Rockport Men’s Ports of Call Perth Slip-On Boat Shoe

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From the first glance, the Rockport men’s perth slip on boat shoe is bound to attract. It is however a great idea to seek more information about the shoe before making a purchase. Let us have a look at things that could make you not buy the shoe.

Rockport Men's Ports of Call Perth Slip-On Boat Shoe

• Some users complained that the shoe has very little arc support. For people who take care of their feet, this could be a real deal breaker
• Rockport’s loyal customers noted that the soles of this shoe offer less support compared to other shoes by Rockport
• The shoes were reported to be stiff and uncomfortable by some users.

Before you decide that these shoes are not worth buying, let us have a look at the strong points of the shoe.

• While some users complained that the shoe does not offer enough support for your feet, the support is adequate enough to make this shoe a great addition to your wardrobe.
• After breaking in, the shoes become very comfortable to wear
• Rockport boat shoes are well made. They combine color and intuitive design to create a shoe that is stylish and functional
• These shoes are great for people who walk a lot. It is both sturdy and comfortable enough to be worn for long periods of time without causing stress to feet.
• The toe box of this shoe is wide enough meaning that you will be more comfortable on hot days
• They are a perfect fit and can be worn without socks.
• The leather upper and synthetic soles are designed to last

Rockport is a company best known for its belief that the perfect shoe has not yet been invented. This thinking is what sets them ahead in the market because they are constantly doing their best to improve the quality and design of their shoes. This has been evidenced in the past when they became the first to incorporate advanced athletic technologies into everyday shoes resulting in comfortable and lightweight shoes.
Back to the shoe, the ports of call perth slip-on boat shoes carry on the legacy of its shoemaker – making high quality shoes that are both classy and comfortable. Everything about this shoe is stylish and functional.

Rockport Men's Ports of Call Perth Slip-On Boat Shoe Top View

Here is a review of the pros and cons of the Rockport men’s ports of call perth slip-on boat shoe


– Your feet get amazing support from this shoe
– After they break in, they are very comfortable to wear and also run true to size
– The shoes are well made. The leather upper is stylish without compromising on durability and the synthetic soles are made to provide maximum traction on all surfaces
– They fit perfectly
– They are great for people who walk a lot and can also be worn without socks


– They offer less foot support when compared to other shoes by Rockport
– They offer very little arc support. This can however be fixed by using custom insoles that offer better arc support
– They can be stiff and uncomfortable for the first couple of wears. They however break in well and become very comfortable.

We hope that you can now see why this shoe is a worthy buy. If still in doubt, visit a local store and fit the shoe but make the purchase online to take advantage of the sale. If you have already made the purchase online, you can return the shoe within 30 days if you are not satisfied.

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Rockport Men’s Summer Tour 2 Eye Boat Shoe

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If you’re reading this, then you’re probably interested in buying a pair of shoes that you can use on a daily basis or occasionally and without having to worry that it’s going to fail on you in just a few months of use.

Rockport Men's Summer Tour 2 Eye Boat Shoe

Buy on AmazonWell, luckily, you’re in the right place, since below we’re going to give you some of the best reasons why you should get your hands on the rockport 2 eye boat shoe:

1. The fit is snug and the shoes are very comfortable to wear all day long. Just make sure you don’t tie them too tight and you’ll be able to put them on very easily.

2. Very durable and will hold up even if you plan on using them every day. They’re very well made and still look great even after many months of use.

3. Since there is no bad odor even when you wear the shoes all day long in the scorching sun, it’s easy to see why so many people love them.

No matter how much you’d want something to only have pros, there are always some cons you need to be aware of. About some of them we’re going to talk below:

1. The shoes can be a bit tight if you have wide feet, so be sure you keep that in mine before getting them.

2. You’re probably not the only one, but it must be said that the color is a bit different from what you see in the pictures.

Where quality meets technology

The rockport boat shoe is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to fully enjoy their daily walking routine without having to worry about getting sore feet. These shoes are available in high quality leather and they also feature the special ADIPRENE cushioning from Adidas. Thanks to it, the shoes can effectively absorb shock so that your feet feel comfortable all day long.

Also, did you notice that most shoes nowadays are going to smell bad even after your first use? Well, the good news is that you don’t need to worry about them if you plan on getting the rockport deck shoes. That’s because they feature an anti-microbial lining which prevents odorous bacteria from growing and causing the smell we all know and hate. The shoes also have a great grip and given the fact they’re lightweight, they won’t make your feet feel fatigued.

