Boat Shoes for Kids

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You can never be too old to be fashionable. This is a very popular saying that one is bound to here time and time again. Shoes are arguably the most important and crucial part of any outfit. The right shoes for the right outfit make the outfit better and complete. The wrong shoes, on the other hand, may destroy the whole outfit. Boat shoes, also referred to as deck shoes or top-siders are shoes with rubber sole that have leather or canvas uppers. They were originally designed to be used on boats as the rubber soles provide great traction on boat decks. Boat shoes have been made the now all too familiar switch from utility shoes to fashion shoes. They have been fashionable for quite some time now with many adults, especially men, taking wearing them. Women and kids, however, do not want to be left behind. They have also got in on the act.

Due to this, boat shoe companies have designed a range of boats shoes specifically for kids. Your kid can now rock boat shoes and look great while at it. You could even get matching boat shoes for yourself and your kid. How cool is that? The question is, what is/ are some of the best boat shoes that you can purchase for your kids? Let us find out!

1. Little Kid’s Classic Bluefish Crib Boat Shoes

The classic Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes are boat shoes that dad, mom and kids can wear! Talk about a family shoe (if there is such a thing.) These kids’ boat shoes feature a flexible outsole and padded collar that make them very comfortable to wear, so much so that kids can play with them with minimal fuss. The outsole is made of rubber which provides excellent traction and flexibility. With kids, it is imperative that the shoes they wear provide stability and these boat shoes provide just that. These shoes have leather upper with an authentic hand-sewn moccasin construction which ensures durability. You can be sure that the shoes will be in use for a long time. The laces are made of cotton and the shoes have grommet and lacing detail. They are great shoes for children between the ages of 0-12 months.

2. Bluezoo Boys’ navy boat shoes

Bluezoo has a fantastic range of children’s clothing. These kids’ boat shoes are from that range. They are very stylish shoes that have textile upper. They feature rip tape fastening design that is finished in navy and has brown lace detailing. These boat shoes have a striped insole that is nautical-inspired. These are great shoes for your kids.

3. Sperry Top-Sider Kids Billfish— (Little Kid/Big Kid)

These are amazing boat shoes for kids. They are comfortable and will keep the kid steady on his feet. The upper is made of leather which is smooth with contrast stitching on toe and side mesh panels for even more comfort. The lacing system is 360o Lacing System. These kids’ boats shoes feature a shock-absorbing cushioned heel cup which provides even more comfort. The out-sole is non-marking, made of rubber with Wave Sipping to provide very good traction on both wet and dry surfaces. These shoes have received rave reviews on all online selling sites which proves their quality.

4. Sperry Top-Sider Kids A/O Slip On —(Little Kid/Big Kid)

These boat shoes for kids are very fashionable. They feature a leather upper that is very durable with twin elastic goring panels which ensure that the kid has a secure fit. Like most Sperry boats shoes, these shoes feature 360o Lacing System with metal eyelets for a customized fit. The laces are made of leather. Also, they come with removable cushioned, leather foot-bed for all-day wear. The outsole is a non-marking sipped rubber outsole for good traction. These Sperry shoes for kids have also received five-star reviews all over the world.

5. Sperry Top-Sider Kids A/O (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Every boy would want boat shoes that match their dad’s. If that is your aim then, the Sperry Top-Sider Kids A/O are perfect kids’ boat shoes for you. They feature leather uppers with genuine true moccasin construction that guarantees style, comfort and durability. They also have a textile lining and a non-marking rubber insole which offers very good traction on both wet and dry surfaces. The laces are genuine raw hide laces. These are also five-star boat shoes that will be great for your boys.

6. Cole Haan Kids Grant Driver (Little Kid/Big Kid)
The Cole Haan Kid Grant Driver are very comfy style boat shoes for kids. They have a durable leather upper. Also, they come with 360o lacing system and a slip on construction. The lining is synthetic with padded foot-bed and a rubber driving sole which offers amazing traction.

