Eastland Women’s Sunrise Boat Shoe

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The Women’s Sunrise Boat Shoes are excellent, which are heavy duty, durable, stylish & perfectly finished. These are built to the highest quality which is difficult to find. These leather shoes have synthetic sole which makes them long lasting. The Nylon & Leather mesh on the upper side gives them a luxurious look along with strength. With the premium quality, these boat shoes are women’s one of the first choices.

Eastland Women's Sunrise Boat Shoe

Buy on AmazonBoat shoes are preferred instead of sports or formal shoes because these are made especially for the purpose. These type of shoes don’t slip on a wet deck and provide a better grip. But finding the right shoe is not an easy task. Your shoes should give you a strong grip, and repel water. Women always complain that they don’t find a good combination in a single pair. If a pair is stylish, it doesn’t provide enough grip. If they’re stylish & provides strong grip, then they don’t repel water. Finding a shoe which fulfills all the requirements become a lot difficult than we think. However, Eastland Boat Shoes are what women want. These are made of Nylon & Leather which makes them look good without compromising its quality. They also provide a strong grip and repel water. Eastland Women's Sunrise Boat Shoe Top View

Whether you’re on land or sea, you’ll find them to be perfect for every condition. Eastland’s Boat Shoes are easy-to-wear and gives you comfort with padded collar. The padded fabric kit insole takes control of moisture and the cushions make you comfortable in every step. You’ll feel the comfort from the first moment when you’ll wear them. The outsole is made of rubber along with computerized made patterns which don’t let them slip. The heels are approximately 0.75 inches, which is good for walking. These shoes are available in all sizes and gives a perfect fit for every foot. After getting wet, and various stretches, they’ll retain their size and give you the same fit again. When full grain leather paired with lightweight nylon gives maximum breathability. These Eastland Boat Shoes are crafted with excellence, and its stitching is finely done. These casual shoes make a perfect combination with jeans or shorts. Even, if you use them without care, they will still impress you.


Good Looking: These fashionable shoes are stylish, and will look great when wearing with jeans or shorts.

Comfortable: These easy-to-wear shoes are highly comfortable, and from the first moment you’ll see the difference.

Durability: The Nylon & Leather combination makes them durable and long lasting.

Strong Grip: With the proven & tested patterns, these shoes provide a strong grip on every surface.
Affordable Price: The shoes offers you high-quality at an affordable price.


Slightly Bigger: There are many users who complain that they got a slightly bigger size on their regular number. So, if you purchase them according to your normal size, you may find them slightly bigger. Therefore, go for a smaller pair.

Narrow Shoes: These shoes should be a little wider as compared to their length. So, consider it before making any choice.

Not for Full Day: These shoes are comfortable and durable, but wearing them for a whole day may irritate you.

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