Eastland Women’s Solstice Boat Shoe Oxford

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Boasting a classy, yet sturdy design that’s perfect for casual wear and also outdoor adventures, the eastland boat shoes are a great choice for the woman who appreciates style and knows how to flaunt it. Not only are these shoes wonderfully designed, but they also last much longer than your average pair of shoes, regardless of type.

Eastland Women's Solstice Boat Shoe Oxford

Buy on AmazonAmazing quality and comfort 

While design and look may be secondary, it seems that comfort is very important for almost everyone wanting to buy a pair of boat shoes. If you’ve likely read the online reviews, you probably know that these shoes are very comfortable and compared to other similar pairs out there, they’re also very cheap. If you already ordered and received them, then you already know just how comfortable the inside of the shoe is. Also, where comfort is concerned, the cushion rises to the point where it offers perfect support for the foot’s arch, making the eastland womens shoes a joy to wear.

Great build quality 

The eastland shoes feature a padded tongue and insole for improved comfort, so the minute you put them on you’re going to fully understand why so many people out there love them and continue to rate them five stars on most online stores. The full grain leather upper is very easy to care for and since it’s paired with breathable and lightweight nylon mesh panels, it allows your feet to breathe effectively and therefore keep them cool.

Not only that, but the fabric knit insole is very soft as well and provides excellent cushioning and moisture control no matter if you plan on using the shoes for a walk or for something more adventurous. The slip resistant sole is made of high quality rubber which improves both comfort and durability.

Eastland Women's Solstice Boat Shoe Oxford Top View

Buy on AmazonTop notch design 

When Eastland designed this pair of shoes, it opted for classy colors that would appeal to as many people as possible and it seems that they’ve made a great choice. In fact, the contrasting textures and colors create a very impressive oxford look that has the same comfort level as a slipper. The moc inspired eyelets and lacing around the padded collar make the shoes even more appealing and further reinforce their signature look.

Completely handsome and lined, the cushioned insole and padded tongue are going to make your feet feel extremely comfortable, while their design is going to be a treat for the eyes of everyone glancing at them. In terms of colors, you can get these shoes in a wide range of them, including Bomber Brown Leather, Tan, Navy/Gold, blue, Tan/Gold, Tan & Stone Leather, Black and Burgundy nubuck.

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will change the way you look at shoe sin general, then it’s certainly recommended that you take a closer look at the eastland boat shoes. The materials used, the design, but also the attention to detail shows just how much the company cares about each pair of shoes they make.


1. Perfect for casual wear.

2. A lot more comfortable than the majority of flat shoes out there.

3. The shoes don’t become droopy even after using them in very humid weather conditions.

4. Sturdy and durable.


1. You need to wear them for a week until they break in.

2. They can get dirty really easily.

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Eastland Women’s Yarmouth Slip-On Loafer

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Where finding the perfect pair of slip-on loafers is concerned, there’s no better choice than the Yarmouth Slip-On Loafer from Eastland Shoes. It’s not only the completely lined and smoother leather upper or the hand sewn moccasin construction that make this pair of shoes so unique. It’s also its classy design, the smart choice of colors and the stylish stitching that contribute to making the eastland womens shoes simply breathtaking.

Eastland Women's Yarmouth Slip-On Loafer

Buy on AmazonBuying the best pair of shoes you can find

The eastland womens shoes are not only true to size, but they’re also made of high quality leather and are simply butter soft when you have them on. Contrary to what you may think, the foot bed is very comfortable and you can wear them as soon as you remove them from the box. One thing to keep in mind though is that the color is a bit different than what you see on the screen, but that’s to be expected when it comes to buying shoes online. As for breaking in the shoes, you don’t have to worry about that, since that’s not the case with these. Overall, this is a comfortable and really cute pair of shoes that you’re certainly going to love.

Comfortable every step of the way

The first thing you’ll notice when you put on the eastland boat shoes is that they’re very comfortable. That’s thanks to the fact that they feature a supportive shank and a cushioned footbed that effectively absorb shock and minimize leg and foot fatigue. When it comes to the outsole, it’s made of high quality natural rubber, is very durable and also flexible, meaning that the shoes can be worn on a wide range of surfaces without having to worry about getting sore feet. Traction is also great regardless if you use the shoes on dry or wet surfaces. In terms of color choices, the shoes are available in a wide range of colors, including Tan, Bomber Brown, Aqua Patent Leather, Brown, Blue, Tan and khaki suede.