7. Frye Kids Sully Boat —(Little Kid/Big Kid)

This is an excellent and classic boat shoes! In fact, these boat shoes for kids are an incredible upgrade to the classic boat shoes. The upper is made of rich leather which offers durability. The traditional boats shoes features such as wraparound laces and heel stitching are all there. The shoes feature smooth leather lining helps the feet stay fresh. The foot bed is made of cushioned leather for extra comfort while the outsole is made of flexible rubber which provides great traction. These are kids boat shoes that are retro-fresh and incredibly cool.

Kids have become fashionable in this day and age. For them to stand out in front of as fashion icons among their peers, good clothing is not enough.It needs to be complemented with a extra look by donning amazing shoes.Gone are the days when parents used to dressed their kids in the bare minimum. You, as parent, would not want your kids to be left behind and, honestly speaking, neither would they.

The boat shoes described above would make great additions to any kid’s wardrobe and they would love you even more for it. Many more excellent bought shoe scan be found and purchased online or in stores. Buy one for your kids today and get one for yourself while at it for the most amazing and unrivaled experience.


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Sperry Top-Sider Angelfish Boat Shoe for Kids

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If you have owned Sperry’s before, then you know what I mean when I say that this is one type of shoes you can easily get obsessed with. These shoes have been around for over a century now and with numerous style modifications have managed to remain on top of the list of best sellers fashion shoes. Apart from their stylish look, the shoes have a comfortable design and are adaptable to any outfit.

For kids, the Sperry’s are not only a way to make a fashion statement but are the most comfortable and easy to put on. The latest designs are such that they can be adjusted to perfectly fit while leaving enough breathing space for the foot. This makes them suitable for all purposes be it, playing outside or wearing to school.

Here are some of the best-selling Sperry’s for kids in 2016.

Sperry Top-Sider Kids Angelfish:

With a five star review on most sites, the Angelfish Sperry shoes top the list of the best seller shoes for kids this year. The shoes are made of leather, making them highly durable and comfortable to wear. They have an amazing inner cushioning to soothe the feet and the leather is stain and water resistant.

Sperry Top-Sider Angelfish Boat Shoe Gold Leopard


The Angelfish Sperry’s are designed to match any girl outfit and are perfect for all outdoors and indoors activities. They are designed to be worn for long hours without damaging the feet or causing discomfort.

Another great feature with these shoes is that they are easy to slip on and can be put on without socks. They come in a variety of colors to include navy, Greige, stripe, ivory stripe, Ribbon stripe, and Breton stripe.

Compared with other brand shoes for kids, the Sperry Angelfish shoes for kids are reasonably priced. They are fit for kids of any age, from toddlers to older kids.

Sperry Angelfish linen/Pink Leopard:

The leopard Sperry’s for kids take the lead as the most stylish and comfy shoe for a toddler, little kid, and big kid. These shoes come in a variety of styles and colors to match any outfit and activity. Like other Sperry brands, the leopard style is highly fashionable and durable and is designed to fit the needs of a kid of any age.

Sperry Top-Sider Angelfish Boat Shoe Pink Leopard


With the style being in high demand, the leopard Sperry’s for kids are constantly running out of stock. The available colors include pink, neon blue, silver and purple.

Why the Sperry’s are the best choice of shoes for your kids.

When it comes to buying shoes for kids, the quality of the sole is paramount in determining how comfortable and safe they are. For kids, rubber soled shoes are the best in providing traction. The Sperry’s are made of a high-quality rubber sole with a soft and well cushioned inner lining. Their canvas and leather construction is also favorable to the development of the child’s foot.

They are also made of breathable material and are roomy enough to allow breathing space for the feet. This makes them the best, especially for school age kids.

