White boat shoes for Men

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When it comes to fashionable footwear, white boat shoes for men make a great choice for today’s gentleman. These classic, stylish shoes can be paired with several different types of clothing choices to make them a versatile addition to any man’s wardrobe. Here are some great suggestions for using the classic and stylish white boat shoes for men to dress up any occasion while still keeping it casual.

The Perfect Men’s Shoe For Spring And Summer

White boat shoes make the perfect shoe for men during the warmer months of spring and summer.They are easy to slip on and off and can be worn with or without socks depending upon your preference. While the idea is to look sockless when wearing boat shoes, a pair of no show socks will go undetected if you are one who doesn’t like to wear shoes with no socks. These shoes aren’t really meant for the winter weather and don’t stand up too well in fall either. So put them away at summer’s end so you can be reunited with this fashion staple once the weather breaks again.

Popular White Boat Shoes for Men
StoreProduct ImageProduct NamePriceBuy Now
Sperry Top-Sider Men's Bahama 2 Eye Boat Shoe, White, 10 M US$49.71
(as of 12/03/2017 19:26 PST - Details)
PEPE-3 Bruno HOMME MODA ITALY Men's Fashion Driving Casual Loafers Boat shoes White Size 11
Sperry Top-Sider Men's Striper Slip-On Boat Shoe,White,13 M US$59.95
(as of 12/03/2017 19:26 PST - Details)
Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Hanford Sneaker, White, 9 D US
Bruno MARC MODA ITALY BM-PEPE-3 Men's Classic Fashion On The Go Driving Casual Loafers Boat Shoes WHITE SIZE 11
Sperry Top-Sider Men's Halyard 2-Eye White Boat Shoe 9 M (D)
Alpine Swiss Men's White Antigua Boat Shoes 11 M US
Lacoste Men's Codecasa 316 1 Spm Boat Shoe, White, 10.5 M US$87.12
(as of 12/03/2017 19:26 PST - Details)
Prices were updated 1072 hours ago.

Combine Them With Shorts And A Tank Or Tee

One of the best looks when wearing white boats shoes is to combine them with shorts and a tank top or simple tee shirt. The tank top and shorts with boat shoes is a sexy look for men, especially for the younger generation. Simple and casual, yet slightly preppy as well. For young or older men alike, the combination of white boat shoes,a simple tee shirt, and shorts also works well. The white shoes will work well with any color combination and keep you looking fresh and stylish. For a slightly more formal, yet still casual look, combine the shorts and boat shoes with a classic styled collared polo shirt. Keep in mind when we mention shorts, we are referring to shorts that come slightly above the knees. This could be shorts that are tailored to that length, or even jeans cut off and cuffed just slightly above the knees. Shorts such as running and athletic type shorts don’t really look too good when paired with boat shoes and should be worn with an athletic type shoe instead.

Keep It Stylish With Long Pants

White boat shoes for men also make a great footwear choice when worn with long pants. They can be worn with combinations such as jeans and tee shirts, jeans and button up short sleeved shirts, long sleeved collared shirts, or with khaki type pants and a collared polo style shirt. Many guys like to sport a classic, yet casual look of rolling up the pant legs of their jeans or khaki pants a few inches so that their ankles show. This is a relaxing summer style that is comfortable and looks great too.

For a slightly more formal look, wear white boat shoes with trousers or slacks. When combining the shoes with these types of pants, wear the cuffs of the pants unrolled at their regular length. This look goes well with either short sleeved collared shirts or even long sleeve, plain tunic style shirts. Perfect for that chilly summer breeze after the sun sets or when you’re out on or near the water.

When worn with long pants of your choice, boat shoes offer the look of being classy, yet not overdressed and stylish while still keeping it somewhat casual. They also look great when worn with a jean jacket or hoodie and long pants combination.

Some Do’s And Don’ts Of Wearing Boat Shoes

Boat shoes should be reserved for wear during warm weather months such as spring and summer. They are not for wearing in the winter.The weather of fall and winter are hard on the shoes and they do not stand up well in it. As with sandals, these shoes are not to be paired with socks, unless of course, as previously discussed, the socks are of the no show variety. While a versatile and stylish shoe that can be worn with a wide variety of outfits, you should never wear boat shoes to a black tie occasion or to a function that requires formal wear such as a suit and tie. The exception with ties might be when combined with a long sleeved Oxford shirt and tie with matching cardigan and jeans. In this case, white boat shoes would look terrific. The general rule is to stay away from formal outfits and stick with jeans and khakis instead. While okay for wearing at a casual day at the office, wear a different shoe in case of a planned meeting or more formal work event.


