detail and craft provides a high quality shoe that lasts longer than most of the other shoes currently available. This is achieved without sacrificing style or performance.

Sebago Boat Shoes

The Sebago brand started on the New England coast and embraces the New Englander lifestyle of the ocean. This is what inspired the creation of the brand. Since their formation their shoes have been all about performance and that has not changed. They want their shoes to be able to last and perform at a high level when used on the city street, wooden docks, or on your favorite boat. This means that they create a truly versatile shoe. They take performance and design so seriously that each shoe is carefully crafted and inspected to ensure that it will always provide the best performance. Quality is their top priority, and this is reflected in everything that they do.

Of course the major advantage of these shoes is their durability. Customers have reported that their shoes last for many years with little or no wear and tear. These shoes provide a great deal of longevity increasing their value and overall usability. This is a quality shoe that will provide years of utility for your dynamic footwear needs. That is something that we just cannot say about every boat shoe.

Sebago StoresSome of the special features that you should know about these shoes include:

1. Made of Genuine Leather
2. High Quality Rubber Soles
3. Moc-Toe Stitching
4. Around-The-Collar Rawhide Lacing
5. Molded EVA Foam Insole
6. Non-Slip, Non-Marking Rubber Outsole

Their shoes can also be customized for any size foot and come in narrow, medium, wide, and extra wide sizes. They also offer many different color options but we highly recommend the Sebago Docksides tan and Sebago Docksides grey. These are classic color options that truly look great on this durable boat shoe.

So, if high performance and longevity are your top priorities in a boat shoe, then the Sebago Dockside should be high on your list of choices. When you choose this brand you are really choosing a high quality shoe that will not need to be replaced for many years to come. After purchasing a pair we are sure that you will agree. With a Sebago Dockside boat shoe you cannot go wrong.

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Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoes

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Sperry Top-Sider LogoTo understand Sperry topsiders you first have to understand the man behind the shoes. Paul Sperry is the founder of the brand. He was an avid sailor, adventurer, and explorer. He was also an inventor. He believed in the power of freedom and what he felt were the truly unlimited possibilities of the sea. However, in 1935 there was not a solution for the issue of maintaining traction on a slippery boat deck. This could make sailing a dangerous and unpleasant experience. Instead of just complaining, Paul Sperry wanted to take action and do something about this. So Sperry began to attempt to invent a non-slip shoe for boating. Although this was a difficult task, he gained inspiration from the most unlikely of sources, his dog Prince. Sperry noticed that Prince never slipped, even when he was walking on ice. So Sperry inspected Prince’s paws. He saw that the dog’s paws had many small cracks and lines that were going in various directions. He used this design to invent the world’s first non-slip boat shoe. Yes, the non-slip traction on today’s boat shoes was inspired by the design of a dog’s paws.

Sperry Boat ShoesWhen you purchase a pair of classic Sperry topsiders this is the history and legacy that you are buying into. The brand has evolved from the first boat shoe manufacturer in the world to a true lifestyle brand. But Sperry is still the authentic and original boat shoe brand. Their boat shoes are truly iconic. The shoes that they produce today have many unique design elements including:

1. Hand Sewn True-Moc Construction
2. Leather Uppers
3. Shock-Absorbing Heel Cups
4. Non-Marking Rubber Outsoles

Sperry Nice legs shotAll of these features make them the perfect shoes for both land and sea. The shoes also still come with the razor-cut wave-siping for superior traction. The technology pioneered by Paul Sperry and his dog Prince. The Sperry boat shoes are available in a wide variety of designs to meet all of your footwear needs. The colors consist of timeless neutrals and brights, but we highly recommend blue Sperry topsiders and red Sperry topsiders. These are the most classic and vibrant colors available. Sperry makes shoes for both men and women and also uses a variety of materials to make their boat shoes including leather and suede. There is almost no limit to the styles and combinations. We highly recommend you review their website to see all of the available options.

Sperry now provides contemporary styles that stay true to their heritage. If you are drawn to the sun or the ocean, Sperry is the brand for you. We truly believe that there is a Sperry boat shoe that is perfect for everyone. Remember, when you choose a Sperry boat shoe you are buying a piece of history from the original boat shoe inventor. You are paying tribute to the person who made all of our lives a little easier. When wearing these boat shoes you will truly feel like a modern day explorer, just like the storied adventurer and icon, Paul Sperry.

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