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Sperry Top-Sider Bluefish Crib H&L Boat Shoe – Infant

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The Sperry Top-Sider Bluefish Crib H&L Boat Shoes take the classic Sperry look and shrinks them down to miniatures size so that your little one can take his or her first steps in style. Rather than having to tie the shoes of an active toddler, these baby Sperrys make it easy with just one strip of Velcro. These Sperrys allow your baby’s feet to slide in easily and also stay on really well. They’re crib shoes but they have durable rubber soles which make them great for when your baby is ready to walk and run around. These Sperry baby shoes are a fantastic first pair of shoes for your infant as they’re good looking, easy for parents to put on and functional.

Sperry Top-Sider Bluefish Crib H&L Boat Shoe - Infant

These particular baby Sperry shoes are only available in one color, however, their linen/oat combination looks great and will have your baby looking stylish. The oat color covers the toe and collar area, while the linen is placed on the heel and other select areas of the shoe to provide a pleasant contrast between the two. The color palette is topped off with a hunter green nylon siding and a cute white lacing for a moccasin toe.

When buying shoes for your baby, it’s sometimes difficult to choose between crib shoes and regular shoes. Your baby may be between the crib stage and being able to walk. A lot of times it’s difficult to find regular shoes for babies with very small feet. These infant Sperrys come in the smallest of sizes but still have rubber soles to protect your child’s feet while walking or playing outdoors. These are one of very few crib shoes made for durability. Baby Sperrys are made to last just as long as their adult shoe counterparts – if only baby feet didn’t outgrow them so fast!

Sperry Top-Sider Bluefish Crib H&L Boat Shoe - Infant 2These baby Sperrys are made with leather uppers and rubber soles. This is great for little kids, as they’re made to get wet and dirty without having any problems. The adjustable hook-and-loop strap makes it easy to take them on and off. They also last longer and stay cleaner than traditional laces. A slotted collar and moccasin toes give these little shoes a fashionable look but also a durable build that will last through all the playing your toddler can throw at them.

Sperry Top-Sider Bluefish Crib H&L Boat Shoe - Infant 3It’s really easy to match these baby Sperrys with just about any outfit – you can pair them with both casual and dressy outfits. They’re a bit pricier than other comparable baby shoes, but they’re worth it for their style and durability. They also grip very well so they help your baby’s feet stay firmly planted on the ground and avoid falls.

After these break in, your toddler will be cruising around comfortably and in style. They’re very similar to adult-sized Sperrys, so you can match with your little one. They combine the best aspects of crib shoes and regular shoes – they fit very young babies but they also have a durable build so that your baby can play and learn to walk without you worrying about them holding up. You won’t be disappointed with Sperry baby shoes.

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Sperry Top-Sider Charter H&L Boat Shoe for Toddlers, Little Kids and Big Kids

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Did you know that boat shoes do not have to be only for adults anymore? With these Sperry shoes for kids the benefits of a boat shoe are now available to your toddlers and big kids. Adults have been enjoying the benefits of quality boat shoes for decades; it was only a matter of time before someone offered high quality boys boat shoes. This is now the case with these toddler Sperrys. These are quality kids shoes at an affordable price. Your child deserves the best, and that is what Sperrys provides.

Sperry Top-Sider Charter H&L Boat Shoe for Toddlers, Little Kids and Big Kids 2

These shoes are available in a dark brown color which provides a classic leather look. The color makes a great companion to a pair of khaki shorts and a plaid button down. It provides a casual style fashion to your little future sailor. If more exotic color combinations are required these are probably not the shoes for you; however, the dark brown provided is so convenient and stylish we doubt that you will want to look for anything else.

