Dunham by New Balance Men’s Shoreline Boat Shoe

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Why Choose the Dunham Shoreline

The New Balance Dunham Shoreline Boat Shoe is the perfect casual men’s shoe that can be worn anywhere from the deck of your boat to the dance floor of a nightclub. Made of smart, full-grain leather, the boat shoe offers comfort and support as well as character and pleasant aesthetics that can match any style of dress. Whether you work outdoors and are looking for comfortable shoes to accommodate you or you’re simply looking for a casual shoe to slip on and off when performing your daily activities, the Dunham Shoreline can fit your needs.

Dunham by New Balance Men's Shoreline Boat Shoe

Buy on AmazonComfort for Support for Overpronation

If you need support from a casual shoe, the New Balance Dunham Boat Shoe is great. It offers top-notch arch support and also has rear-foot rollbar technology. If you have flat feet or are considered an over-pronator, you need more stability from your shoe. The rollbar technology in the Shoreline offers this special stability that will stop your foot from rolling inward when you walk. This can help minimize pain and stress when walking. They offer so much stability that people who usually have to use additional support, like canes, claim not to need them when they wear this boat shoe.

Product Features

The Dunham boat shoe is made of full-grain leather and is waterproof to keep your feet dry even when on the deck of a boat. They also feature slip-resistant outsoles that will help you walk on slippery surfaces. Couple that with the rollbar technology and you can rest assured that the Dunham Shoreline will provide you with the proper stability no matter your activity. This rollbar technology is basically a flat piece of graphite that is constructed within the shoe to help stop rear-foot movement when you walk. In addition, the Shoreline also features a removable insert as well as replaceable shoe laces.

Dunham by New Balance Men's Shoreline Boat Shoe Top View

Buy on AmazonThe boat shoe comes in a wide range of sizes including various widths making it perfect for people with narrower or wider feet who might have trouble finding comfortable, casual shoes that fit them properly.


According to people who have already purchased the New Balance Dunham Boat shoe, the shoe runs true to size making it easy to choose the right shoe for you based on your normal measurements. They can slip on and off easily and are completely lined. This means that you can wear these shoes barefoot as you would with a typical canvas boat shoe.


While there are plenty of advantages to owning this boat shoe, there seems to be one issue that people have noted after wearing the boat shoes: the laces are more for decoration than function. The shoelace runs along the outside of the shoe and then into the shoe where they are laced through holes. You can’t pull the laces taught like you would on a normal shoe so you won’t get the tight grip that you’d expect from other lace-up shoes. However, since these are boat shoes, one really doesn’t expect for them to be more than a slip-on shoe.

The laces also tend to break quickly according to user reviews. While the shoelaces on the Shoreline shoes are replaceable, users have complained about them snapping prematurely even with proper care. In addition, the shoelaces are sewn into the interior of the shoe making them hard to replace when they do break.

Final Verdict

Overall, the New Balance Dunham Boat Shoe offers you the casual look of a slip-on shoe with the sturdy support of an athletic shoe thanks to the rollbar technology. It is also aesthetically pleasing and can easily be worn with various styles of dress making it a great choice for all buyers.

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