White boat shoes for men make a great fashion statement. You will find these shoes will become a comfortable and essential part of your wardrobe. Incorporate them into your everyday wear and they will soon become one of your favorite, can’t do without pieces of footwear.

 History Of The Boat Shoe

The boat shoe was originally invented by Paul Sperry in 1935, who also invented the popular Sperry Top-Sider. The shoes were created with sailors in mind, with a sole that worked to prevent them from slipping and sliding on wet boat decks. He took his inspiration for the textured grip of the soles from his dog’s paws and how they gripped even wet surfaces. Eighty years later, these shoes have gone way beyond the decks of boats and being worn just by sailors. Boat shoes have become an all out fashion statement that are worn by everyone from sailors to city people. This iconic leather shoe looks great with a variety of wardrobe choices. Here we look at some of these combinations. While boat shoes come in a variety of colors from the classic brown to more trendy colors, our fashion focus here is specifically on white boat shoes for men. They make the perfect choice for a day at the beach, for traveling, at the office, for dates, or just for every day casual wear.

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Slipping Into the Right Boat Shoe – A Tale Of Two Centuries

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Few fashion favorites can weather the storms of constantly changing trends and passing time to survive as a consistent consumer choice. Shelf lives for popularity tend to expire quickly, and most products of any kind seldom experience high demand for more than a year or two. Occasionally an attractive shoe style or fresh jacket design will prevail for part of a decade as a popular pick, but tendencies in fashion sensations are generally short-lived.

Slightly off topic, but here an interesting video on boat shoes. Discover the 3 best ways to dress up with boat shoes:

Boat Shoes – An “Old Sole” Standing Comfortably At the Top:

Even the most clever clothing and footwear creations tend to fade fast and fall victim to the relentless quest and powerful innovation as each new year’s latest lines are introduced. Pushing forward to invent or rediscover the most recent icon which will be celebrated and inducted as a most valuable player by “cliquish” pop culture, critics speak louder than ever through communication technology and leave many shoes unfilled. Nothing seems to impact the staying power of boat shoes, and their overwhelming popularity remains “unscuffed” as they keep stepping forward and improving with every stride.

Buying patterns of the general public have most commonly been driven toward originality and a quest for unique items which were rarely seen before by members of their social circle. Boat shoes stand practically alone in a category by themselves as a leading choice of men and women for over eighty years since their invention in the 1930’s. Cheap boat shoes for men have been accepted as a standard accessory in several countries across the world for more than four consecutive decades.

Why Do Boat Shoes Keep Sailing Along in Popularity?

Boat shoes are just plain awesome. Fashion experts have debated for almost fifty years over when and where boat shoes should be worn. The most widely accepted response to the question of proper protocol for slipping into a comfortable and dynamically designed pair of boat shoes seems to be “wherever and whenever” those wearing them feel best. Boat shoes were only limited to �boating uses” for a short time after they were discovered to be a great option for walking without the associated hassles of most dress/casual options. Possessing the ability to carry their owners with the functionality reserved for most athletic shoes and the feel of a loyal slipper the “deck” shoe has savaged the sandal market and “lapped” all other loafers with ease.

Reversing the “Revolving” Trend:

Most shoe trends revolve around the changes in popular clothing items during passing decades. If the boat shoe were represented by a planet, it would be most closely associated with the traits of the sun. Choices in casual pants, shorts, shirts and even dress and dress/casual wear have been orbiting around the deck shoe family for nearly fifty years. Men have been seen in practically every option of clothing up to and including suits with various styles of deck shoes for longer than most people can remember. Deck shoes were considered just as “cool” when they were worn by grandparents of the generation of men currently wearing them in several locations throughout the world today.

For What Is In a Name:

A question that comes up often concerns the history of the boat shoe. This question usually arises because an individual sees many men and women wearing the shoes in various environments and is curious to know the original intent that inspired the carefully crafted shoe. In other words, a person realizes the boat shoe is popular in the 21st century and wants to know the relationship between the original purpose of the shoe and the goal that is currently achieved by wearing the particular type of shoe. Well, it turns out that boat shoes date all the way back to 1930’s. The historical significance makes the boat shoe an exception in many regards.

