Crocs Boat Shoes

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Crocs LogoThese shoes are definitely not what most people think of when they picture Crocs. When most people think of Crocs they imagine large rubber slide-on shoes which are sold at a kiosk in the mall. These boat shoes are not big and bulky clown-like shoes. However, they do maintain many of the features and benefits that the Crocs brand has become known for.

If you are not familiar with Crocs, the Crocs brand is known for their footwear infused with a proprietary closed-cell resin called Croslite. This resin is soft, comfortable, and lightweight. It also makes shoes non-marking and odor resistant. These are the same features that make the Crocs boat shoe a highly versatile shoe. But these shoes are not completely made of the Croslite material like other Croc shoes. These are really classic style boat shoes with a Crocs twist.

Crocs StoreCrocs boat shoes are extremely water-friendly so you do not need to worry about getting them wet. They have dual goring insets, a slotted collar, and water-drainage ports. These are features not seen in any other boat shoe currently available on the market.

Some of the most impressive features of the Crocs boat shoes include:

1. Croslite Foam Interior
2. Easy On/Off with Twin Gore Panels
3. Vents for Air and Water Flow Through
4. Rubber Outsole Pods for Improved Traction
5. Iconic Crocs Comfort

The shoe is adjustable and can be tightened so if you are concerned about sizing you can always buy a slightly larger size and then tighten it. The shoes do not need to be worn crocs boat shoeswith socks and they are so lightweight and breathable that they do not make your feet sweaty. The inside of the shoe is what contains the Croslite so the interior is extremely soft and comfortable. Many customers have reported that the soft interior is the best aspect of the shoes. The shoe contains grooves on the footbed that acts as a vent to make the shoe more airy and vented. They also act as a port to allow water to run out and provide for extremely fast drying. The rubber outsoles have pods which improve traction and increase the shoes durability. You can wear them for hours on end without experiencing any discomfort.

The color scheme offered is a lot more fun than other brands of boat shoes. You can even purchase uncommon color combinations like navy/citrus or expresso/orange. They are very eye catching and you will probably have multiple people asking you about what they are and where you got them. They can definitely be a conversation starter.

The entire shoe is soft and pliable but also high quality so the Crocs boating shoes last a lot longer than you might expect. If you want a casual multi-purpose shoe that provides comfort and fun, the Crocs beach line boat shoe is a great option for you. Remember, this is not your average pair of Crocs. These are classic style boat shoes with a Crocs twist. Give them a try and we guarantee you will be happy that you did.

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