This summer you’ll likely learn how comfortable it is to wear your shoes without socks since the Deck Shoes from Rockport can also be worn with no socks on. That’s thanks to the unlined upper which greatly improves breathability and prevents your feet from getting hot.

Rockport Men's Summer Tour 2 Eye Boat Shoe Top View

Buy on AmazonA well known company

If you know something about Rockport, then you’re probably aware of the fact that they’ve been manufacturing shoes for many years. Their shoes are not only available on their official website, but also on many online stores. It’s recommended though that you first try them on in a local store and then go ahead and order them from Amazon (they always have better prices than what you can find locally). Have fun this summer and enjoy wearing these amazingly light and beautiful shoes!


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Rockport Men’s Summer Tour 2 Eye Boat Shoe

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The rockport 2 eye boat shoe is an incredible pair of shoes that’s going to change the way you think about shoes in general. Made of genuine leather, these fully synthetic and high quality men’s boating shoes feature Adidas’ special ADIPRENE cushioning that effectively absorbs shocks and therefore makes wearing the shoes a very comfortable experience.

Rockport Men's Summer Tour 2 Eye Boat Shoe

Buy on AmazonOne big problem though for many of us who love shoes is the fact that sooner or later, no matter how careful you are with changing your socks and washing your feet after using them, they’re still going to start smelling bad. Fortunately, that is no longer the case with the rockport summer tour 2 eye boat. That’s because they feature an antimicrobial lining that minimizes foot odor so that you never have to embarrass yourself ever again when having to take your shoes off when visiting friends, relatives, etc. better yet, the shoes also feature an EVA outsole that absorbs shocks and reduces leg and foot fatigue.

More about ADIPRENE technology

Known as a pioneer in the shoes industry, Adidas has come up with a great range of technologies that have been incorporated in all their shoes over the years, making them a lot more comfortable to wear, but also more durable. When it comes to their ADIPRENE technology, it helps turn any pair of shoes that incorporates it, into a sports shoe. What this means is that the technology helps absorb shock in the heel and therefore increases walkability and minimizes the impact on your foot.

Great comfort, lighter design

Rockport Men's Summer Tour 2 Eye Boat Shoes

Buy on AmazonIf you don’t like wearing socks, then from now on you can basically forget about them, since these mens deck shoes allow you to wear them without socks. This is actually possible thanks to the unlined upper which allows the shoes to breathe and reduce the chances of unwanted odor or sweat. ADIPRENE technology was also molded into the heel, meaning that it effectively cushions the heel at impact, allowing you to comfortably wear the shoes all day long without getting sore feet. The shoes’ excellent design also stands out and combined with the great pop of color makes these shoes a great choice regardless if you plan on taking a walk or going to a party.

An overall great choice 

As you can see, comfort and style is now available in a pair of shoes that’s going to simply blow your mind. The new Rockport Men’s Summer Tour 2 Eye Boat shoes can be worn on most occasions and not only are they excellently designed and durable, but they also protect your feet and back from various conditions by effectively absorbing shocks as you walk. Given the fact that they also don’t cost as much as an arm and a leg and come in a wide range of colors (Taupe Nubuck/Tan, Light Tan, Navy Nubuck, Red Nubuck/Navy and Light Tan) renders them an even better choice to consider.


1. Excellent price to quality ratio.

2. Very durable and comfortable to wear.

3. Special ADIPRENE technology effectively absorbs shocks.


1. Some people claimed the shoes may be too narrow.

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Sexiest Ways to Sport Boat Shoes

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The practical design of the boat shoe has never been a hindrance to its popularity—in fact, it is what has made it the most popular maritime footwear. Also popularly known as the top-sider or the deck shoe, the boat shoe is a classic men’s footwear that has been adopted by many as a staple element of their wardrobe. The shoe’s unique design and solid make have made it one of the most popular shoes that can be worn in a variety of ways during the summer and temperate season and all year in tropical climates. Here are some of the sexiest ways to sport boat shoes and achieve a presentable and sophisticated look by merging it various clothing styles depending on your preferred style.