“Dog Legs” Providing Solutions Instead of Golfing Challenges:

There is much debate when it comes to the actual beginning of boat shoes because many cannot decide whether Paul Sperry or John F. Sipe should receive the credit for the groundbreaking innovation. In 1923 Sipe invented a process that is currently named after him (“siping”). This process consists of cutting thin slits across a rubber surface to improve grip in wet or icy environments. About a decade later Sperry was partaking in one of his many sailing adventures and received some inspiration from his dog that seemed to possess exceptional traction in the icy environment.

Upon further examination, Sperry noticed that his dog had “pads” on all four paws that consisted of a ““herringbone pattern.” Sperry implemented that same pattern in the sole of a shoe after his exciting discovery. The origin of Sperry’s idea can be debated; however, the results cannot. Sperry’s new technique allowed a shoe to possess never before gripping abilities that made walking on a wooden deck in an adverse condition much easier.

The “Topside” of the Boat Shoe According to Sperry:

Sperry started patenting his idea almost immediately after discovering the revolutionary concept. The black sole was put to the test, but it resulted in unwanted smudges on the ground. After the dirt cleared is when the so-called “core” of the boat shoe was invented. Sperry introduced a white sole into his boat shoe. The problem was solved, and the unwanted smudges to no longer be an issue. Additionally, Sperry’s decision added an unusual aspect to the fashion world because a shoe with a dark body and dark laces also consisted of a white sole. This can be understood by looking at Sperry’s first ever “topside” boat shoe, which he released in 1935. The so-called “norm” when it comes to boat shoes is without a doubt based on Sperry’s original shoe. All-in-all this “norm” can be understood by understanding the following requirements that create a true boat shoe:

*A white sole.
*Ridges in the sole that are either abnormally thin or thick.
*Moccasin Toe construction.
*Hand sewn appearance.
* A 360-degree lacing system.
*Two rows of aglets.
*Laces that match the body of the shoe regarding color.

The Sleek Design of Modern Boat Shoes:

After looking at those traditional requirements, a person will likely say something along the lines of “I have never seen a boat shoe in my life.” Well, it turns out this individual has seen a boat shoe in their life. The only catch is that they have viewed the modern adaptation that occurred over many decades. All of these dramatic changes have indeed made the shoe extremely different from Sperry’s original vision. However, the idea of being comfortable and secure in a pair of fashionable shoes has remained in today’s modern boat shoes. Overall this means the questions are “what has changed in the boat shoes?” and “why have so many changes been made to the original design of the show?”

There are in fact three major changes that have been made to the original style of boat shoe that Sperry released. First, the “core” of the shoe (the white sole) is no longer the “core” because many of the shoes sold consist of colors such as navy blue, green, yellow, purple, “Nantucket red,” and just about every other color known to man. Secondly, the original idea of every show having two rows of aglets has changed because many boat shoes include an additional row of aglets. Lastly, the concept of matching the body of the shoe with the lace color has faded away because the overwhelming majority of boat shoes sold today have a lace color that does not identify with the body of the shoe. The question of why this has happened is relatively easy to answer. So many changes have been made because today’s fashion industry consists of being diverse and this means having customizable options.

When to wear boat shoes?:

The popularity of the shoe, history of the shoe, and the overall understanding of the shoe have been established. The next logical question that a person will likely ask is “When should a person wear boat shoes?” These questions are undoubtedly the most debated aspect of boat shoes because individuals cannot decide if the shoe is supposed to be worn just in the Summer months, Summer & winter months, or both. Sperry intended for the shoe to be worn all year because his original goal when he released the show was to combat the ice that was present in the winter months. In addition to that, Sperry intended for the shoe to be water resistant, which means the person wearing the shoe would be fishing or at least around water.

These guidelines have inspired some to wear the shoes in all seasons when they are around water. On the other hand, there are people that do not like cold feet, which is why they do not wear the shoes in the winter. Additionally, some feel that the shoes should only be worn in casual settings. Others believe the shoes can are acceptable in all contexts. Overall it boils down to personal preference.

