Dunham by New Balance Men’s Captain Boat Shoe

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In the wide range of companies providing boat shoes, the house of Dunham is easily one of the best providers. One of the best choices comes in the form of new balance men’s captain boat shoe. The fully imported shoe is made from superior quality leather and the outsoles have no marks. The shoes also keep true to their name and perform well both on shore and off shore. It comes with many features, like it is adjustable which allows it to fit on any type of male feet and comes with memory foam footbed and molded EVA that is removable.

Dunham by New Balance Men's Captain Boat Shoe

Buy on AmazonBoat shoes are available in the market by many brands, but as a buyer one can face a lot of issues while looking for the best option and this would differ from buyer to buyer. But Dunham by New balance answers most of these problems with ease. Potential buyers are looking for comfort, durability and quality in their boat shoes and this shoe provides all of it. With its high quality leather there are negligible chances of bad odor, even if the shoes are worn without socks. Another major problem faced by people is of the foot shape as most shoe companies have a very miniscule size range. This is not the case with Dunham as it comes with a wide range of size and width that fits specific foot sizes, therefore people with narrow or broad feet can easily choose their size owing to the varied width range. Grip is another factor that the buyer is on the lookout for as most boat shoes don’t perform well in damp condition and often loosing grip on wet decks or stability which leads to rolling of the ankles from side to side.

Dunham by New Balance Men's Captain Boat Shoe Top View

Buy on AmazonDunham captains have a non-slip rubber sole which promises great traction in wet conditions. The problem of stability is also solved by the unique “rollbar” feature that keep the rear portion of the feet in position. Nylon vent on the shoes allow for quick drainage of water, which counters the problem of water clogging present in boat shoes from other brands. They also have great ventilation, making them the best choice for buyers whose feet sweat a lot. Dunham captains have the following great features:

– High quality rubber
– Wide range of size and width availability
– Heel dimensions 1.5″ approx
– Non slip rubber sole
– Weighs approximately 15 Oz
– Water channel on the midsole
– Removable and washable insole
– Easily adjustable on feet
– Great performance off and on shore


– No odor even if worn without socks.
– Due to the different size and width selection, buyers can easily find their right fit without any compromise in comfort
– Better traction in wet conditions, increasing the wearer’s grip on wet surfaces
– Great ventilation and light in weight


– The inner material used is synthetic instead of leather as used in traditional boat shoes that can cause blisters due to rubbing if you are not wearing socks.
– The laces are sewn in place and not replaceable. If the laces wear out, then the shoe is worthless.
– As the laces are not made of leather, they keep on losing and coming undone if not tied properly.

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