Freewaters Captain Therm-a-Rest Shoe

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The Freewaters Captain Therm-a-Rest Shoe is a decent sneaker in the price bracket as it comes with an elegant outer cotton canvas and ‘Therm-a-Rest’ footbed that should provide some high quality of comfort. Sure, this pair of sneakers might not be the fanciest ones available in the market right now, but it manages to get the job done quite well and even has outlasted more expensive shoes according to some users. Most of those who have taken a fancy to this shoe have been noticed to be already fans of freewaters footwear, and so it wouldn’t be much of an unrealistic assumption if we were to say they were a bit biased in their ratings. But why wouldn’t they be? The world of casual shoes is so heavily populated that people are often confused about what would suit them the best. So, a pair that manages to offer style and durability, such as this one, tend to stick out.

Freewaters Captain Therm-a-Rest Shoe - Men's

Buy on AmazonAs mentioned earlier, the market is saturated with sneakers manufactured by brands that are both new and old. One of the common characteristics of most brands is that they like to advertise their shoes as “all-purpose,” meaning that it can be worn almost anywhere. Be it at an evening cocktail party or to the college. Youngsters and teenagers are the main target market of these brands as they are the ones who need versatility to adapt to different situations as well as opt for something cost-effective. Contrary to the 2 eye boat shoes, Freewaters Captain Therm-a-Rest Shoe doesn’t quite really match up regarding durability, but it still manages to stand out because of its high style quotient. If you have ever fancied a pair that you can slip on almost instantaneously and be ready to head out anywhere, then this item might just be what you need.

Freewaters Captain Therm-a-Rest Shoe - Men's Top View

Buy on AmazonMeant to provide comfort all day, free water shoes such as this come with a lot of cushioning thanks to the Sponge Light chassis and breathable yet stylish cotton canvas. It has been put together using water-based glue, which is another plus point considering its eco-friendly status. The pair is available in two colors, Olive and Black, which are both attractive in terms of looks. But like almost every other sneaker in the industry, this one is too is not without its faults. Firstly, some users have complained that the sizes don’t quite match the international standards, which makes buying online kind of risky. Even though the Freewaters Captain Therm-a-Rest Shoe is meant to be worn during travels, it would be best if you did not test its mettle by using it to walk on rough roads or spend too much time on damp surface. The shoe, however, is perfect to be worn in the city because of its ideal blend of style and robustness.


• This pair is light and easy to wear in almost all situations

• Provides extreme comfort to the feet thanks to the cushioning

• Breathable canvas fabric makes it an all-day wear

• Isn’t too costly


• Picking the right size online can be difficult

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