“Boats” For All Occasions:

The opinions about the style of the boat shoe are very similar to the views about the timing of boat shoe usage because there are overwhelming amounts of opposition, which make a person confused when it comes to wearing the particular shoe in day-to-day settings. First, there is the debate about wearing the shoes with or without socks. Some believe that everyone should embrace the original style (wearing the shoes barefoot), but that opinion varies because socks help prevent excessive sweating and lock in heat.

The compromise to this dilemma is to purchase a cotton insert, wear socks that are barely noticeable, or just to embrace the barefoot style. Secondly, there is the debate about whether it is appropriate to wear the shoes with formal attire. Once again there are those that state the shoes should only be worn when a person is wearing slim jeans, pants, khakis, chinos, or slacks. On the other hand, many individuals wear the shoes with a suit, blazer, or sports coat. Just about everyone agrees that the best way to wear boat shoes and jeans is to roll up the jeans so that they are right above the ankle. However, It boils down to personal preference.

Keeping Your “Boats” Afloat:

The next piece of information that every aspiring boat shoe owner is curious about concerns proper care for boat shoes and the best methods for breaking in boat shoes. Breaking the shoes in can be done by simply wearing them a few times on short distance walks. However, the easier and less painful strategy is to put the shoes on, tighten them, and soak the shoes in water so the leather can conform to the shape of your feet. Following that, the shoes will need to be dried. Do not dry the shoe using a hair dryer or by setting them in the sun. Other tips for caring for the shoes are below:

*Use emulsion based shoe polish that is neutral or matches the color of the shoe.
*Use a shoe horn when putting the shoes on so the heel stays in shape.
*Use vinegar and water to remove stains.
*Use a toothbrush, water, and saddle soap to clean the shoes.

A Boatload of Value:

One of the last questions that people ask is “what are the best types of boat shoes?” Boat shoes have been around for over half a century, which means hundreds of different kinds of boat shoes range anywhere between $25 and $300. The key is to find the boat shoes that are on the lower end of the price scale and the higher end of the quality and fashion levels. The first shoe that seems to achieve that is the “Land’s end mainstay” boat shoe. These shoes are adored because they are around $50 and consist of quality material that makes them perfect for a beach trip and a formal dinner. The next gem is the “Red tape” boat shoes. These shoes consist of classic butterfly leather, European design, and a modern touch (streamlined laces).

The previously mentioned boat shoes are exceptional; however, they do not match up with the next two pairs of boat shoes. First, there are the “Sperry Authentic Original Cyclone leather 2-eye” boat shoes, which remain as one of the most reasonably priced shoes that still manage to embrace the classic look (Sperry’s style). Lastly, there are the “Sebago Dockside neoprene” boat shoes. The makers of these shoes have been known for producing boat shoes for the so-called “preppy college kids” and for the US sailing team. This why $80 is an unreal price for the shoes. There are hundreds of boat shoes, but the best brands that are reasonably priced are noted as being Sebago, Sperry, and Nautica.

The Best “Hands On Deck” Shoe Shopping Options:

There are several places people can shop for cheap boat shoes for men. As previously mentioned the styles and designs vary by manufacturer and plenty of the major retail chains as well as independently owned stores carry various brands. Since there are multiple choices which are considered reasonably priced the necessity to spend a lot of money to locate a great pair have nothing to do with creating status symbols. The best part about boat shoes, in general, is that they are widely accepted by all economic and social groups with little impact by the “snob” factor. The biggest concern with deck shoes is that they convey a look that the man wearing them is comfortable and is not intimidated by what anyone else thinks.

A Dog and a Blanket “ish” Thing:

Considering that the right feel of a perfect pair of boat shoes is not a “science” thing, but more subjective and closely related to schools for “art” is the first part of narrowing down places to start hunting. People trying to explain what a man is looking for in the proper fit is almost exactly like trying to explain what made him feel complete by clinging onto his “favorite blanket” as a child. Unless employees of a shoe outlet have owned a dog for several years and realize the loyalty which existed between them is similar to the bond felt by a favorite pair of boat shoes there will be no advantage to seeking their assistance.

Finding The Right Penny Without Diving in the Fountain:

With so many options of retail and so-called wholesale stores which carry products, finding what consumers are looking for can present more of a challenge than the necessary time available can afford. For those who have heard the term “free time” and wondered what on earth that means, they can consider themselves welcomed to the “club” of the current blazingly fast pace at which society presently operates. Attempting to locate the perfect item can be exactly like diving into a huge water fountain filled with pennies and sorting through them one by one. Nobody has time for that anymore.