Off-duty casual styleOff-duty casual style

The boat shoe is at the heart of casual style, which is why it is often defined as a leisure shoe. At the peak of summer when wearing a polo shirt or T-shirt and pair of shorts is the most appropriate attire, you can complete the casual, leisurely outfit with a pair of suede Rockport or Sebago boat shoes to complete the splash of color. The best thing about Rockport shoes is that they are comfortable and made of strong leather, and they come in a wide range of styles and colors. For this sexy look, it is perfectly fine (even recommended) to go for the traditional tri-color attire by combining solid color clothes. If you would rather wear a pair of basic blue jeans trouser, match the look with a neutral colored boat shoe and scuff the bottom of the trouser to complete the laid-back look.

Sexy casual prep styleSexy casual prep style

The boat shoe has a very strong prep connection that is very easy to make use of and add structure to a smart style. Wear the shoe sockless, just like loafers, and team it with a casual shirt or T-shirt to give you a slightly relaxed appearance. Finish off the outfit with a neutral khaki short and depending on the weather and your interactions for the day, a fitting blazer or tailored coat. This timeless combination also goes well with a pair of chinos or cotton trousers. If you plan to spend most of the day on your feet, find comfortable Timberland boat shoes because they are designed and made to provide extra cushioning for the feet for all day comfort.

Smart-casual attire for casual FridaysSmart-casual attire for casual Fridays

Are you looking for a way to bring out your smart and sexy self for casual Friday at work? Perhaps you work in a creative office with a non-formal dress code? Try pairing a slim-fitting denim with Sperry Top-Slider or Cole Haan boat shoes to create a timeless appearance that would still look great with an Oxford shirt and official tie. Combine dark colored shoes and a black trouser with a simple white shirt to create a perfect smart backdrop on a hot day or make a statement with a knitted tie and blazer combination. This would be a great appearance for semi-formal summer events such as weddings, after-functions, or BBQ.

There are really no fast and hard rules on creating the sexiest look with sports shoes, just simple guidelines. Because this footwear comes in a wide range of styles and colors, each shoe creates its own fashion statement and you can only find the perfect combination through continuous experimentation. I hope these three ideas help you get started in creating styles that will bring out the best of you.

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Rockport Boat Shoes

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Rockport ShoesIf you are considering purchasing a pair of Rockport mens boat shoes this article will provide you everything that you need to know to make an informed decision. There are so many boat shoes on the market today that research is required to make sure that you choose the brand and style that is just right for you. Today, we will be specifically talking about the Rockport 2 Eye Boat Shoe which provides many different advantages over other types of boat shoes. These shoes are not only stylish, but also possess proprietary technology from a popular sports brand that increases the comfort and walkability of the shoe. Please read below to learn more.

Rockport AdThese men Rockport shoes are designed to provide a pleasant experience during your everyday walk routine. They can be paired with a casual outfit or dressed up a little as well. They are made of genuine leather and synthetically lined. These are quality materials for a long-lasting shoe. But there are many shoes that are stylish and made of quality materials. So what is the difference with the Rockport 2 Eye Boat Shoe? The answer is simple. The Rockport 2 Eye Boat Shoe uses a patented ADIPRENE® cushioning brought to you by the major sports conglomerate Adidas. This unique technology produces a shock absorbing heel that reduces the impact on your foot during walking. This provides extreme ease for your feet. Yes, you heard that right. Adidas is not just limited to athletic shoes and apparel anymore. They are now bringing their sport’s performance quality and technology to every shoe style. Their partnership with Rockport is a very exciting development in the boat shoe industry. The ADIPRENE technology makes the Rockport boat shoe an extremely walkable and comfortable shoe.

Rockport Boat ShoesADIPRENE by Adidas also boasts an extremely slim profile creating a sleek and comfortable boat shoe. This produces a lighter shoe as well, making walking effortless. Some customers have reported that they forget the shoe is on and it feels more like walking on a cloud. The shoes are designed to be very breathable and allow you to wear them barefoot. No socks are needed. The shoe also contains an antimicrobial lining which reduces foot odor. You do not need to worry about the shoe producing an unpleasant odor or smell. The Rockport boat shoe also possesses an EVA outsole to provide lightweight shock absorption. This reduces fatigue of your feet and legs while walking or standing.

The Rockport company was formed in 1971 with the mission of providing the most walkable shoes in the world. They use the highest quality materials, the most comfortable technologies, and pride themselves on producing the most stylish shoes on the market. All of these qualities can be applied to the Rockport 2 Eye Boat Shoe. If you are searching for a stylish but comfortable shoe that infuses high performance sport’s technology into its design, then this shoe is definitely right for you. You should purchase one today and experience all of the benefits that this high performing shoe has to offer.

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