Why should adults be the only ones who can enjoy the features and benefits of a boat shoe? These adorable boys boat shoes look just like the full-sized versions. They are the same quality shoe as the adult version, in a smaller size. Since most people do not know that these boat shoes are available for kids, they instead purchase a cheap pair of flip flops or sandals. These often do not last and can create a safety issue because they do not offer comfort or support. A flip flop or sandal is also not very secure so it can frequently slip off and be lost. If you are a parent you know that one lost shoe can be very frustrating. With Sperrys shoes for kids you can eliminate all of these issues. Your child’s feet will be perfectly safe in a quality shoe that is completely secured to their feet. Yet they will still be able to experience the lightweight comfort of a classic boat shoe.

Sperry Top-Sider Charter H&L Boat Shoe for Toddlers, Little Kids and Big Kids

These boys boat shoes feature a padded collar and very supportive sole. They are hand sewn to ensure maximum quality of every stitch. The leather used is very lightweight not adding any extra resistance to your child’s foot while walking. The upper portion of the shoe is mesh providing a comfortable fit while not chafing the ankles or adding any unpleasant friction. The shoe has adequate cushion with an EVA midsole that is now very common on adult boat shoes. The outsole is made of flexible non-marking rubber with special traction pods reducing any risk of slipping. This is really a classic adult boat shoe built specifically for kids.

If you thought that boat shoes were only available for adults you are wrong. These Sperry shoes for kids provide all of the benefits of a classic boat shoe in a smaller package. If you are looking for a pair of boys boat shoes you should consider purchasing them today. They will provide years of enjoyment for your child until their feet outgrow the current size. Then we guarantee that you will be scrambling to buy a bigger pair.


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Nautica Spinnaker Sneaker Kids Boat Shoes

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Every parent wants their kid to look presentable. We take pride in providing for them. Part of doing this is in what they wear and shoes are included in this category. There are few shoes that make your kids look sharper than these Nautica kids shoes do. Let us start by what is not so great about the shoes.

Nautica Spinnaker Sneaker


• Most buyers reported that the shoes run a little large. This can be quite frustrating for parents because of the return and waiting for the right size to be delivered.
• There were several complains that the pictures were a little off. For some, the colors were wrong while for others, the design was not like it was on the picture (eg. The red strip on the sole of the shoe).

Well, while these are important things to note, they are not very major and do not compromise the quality of the shoe. Let us dive into what is really desirable about them.

• Nautica boat shoes are known for their comfort. These kid boat shoes are made from cotton which is naturally comfortable and very breathable. You can be sure that your kids will absolutely love wearing them.
• They are very cute to wear for special occasions because of how they stand out. They can however be worn on any occasion that calls for casual clothes.
• The colors on these shoes are of a very attractive contrast. Nautica did an amazing job of selecting colors that go well together to bring life into the shoes.
• Even though the shoe is made of cotton, they are very sturdy and retain shape well. They will therefore withstand everything that your kids could possibly put them through.
• The rubber sole offers amazing traction on all surfaces meaning you kids will not slip and fall. They also have a non-marking outsole.

Nautica Spinnaker Sneaker Top ViewBuy on AmazonParents are always doing things to ensure their children are well provided for. When it comes to footwear, nothing beats these Nautica kids shoes. They are designed with kids in minds and are meant to take a real beating while providing optimum comfort and protection for your child’s developing feet.

Consequently, the cotton used for the shoe’s upper is comfortable, breathable, and sturdy and the sole offers excellent support and traction. Therefore, wherever your child’s play leads them, you can rest assured that they are well protected.
Again, here are the notable pros and cons of the Nautica spinnaker sneaker


– The shoes are very cute casual wear for any occasion
– They are nice and sturdy despite being made form cotton
– They have very attractive colors and design
– They are extremely comfortable
– They offer amazing traction on all surfaces


– They run big. This can however be fixed by ordering a size or two smaller than your child wears
– The picture may not a true depiction of the shoe that gets shipped to you.

It is always a good feeling when your child loves something you buy them. It is also a better feeling when something you buy them makes them look amazing. These shoes are one way for you to put a smile on your child’s face. The design and color choices are really amazing. They are also very comfortable you will never hear your kid complain about them.


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