Cole Haan Men’s Gunnison Driver Moccasin

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Most of the time when you want to properly care for a pair of boat shoes while you are not wearing them you carefully put them back in their box and place them neatly in your closet. With Cole Haan boat shoes this may just be a waste of time. These shoes are extremely durable and have been noted to withstand spills, mud, and many other types of intentional and unintentional abuse. Everyone agrees that the Cole Haan Gunnison Driver is a boat shoe that will last through many types of abuse.

Cole Haan Men's Gunnison Driver Moccasin

These shoes are built for comfort and durability while also maintaining a simple moccasin style charm. To achieve this look the shoes are offered in a classic brown color. These are not the type of shoes that you want to wear in outlandish colors. They look very good in brown which makes the limited color options something that is easily overlooked. We often find that even with boat shoes that offer many different color options, most people prefer to purchase the classic brown option anyways. In this case Cole Haan focuses on making a quality shoe in the most popular color available.

If you have read our review about Timberland boat shoes, you probably know how important durability is to consumers. However, the longevity that people want in a shoe can be difficult to find. Timberland is a brand that provides a high quality shoe, and Cole Haan has that same commitment. The difference is that the Cole Haan Driving Shoes are a moccasin style shoe making them much simpler and lighter than the other options. They also are a great shoe for people who are naturally hard on shoes. They are able to survive wear-and-tear much better than other brands and withstand things like spills and mud. It is very hard to damage this shoe.

These Cole Haan boat shoes contain a flexible rubber nubby driving sole and heel protector. They are made of rugged leather for exceptional durability. The upper portion features preppy cording around the foot which ties on the vamp. This provides a stylish look while also helping to improve the fit. The heel mentioned previously is a unique feature to the shoe. The rubber treads create a grippy outsole that ensures you are always sure-footed no matter what the terrain. These are well-built shoes which is why they can withstand the punishment we have mentioned throughout the review.Cole Haan Men's Gunnison Driver Moccasin 2

The Cole Haan Gunninson Driver Shoes are perfect for people who tend to be hard on their shoes. They are able to withstand a great deal of abuse and still last for an extended amount of time; in many cases over a decade. Of course we always recommend that you take good care of your boat shoes, but some people are just naturally harder on shoes than others. If this is the case then Cole Haan could be the solution. If you are looking for a pair of boat shoes that have been described as leather tanks, we highly recommend you consider buying these Cole Haan Driving Shoes. We are sure they will provide you with simple enjoyment for years to come.


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