Crawling Around On the Web:

Trusting merchants who are unfamiliar with the internet can be as risky as attempting to pet an unidentified spider crawling through the garage. There is a reason they call it “the web,” all sorts of potential pocket-book harmful creepy-crawly types thrive on it. Instead of diving into a bunch of stores located all over town or surfing through dangerous currents or corruption choices like Amazon seems to be making more sense to a steadily growing family of loyal consumers. With the widest variety and the very best prices backed up with a name and guarantee which can be trusted slipping into the perfect pair of cheap boat shoes for men is a one step process. Clicking through the item descriptions and finding boat shoe styles that fit is much easier than time-consuming and potentially risky options. With Amazon, the only “chances” involved are extra ones gained by saving time to do something enjoyable with the family for a change.

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Top 5 Boat Shoe Brands

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Boat shoes are comfortable but solid shoes that one can just slip into easily. They are easy to take care off and the sole is pretty tough.

Some of the top boat shoe brands are:

1. Sperry Top-Sider

The Sahara looking leather shoe have a rubber sole that makes it extra comfy. It’s genuinely hand-sewn and has a cushioned foot bed.

Best selling Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes
StoreProduct ImageProduct NamePriceBuy Now
Sperry Top-Sider Men's A/O 2 Eye Boat Shoe,Sahara,10.5 M US$69.59
(as of 12/03/2017 19:06 PST - Details)
Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoes, size 1.5 Youth$23.00
Sperry Top-Sider Men's Bahama 2 Eye Boat Shoe,Navy,10.5 M US$49.67
(as of 12/03/2017 19:06 PST - Details)
Sperry A/O 2 Eye Boat Shoes - Black$95.00
Sperry Top-Sider Men's Billfish 3-Eye Boat Shoe, Tan/Beige, 9 M US$71.57
(as of 12/03/2017 19:06 PST - Details)
A/O 2-Eye86.97 EUR
Sperry Top-Sider Women's Bluefish,Linen/Oat,8 M US$79.95
(as of 12/03/2017 19:06 PST - Details)
Sperry Top-Sider Women's Angelfish Boat Shoe,Linen/Oat,9 M US$79.95
(as of 12/03/2017 19:06 PST - Details)
Sperry Top-Sider Mako Boat Shoes 9 M, Amaretto$99.99
Sperry Top-Sider - Rosefish (Linen/Oat) Women's Shoes$79.99
Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original Boat Shoes 8.5 M, Sahara/Nutmeg$94.99
A/O 2 Eye Wedge Canvas41.20 EUR
Prices were updated 1072 hours ago.

2. Timberland

They are made of full-grain and nubuck leather and carefully hand-sewn to last long. They are light, slip resistant and provide a custom fit.

Best selling Timberland boat shoes
StoreProduct ImageProduct NamePriceBuy Now
Timberland Men's Classic Boat Shoe,Rootbeer/Brown,9 M$57.00
(as of 12/03/2017 19:06 PST - Details)
Timberland Men's 50009 Authentics 3-Eye Classic Lug Boat Shoe, Burgundy/Brown,10 M$79.95
(as of 12/03/2017 19:06 PST - Details)
Timberland Kia Wah Bay Boat Shoes 10.5 W, Taupe$94.99
Timberland Men's Earthkeepers Kiawah Bay Boat Shoe,Brown/Brown,9.5 M US$95.00
(as of 12/03/2017 19:06 PST - Details)
Timberland Ekkiawahby Boat Shoes 8 M, Brown$99.99
Timberland Men's Classic 2-Eye Boat Shoe Boat shoe,Dark Brown,11.5 M US$59.97
(as of 12/03/2017 19:06 PST - Details)
Mens Earth Keepers New Market Boat$39.99
Timberland Men's Newport Bay 2-Eye Boat Shoe, Sleet Washed, 10.5 M US$71.94
(as of 12/03/2017 19:06 PST - Details)
Prices were updated 1072 hours ago.

3. Sebago Docksides

The signature style of Sebago is beautiful foot conforming leather and hand-sewn moccasin style.

