Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Angelfish Slip-On Loafer

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We’re in the middle of summer and as a lady, you know that it’s very important for you to be able to go outside wearing a nice pair of shoes that not only looks great, but is also comfortable. After all, as a woman, a pair of shoes means a lot more to you than it ever will to a man, so that is why it’s important that you get the right one.

If your search for it though has not yet been successful, then you may want to take a closer look at the sperry top sider angelfish. Featuring an incredibly creative design that stands out wherever you go, this pair of shoes is going to usher in a new kind of comfort and style: the kind that only Sperry could ever be responsible for.

Sperry Top-Sider Women's Angelfish Slip-On Loafer

Ideal even for the pickiest of buyers

Let’s be honest about one thing: When you go out to buy a pair of shoes, as a woman you’re certainly going to spend hours upon hours in order to try dozens of pairs of shoes. But doing so is quite time consuming, not to mention the fact that you may not find the pair of shoes you’re looking for. If this is the case, then maybe you’re not looking for shoes in the right place. That’s because if you were to have tried even a single pair of sperrys for women, you’d have spotted and felt the difference right away.

Compared to most other shoes, Sperry shoes have a style of their own, are very easy to get on and off and their design is simply breathtaking. Just take a look at them: Have you ever seen such a uniquely designed pair of shoes, because we haven’t! Featuring a nice combination of colors that includes black, cream and light brown, it’s easy to picture just how incredibly attractive these shoes are. Don’t believe us? Just go to your nearest Sperry’s store and you’ll see for yourself. There’s simply nothing like them!

Sperry Top-Sider Women's Angelfish Slip-On Loafer 2

Build quality and design

The womens sperrys have an interesting design that has a feminine twist. Featuring a padded tongue for increased comfort and genuine hand-sewn construction, these shoes are water and stain resistant besides being gorgeous. Sperry has opted to use leather in order to make these shoes as this material is not only highly resistant to wear and tear, but also gives the shoes a premium look as well.

Taking a closer look at the laces, you’ll realize that they are thick enough to last for many years to come and also feature rust proof eyelets for a proper and secure fit. The outsole features the WaveSiping TM technology, meaning you won’t have to worry about slipping when walking wet surfaces.

As you can see, the womens sperrys are an excellent pair of shoes that you can wear all day long without having to worry about getting sore feet. Since they’re also made of high quality materials and have a gorgeous design, you’ll definitely attract a lot of compliments from friends and even strangers. Lastly, you can get them in a wide range of colors, including Black/Leopard Fur, Cordovan, Angelfish Black/Gold Glit, Black/Leopard Fur, Charcoal, Olive/Cognac, Washed Red Rope, Charcoal/Lime Fur, Linen/Navy Plaid and Black/Leopard Fur.


1. Gorgeous design.

2. Water and stain resistant.

3. Leather construction boosts durability and gives the shoes a premium look.


1. Some people claim they’re a bit pricey.


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BOBS from Skechers Women’s Chill Boat Shoe

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It seems that all too often most of us have a hard time getting a new pair of shoes that matches our style, is affordable and also lasts more than a few months. After all, shoes are not like T-shirts that you can replace every month or so, therefore you need to get something that’s durable. Fortunately, the bobs skechers are one of those rare types of shoes that look stylish, are affordable and will certainly last you for a very long time. On top of that, they’re very light and easy to put on and take off, making them a great choice for a wide range of people.

BOBS from Skechers Women's Chill Boat Shoe

Look and feel like a superstar every step of the way

These days it seems that the majority of shoes companies are selling shoes that just look plain and boring and those that are different may not actually match your style. After all, not too many people like to have every color of the rainbow on their shoes and attract the wrong kind of attention everywhere they go. If you’re more about looking stylish and low-key at the same time, then the bobs shoes for women are exactly what you’re looking for.

The bobs from skechers feature a drawstring collar, print fabric overlay, a soft canvas fabric upper with some nice stitching detail and they’re also very easy to slip on. In fact, if you love to jog every morning, then you’ll be very happy to know that they also feature a cushioned genuine leather insole and soft fabric lining. Because of these great features, they’re very comfortable to wear all day long. Better yet, the traction outsole is also very flexible, making these shoes a pleasure to wear. From now on, no matter if you love jogging, walking or just want match your wardrobe with a pair of well designed and overall beautiful shoes, there’s no better choice to consider than the bobs from skechers.

BOBS from Skechers Women's Chill Boat Shoe Top Look

Attention to detail

In the summertime when most of us have a lot of free time on our hands, we generally love going to the beach or spend a lot of time in the sun. Regardless if you’re wearing breezy cotton stripes or linen pants, the bobs shoes for women are a great way to complement your wardrobe and feel comfortable at every step of the way towards the beach.

You’ll especially love the sloped rubber sole that allows you to walk confidently on wet boat decks or docks, the cushioned footbed that perfectly supports the arch and the laced grommets that encircle the shoe’s comfortable collar. In terms of color, you can pick up these shoes in Navy and Natural color which are certainly going to go along pretty well with a wide range of wardrobes.

All things considered, if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that looks great, feels very comfortable and is going to go along well with most wardrobe types, then the bobs from skechers are certainly worth considering.


1. Lightweight and comfortable.

2. Very easy to slip on and off.

3. High quality materials greatly improve durability.


1. Only available in 2 color choices.

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