Florsheim Men’s Cove Mesh Boat Shoe

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One of the most probable reasons for you to be reading this review is that you found the Florsheim men’s Hi Fi plain slip-on shoe, and are interested in buying a pair. You are reading the right page.

Florsheim Men's Cove Mesh Boat ShoeBuy on AmazonBefore going into why you should buy the shoe, here are some things that some users found wanting.

• The shoe is a bit wide. People with small feet will need to use insoles for a perfect fit.

Well, that is the only negative aspect that users reported. If this isn’t an issue to you, here are plenty of reasons why you should buy this shoe.

• Florsheim boat shoes are of exceptional quality. Everything from the leather upper to the rubber sole is made to stand out.
• Florsheim men’s slip on shoes fit perfectly. While some people noted that they are a bit wide, most agreed that they had narrow feet and there is really nothing wrong with the shoe.
• To say the least, these shoes look great. They give you a look of sophistication and perfectly match any outfit.
• The leather used to make the Hi Fi slip-on boat shoe is light and soft making the shoe very comfortable to wear. Cushioned insoles go a long way in adding the comfort of this shoe.
• Florsheim mens shoes are known for their durability. You will own this pair for years before needing replacement.

Florsheim Men's Cove Mesh Boat Shoe Top ViewBuy on AmazonMany buyers have bought this shoe online and have attested to the fact that the picture on the website does not do this shoe enough justice – it is much more attractive and comfortable than it looks on the website. What probably stands out the most when you open the packaging is the breathable leather upper. The plain color and slip-on design of the shoe truly look good without being loud or flashy. The cured leather itself is soft but does not compromise on durability meaning that even after wearing them for hours, you will not have to worry about blisters or chaffed ankles.
Something that many users loved about the Hi Fi slip-on boat shoe is the quality of the rubber sole. While other brands have been known to have soles that get squeaky after a couple of wears, Florsheim boat shoes have excellent rubber shoes that have stood the test of time. Even after hundreds of wears, the soles remain good as new and with minimal wear. People who walk a lot would therefore love these shoes.

Here is a quick recap of the pros and cons of this shoe


– The shoe is made of high quality materials. It will therefore outlast other shoes from competing shoemakers
– It is a perfect fit.
– It looks amazing. The plain color and slip-on design goes well with any casual wear in your wardrobe
– It is are made of breathable leather
– It is very durable


– The shoes can be too wide for people with narrow feet. Padded insoles would however fix this problem.

We trust that you are now convinced that this is a shoe worth buying. If you are still undecided, you could fit the shoe in a store near you and if you fall in love with it, come make the purchase online to take advantage of the florsheim shoes sale.

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