Dockers Boat Shoes

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Unless you have been living on another planet, or under a rock, we are sure that you have heard about the Dockers fashion brand. Most people are familiar with the Docker’s brand khaki pants which were first introduced to the world in 1986 as an alternative to casual jeans or more formal dress pants. They quickly became a fashion favorite. Since that time Dockers has offered men and women clothing and accessory options that represent an on-the-go casual lifestyle. Today, Dockers considers themselves a quintessential source for casual and stylish apparel. They no longer just offer pants, their offerings have expanded to include things like Dockers mens shoes. They are a true global force operating throughout 50 countries in every region in the world.

Even thouDockers Style1gh most people are familiar with Dockers clothing many people do not know that Dockers also offers shoes. Of those people who know about Dockers shoes for men, and Dockers for women, most do not know that Dockers also offers boat shoes. Despite this lack of awareness mens Dockers shoes deserve more attention because they really are a high quality and comfortable boat shoe.

Dockers brand boat shoes have many unique features not found in many other types of boat shoes. This includes features like smooth leather uppers with 360-degree lacing. The 360-degree lacing provides for a secure fit and is truly unique to the Docker boat shoe. Dockers boat shoes also have flexible rubber outsoles, which provides extra grip to prevent slipping. The design also has a touch of pop with contrast stitching on the moc-toe. This stitch let’s the world know that the shoe is stylish and well put together. It is a great touch to the front of the shoe.

More Dockers boat shoe features include:

Soft, polished full grain leather upper

1. Brass eyelets
2. Cushioned leather footbed for added comfort
3. Durable, siped rubber outsole for maximum traction
4. Padded tongue lining
5. Rubber sole

Dockers Boat ShoesThe shoes are highly durable with many customers reporting that they last around 5-7 years even with extended use. We have been told that the shoe sizes run a bit small so when ordering you might want to consider ordering a half size larger than you usually wear to ensure a good fit. We also recommend going with the darker brown and tan colors because the dark leather adds an extra layer of style and sophistication to the look of the shoes.

Dockers boat shoes are high quality shoes from a global brand that the world trusts. You can also match your boat shoes with a complete Dockers outfit including khakis and a collared shirt. With Dockers brand clothing and apparel there is really no limit to the possibilities. If you are looking for a pair of stylish boat shoes from a brand you can trust, we highly recommend that you look into what Dockers has to offer. Their boat shoes are sold at many places online and at most major retailers. Even though their boat shoes may not be as well known as other popular brands, they are definitely not hard to find. Look into them today.

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