Dockers Men’s Vargas Traditional Boat Shoe

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Dockers mens shoes have been a staple of footwear for decades. The Dockers Men’s Vargas Traditional Boat Shoe has all of the benefits of more expensive boat shoe options backed by the quality of the Dockers brand. Dockers has been a leader in providing casual and stylish footwear and apparel since 1986. This was the first year that they offered their khakis pants as a casual alternative to wearing jeans or more formal dress pants. They quickly became known as the go-to brand for casual lifestyle wear. The brand has expanded greatly over the years and is now well known for a range of apparel and accessories including Dockers boat shoes for men in every region of the world. If you are looking for a pair of affordable boat shoes with a casual style then the Dockers Men’s Vargas Traditional Boat Shoe might be for you.

Dockers Men's Vargas Traditional Boat Shoe

Buy on AmazonThe problem with most high quality boat shoes is that they are very expensive. This is an expense that everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of a boat shoe is not always willing to make. Unfortunately most cheaper options are also a cheaper quality. They do not last very long and give people a poor impression of boat shoes. Luckily Dockers solves this problem with their Dockers boat shoes. Most people have heard of Dockers and know that they provide quality products at affordable prices. This is the advantage of the Dockers boat shoes for men. They provide the same quality at more than half the price of more expensive shoes. You can get a great quality boat shoe without breaking your bank.

Dockers Men's Vargas Traditional Boat Shoe 2

Buy on AmazonThe Dockers Men’s Vargas Traditional Boat Shoe is very sturdy and extremely comfortable. It has the polished look of a traditional leather boat shoe and comes in many classic color options including Raisin, Washed Navy/Tan, Taupe/Dark Tan, and Rust. The shoe is sewn by hand for extreme attention to detail and only uses the richest leathers as materials.

The many features of the shoe include:

– Synthetic sole

– Hand-sewn crafted from rich leathers

– Soft genuine leather upper

– Cushioned ethylene vinyl acetate footbed

– Molded ethylene vinyl acetate heel cup

– Genuine leather outsole

As you can see the shoe has many features designed specifically for quality and comfort. The shoe is soft and cushioned in the areas needed to create a very comfortable shoe experience. It is true that the shoes come with a regular shoe string cord instead of a leather shoe string, but these are actually easier to tie and keep tied. When cared for properly these shoes can last for years providing countless hours of enjoyment for the owner.

The main pros of these shoes include:

– Rival other big name brands

– More affordable than other options

– Extremely comfortable

– Long lasting

– Easy to tie and keep tied

– Classic look

The biggest cons include:

– Fit tight when new (Typically need to be worn with socks initially)

– Tend to run narrow

– Thin tongue

– No leather shoe strings

Dockers boat shoes are pretty straightforward in providing a quality boat shoe at a more affordable price. The Dockers Men’s Vargas Traditional Boat Shoe are great shoes that can be worn for years without issue. These are solid shoes that get the job done. If you would rather pay a lot for boat shoes and make sure that you get all the extras like leather shoe strings, then these shoes might not be for you. However, if you just want a comfortable shoe that looks great, without spending hundreds of dollars, you should consider buying these Dockers boat shoes for men today.


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