Best selling Sebago Docksides
StoreProduct ImageProduct NamePriceBuy Now
Sebago Men's Docksides Boat Shoe,Brown,9 M US$69.97
(as of 12/03/2017 19:06 PST - Details)
Sebago Men's Spinnaker Shoe,Blue/Brown,10.5 M US$72.19
(as of 12/03/2017 19:06 PST - Details)
Sebago Docksides$19.99
Sebago Men's Clovehitch II Boat Shoe,Walnut,9.5 W US$76.97
(as of 12/03/2017 19:06 PST - Details)
Sebago Men's Schooner Shoe,Brown Oiled Waxy,11 W US/2E$83.97
(as of 12/03/2017 19:06 PST - Details)
Sebago Docksides$99.95
Sebago Men's Crest Docksides Dark Taupe Nubuck Boat Shoe 11.5 M$138.59
(as of 12/03/2017 19:06 PST - Details)
Sebago Docksides$28.99
Prices were updated 1072 hours ago.

4. Columbia boat shoes

This leather shoe is very strong but it softens with time. The synthetic sole and two eyelet lacing make for a beautiful piece.

Best selling Columbia boat shoes
StoreProduct ImageProduct NamePriceBuy Now
Men's Columbia Bahama Vent PFG Slip-on Boat Shoes, CITY GREY/GYPSY, 11.5D$69.95
(as of 12/03/2017 19:26 PST - Details)
Columbia BM4438 Mens Bonehead Vent Leather Pf Athletic Boating Shoe, Mud, Stone - 10$90.00
(as of 12/03/2017 19:26 PST - Details)
Columbia Men's Boatdrainer Leather PFG Boat Shoe,Flax/Sea Salt,9.5 M US
Columbia Men's Vulc N Vent Boat Lifestyle Casual Shoe, Silver Sage/Natural, 10.5 D US
Columbia Women's Vulc N Vent Boat Canvas Shoe,Verdant/Stone,8 B US
Columbia Men's Drainmaker III Trail Shoe,Black/Columbia Grey,9 D US
Prices were updated 1072 hours ago.

5. Cole Haan

The contrasting rubber sole and three eyelet lacing as well as the moc-toe stitching makes this shoe the best rated brand. They work both as casual and official shoe.

Best selling Cole Haan boat shoes
StoreProduct NamePriceBuy Now
Cole Haan Men's Grant LTE Slip-On Loafer, Grey Leather/White, 9.5 M US
Cole Haan Men's Pinch Weekender Taffy Canvas/Harvest Brown Leather Loafer 10.5 D (M)
Cole Haan Men's Dominick Camp Moc Peacoat/Oyster Boat Shoe 10.5 D (M)
Cole Haan Women's Pinch Wkndr Camp Moc Boat Shoe, Oat Mesa, 8 B US
Cole Haan Men's Grant Canoe Camp Mocassin Slip-On Loafer,Papaya,9 M US$116.95
(as of 12/03/2017 18:53 PST - Details)
Cole Haan Mens Dominick Boat II Slip On Shoe, Brown Canvas, US 11$99.55
(as of 12/03/2017 18:53 PST - Details)
Cole Haan Men's Lunargrand BM Oxford,Chestnut,11 M US
Cole Haan Women's Cary Black Boat Shoe 7 B (M)$129.98
(as of 12/03/2017 18:53 PST - Details)
Prices were updated 1072 hours ago.

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Celebs in Boat Shoes

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Behind every strong and successful man,is style! Not only is his heart strong, but his savor of fashion and design. His heart trails its desire for class, fashion and taste. He is principled; his golden rule is being spruce. From the crown of his head, to the bottom of his sole, where his attention rest, you can sense his power. Boat shoes, a modest yet sexy apparel are on top of his list as they bring out perfection of beauty, honor and majesty; the 3 principles of every celeb.

Celebs spotted wearing boat shoes

The basic needs of a man are wholly met in a holistic range of trends shoes that bring out positive attributes every man of class desires. Celebs boat shoes one of Arnold Schwarzenneger s favorite is comfy, and sexy. Its potency screams loud. Worn with a khaki short and a sexy shirt, this shoe will make anyone feel like a total celeb.