Eastland Women's Yarmouth Slip-On Loafer Top View

Buy on AmazonGreat for those who can only stand natural materials

The eastland shoe company has always focused on not only making shoes that people love wearing, but also on customer satisfaction. For instance, their shoes are made of natural materials and what this means is that if you’re someone who cannot stand synthetic materials, then these shoes are the way to go. The leather is also high quality and not one of the cheaper varieties that’s going to crack after just a few months of use.

All in all, anyone who wants to get a new pair of shoes that looks classy, is very durable and adequately priced as well, should certainly take a closer look at the eastland boat shoes. Enjoy wearing yours!


1. No breaking in required (shoes can be worn right out of the box).

2. Flexible sole made of natural rubber.

3. Very comfortable to wear.

4. Great durability.


1. May not fit very well for people with wide feet.

2. Some users have claimed the shoes are a bit too stiff.

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Eastland Women’s Summerfield Slip-On Shoe

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Eastland Women's Summerfield

find-more-like-theseIt is very likely that you are reading this review because you have come across the Eastland Women’s Summerfield slip-on shoe and would want a second opinion before committing to make the purchase. This article aims to do just that.

Here’s one reason you should not buy these shoes

• Some users reported that the shoes slipped off at the heel. A possible reason could be that the heel is not high enough.

If you are still interested in this shoe, then let us move on to some positive aspects of the shoe.

• An active memory foam insole does wonders to absorb shock and relieve stress from your feet. You can therefore spend hours in these shoes without your feet hurting at the end of the day
• The style and color of these shoes easily goes with any outfit. They are therefore great for several occasions.
• The upper is made from soft tumbled leather and the sides is printed canvas. This adds to the unique look and feel of the shoe
• A mini-lug outsole does a great job of providing slip resistance. You can therefore wear the shoe even on slippery surfaces without fear of losing your footing.
• For a unique finish, the taslan laces can be tied into a nautical knot.
• The design of the shoe allows of ample wiggling space without compromising on the fit and comfort of the shoe.

Eastland Women's Summerfield Top View

find-more-like-thesePeople looking for unique yet comfortable shoes have always known that Eastland is the shoemaker that does not disappoint. Their shoes always have a unique touch that makes them stand out from similar products in the market. The women’s summerfield slip-on shoes are made from tumbled leather and printed canvas on the sides that give it a unique appearance. They also feature taslan laces that adds to the exclusive look of the shoe. These shoes are therefore great for women who love an adventurous look or those looking to redefine themselves.
The leather itself is very durable and tough meaning that you will wear the shoe countless times before signs of wear begin showing. The sole is also high quality and can withstand years of use without wearing off.

Here is a recap of the pros and cons of this shoe


– It features a memory foam insole that does wonders to relieve stress from your feet
– The tumbled leather upper is soft and features printed side canvas for an additional unique look
– The textured rubber sole is of high quality and is slip-resistance
– The style and color go well with any casual outfit
– The shoe is amazingly comfortable


– For some users, the shoe slips off at the heel.

After reading through the review, we hope that you are now better placed to make the decision. If you are still undecided on whether to buy the shoe, you can visit a local store to fit the shoe and then buy online to take advantage of the shoe sale. If you buy online, you can send the shoe back within 30 days should you not be pleased.

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Eastland Women’s Solstice Loafer

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If you’re looking forward to buying the Eastland Women’s Solstice Loafer, then take a look at some of these important features that may help you better decide if it’s worthy of the amount. This shoe has been made using imported leather and comes with a padded insole for high comfort. People who have used this shoe are all praises about its comfort and style element as many have called this eastland solstice to be their everyday pair that goes with practically any type of clothing. With its full grain leather upper paired with breathable nylon mesh panels, this shoe can easily pass off as a slipper according to many satisfied users. However, some buyers have claimed that this shoe is a little big for its size and selecting the perfect size can be a bit tricky if they intend to purchase online. So, it’s advised that you have a proper measurement of your feet and look up on the shoe size chart before making a selection.

