Florsheim Men’s Hi Fi Plain Slipon Boat Shoe

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Casual and comfortable, the Florsheim cove mesh shoes are excellent for enjoying long walks or if you want to commute or go to work while maintaining a chic style. Featuring a non marking outsole, lightly cushioned foot-bed and perforations for improved breathability, these shoes are quite the looker and they also keep your feet cool while wearing them.

Florsheim Men's Hi Fi Plain Slipon Boat ShoeBuy on AmazonA matter of size, breathability and comfort

The lack of comfort, not being able to find the right sized shoes and also durability are the most common issues people face when they need to buy a new pair of shoes. For some, price is also something that they need to seriously consider prior to making a purchase and that oftentimes results in them buying a poor quality pair of shoes. Luckily, all of these things do not have to worry you when it comes to getting the Florsheim boat shoe. First of all, the shoe is very comfortable and since it has no laces, you don’t need to worry about wasting time tying them.

Next, the shoes are made entirely out of mesh and this means that you can easily wear them in very hot weather without having to worry about the fact your feet will feel hot. On the contrary: they’re going to be properly ventilated and you’re going to feel very cool while wearing the shoes. We’ve also mentioned comfort and the good news is that the florsheim mens shoes are ideal for attending casual events, running errands or taking a walk in the park. Also, if you look at the material, you cannot deny that it looks a bit weird and makes people stare at your feet, but luckily the shoes attract the right kind of attention. In some cases, these shoes can also be a great conversation starter.

Florsheim Men's Hi Fi Plain Slipon Boat Shoe Top ViewBuy on AmazonCan be worn with no socks on

Where most other shoes fail to deliver, the Florsheim men’s shoes are excellent for anyone who wants to wear them without having socks on. Yes, that’s right. You can actually wear these without wearing any socks on and rest assured that your feet will still be able to breathe and not get hot.

Therefore, if you’re currently looking for a pair of shoes that is properly priced, comfortable and easy to get on and off, then you may want to give this pair a shot. Their minimalist design, excellent choice of colors and great breathability are going to introduce you to a new world of comfort that you’ll never want to leave. After all, the company has been in business for a very long time and over the years they learned what the consumer wants and do everything to satisfy those needs.


1. Nice, snug fit without having to worry about breaking in.

2. Aerated sole means the feet can easily breathe.

3. Great for taking walks in the park, to the supermarket, etc.

4. Can be a great conversation starter thanks to their interesting design.


1. Difficult to get on (you may need to sit down to get these on).

2. Poor traction on parquet.

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