Stylish boat shoes are another fantastic preference. With its heritage leather and a range of different colors, one can never go unnoticed. A great way to introduce your arrival! Whether with bouncing steps, cat walking or with long strides, it is a sure way to declare your presence. Great way to seduce a lover is wearing preppy style and romantically brushing your shoe against her skin under the table as you hold her hand or steal a wink at her.

Planning for a night out full of fun and dance? Make merry, spin on the dance floor with timberland classic shoe or choose canvas uppers for a modern twist or classic style. The disco light reflects back the brown color of the shoe as twinkling stars shouting you are a star. Boat shoes sole is rigid, has a strong grip and make you spin without fear of fall. It holds well on slippery floor offering you security in case of spill.


For those executives who would not wish to be slaves of fashion, preppy style is the way to go. Being a tough CEO behind the four walls is not easy; a little fun won’t hurt, it will build you. A great and a wonderful choice to deck you are timberland classic premium or knitted shoes blended with a sexy casual.

Boat shoes are affordable; you don’t have to break your back to get them. They are comfortable; most have laces that are adjustable, they are durable and for all seasons. The weather has no power over your style and fashion. With a wide range for sunny season, rainy season, one has no excuse for dullness. Remember, image is everything, first impression lasts! Stay in style, reign in your kingdom with all majesty as your feet do the walking.

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Timberland Launches SS16 Boat Shoe Collection

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Timberland has launched the new SS16 (Spring/Summer 2016) collection of boat shoes. This year, the company has revised the classic boat shoe silhouette by providing a new set of loud summer colours including yellow, green and red in addition to the more traditional brown, beige and blue hues.

Timberland launch their SS16 boat shoe collection, which features a range of colours in the classic style across men's and womenswear. (PRNewsFoto/Timberland)

Timberland launch their SS16 boat shoe collection, which features a range of colours in the classic style across men’s and womenswear. (PRNewsFoto/Timberland)

find-more-like-theseThe versatile Timberland classic 2 eye boat shoe, which has been an iconic product of the company for almost four decades, now comes in different materials that guarantee weather resistance and comfort. Here is a brief description of the features of the SS16 Timberland boat shoe collection.

Durable Hand-Sewn Upper Design

The leather upper is top-stitched and hand sewn. It has a moccasin toe design and a collar that is slotted with lacing made of rawhide. The shoes come with two eyelets which form a major part of the 360 degrees lacing system. This lacing system is responsible for the secure fit provided by these shoes.

Various types of materials are used for the upper section including: suede, nubuck leather, cotton canvas, and linen. These materials have been treated to be water-resistant and stain-proof. Available in both men and women’s collections, these hand-sewn 2-eye boat shoes now come in the following vibrant colours: vivacious, burnt orange, maui blue, amazon green and maize yellow.

Innovative Sensorflex Sole Design

The SS16 boat shoe collection comes with Timberland’s new Sensorflex sole technology. The Sensorflex sole has a lightweight design with three distinct layers. Each layer has a specific purpose. The innermost layer offers stability and support. The next EVA layer, with a foam insert, absorbs shock due to impact while the outermost layer has traction pods and flex grooves that prevent slipping, when you are working on a ship deck, beach sand, or any other type of terrain. The pre-dominant colour of this new sole is white.

Fit and Comfort

The new boat shoe collection has been designed to fit people with diverse foot shapes and shoe sizes. The width of the shoe determines how well it will fit the user. For instance, users with broad feet can use the C/D size while the B size is meant for users with moderately broad feet. The normal width size A will be suitable for users who have slim or relatively small feet.

The perfect fit and comfort provided by these boat shoes make them ideal for various outdoor adventures including sailing, fishing, going to the beach, walking on diverse trails, surveying, gardening and attending sporting events. Timberland boat shoes are almost always comfortable from the first day you put them on and do not require “breaking” before they feel comfortable. That is one of the reasons why they are perfect for all day outings in spring or summer.


The new boat shoes from Timberland are extremely durable. You can wear them almost every day during summer with little signs of wear. This does not mean that they will last forever but their weather-resistant upper and durable synthetic sole will ensure that you get your money’s worth before the shoes wear out.

The newly released Timberland SS16 boat shoes are attractive, weather resistant, versatile and durable. With the new Sensorflex sole design and the classic hand-made upper leather, and the exciting summer colours, this boat shoe collection will offer men and women one of the best outdoor footwear options for the summer season.

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