Eastland Women's Solstice Loafer

Buy on AmazonLoafers have ideally been the choice for those who are looking for footwear that can be worn in both formal and informal occasions. Since durability is of the essence, people have always struggled to find loafers/boat shoes that live up to their promises and can withstand a variety of harsh conditions. Wear and tear are to be expected, but many times these shoes get completely spoiled just after wearing a few times. One has to acknowledge the importance of choosing the right brand when it comes to shoes because a reputation matters a lot in this industry, and so does the need for finding the perfect pair to the user. With the eastland boat shoes, you can stay confident that your feet will remain safe and comfortable while walking on a wet surface, damp grassy area, through snow, etc. The rubber sole surface purpose and provides the necessary grip on various types of surfaces.

Eastland Women's Solstice Loafer Top View

Buy on AmazonIf you want an all-purpose footwear, then the Eastland Women’s Solstice Loafer would serve its purpose quite well. You can wear it with jeans, leggings, or even a printed skirt and manage to look equally wonderful in all the three tires. It feels more comfortable than wearing a sneaker and provides the required protection that your feet would need to be safe all day long. Be sure to give an appropriate amount of break-in time when wearing this pair because few users have complained that they got blisters on their feet the first time they wore it. The moc-inspired islets and leasing around this shoe’s padded collar adds extra attractiveness to the pair and manages to complement the genuine leather that makes these eastland womens shoes. One has to admire the company’s efforts in creating the perfect footwear for women as they have been doing so since 1955. Good looks, reliable on usage, and favorable pricing makes this model an attractive option for purchase.


· Made of durable leather with breathable nylon mesh panels

· Comfort cushioning and moisture control thanks to the quality fabric knit

· offers complete protection to feet in snow, damp surface, sun, etc.

· Available at an affordable price


· May require break-in time to get comfortable

· Picking the right size may prove to be somewhat difficult

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Eastland Women’s Sunrise Boat Shoe

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The Women’s Sunrise Boat Shoes are excellent, which are heavy duty, durable, stylish & perfectly finished. These are built to the highest quality which is difficult to find. These leather shoes have synthetic sole which makes them long lasting. The Nylon & Leather mesh on the upper side gives them a luxurious look along with strength. With the premium quality, these boat shoes are women’s one of the first choices.

Eastland Women's Sunrise Boat Shoe

Buy on AmazonBoat shoes are preferred instead of sports or formal shoes because these are made especially for the purpose. These type of shoes don’t slip on a wet deck and provide a better grip. But finding the right shoe is not an easy task. Your shoes should give you a strong grip, and repel water. Women always complain that they don’t find a good combination in a single pair. If a pair is stylish, it doesn’t provide enough grip. If they’re stylish & provides strong grip, then they don’t repel water. Finding a shoe which fulfills all the requirements become a lot difficult than we think. However, Eastland Boat Shoes are what women want. These are made of Nylon & Leather which makes them look good without compromising its quality. They also provide a strong grip and repel water. Eastland Women's Sunrise Boat Shoe Top View

Whether you’re on land or sea, you’ll find them to be perfect for every condition. Eastland’s Boat Shoes are easy-to-wear and gives you comfort with padded collar. The padded fabric kit insole takes control of moisture and the cushions make you comfortable in every step. You’ll feel the comfort from the first moment when you’ll wear them. The outsole is made of rubber along with computerized made patterns which don’t let them slip. The heels are approximately 0.75 inches, which is good for walking. These shoes are available in all sizes and gives a perfect fit for every foot. After getting wet, and various stretches, they’ll retain their size and give you the same fit again. When full grain leather paired with lightweight nylon gives maximum breathability. These Eastland Boat Shoes are crafted with excellence, and its stitching is finely done. These casual shoes make a perfect combination with jeans or shorts. Even, if you use them without care, they will still impress you.


Good Looking: These fashionable shoes are stylish, and will look great when wearing with jeans or shorts.

Comfortable: These easy-to-wear shoes are highly comfortable, and from the first moment you’ll see the difference.

Durability: The Nylon & Leather combination makes them durable and long lasting.

Strong Grip: With the proven & tested patterns, these shoes provide a strong grip on every surface.
Affordable Price: The shoes offers you high-quality at an affordable price.


Slightly Bigger: There are many users who complain that they got a slightly bigger size on their regular number. So, if you purchase them according to your normal size, you may find them slightly bigger. Therefore, go for a smaller pair.

Narrow Shoes: These shoes should be a little wider as compared to their length. So, consider it before making any choice.

Not for Full Day: These shoes are comfortable and durable, but wearing them for a whole day may irritate you.

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