GBX Men’s Bardo Slip-On Boat Shoe

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The new GBX Men’s Bardo Slip-On Boat Shoe has hit men’s fashion with a bang. It’s certainly a classic piece of footwear for men due to its unique design and sturdy construction. These shoes are nautical-inspired and are beyond classic. They are not just great for wearing in boat decks, but they are also the perfect footwear for the summer season. Actually, the shoes were originally designed to be worn during summer since it’s not necessary to wear them with socks. However, if you are worried your feet might get a little bit sweaty and don’t want to wear socks, you can wear cotton inserts.

GBX Men's Bardo Slip-On Boat ShoeBuy on AmazonMost men often have a hard time finding the right fit for boat shoes. Many brands only produce the standard sizes, leaving out those who wear especially larger sizes. Also, most brands do not offer a wide variety of colors and styles. Finding the right match therefore becomes a bit of a hassle.

That’s not all. Majority of the brands are low-quality. It’s generally hard to find shoes that will last the entire summer without falling apart. The GBX Boat-Shoes for men are the real deal. These shoes are available in a wide range of sizes, catering to men with different feet sizes. The shoes are also available in a variety of colors, including Rubin, Brown, Tan, and Carribean/Teal. The shoes are made of pure leather and feature a sturdy construction, making them a durable wear.

GBX Men's Bardo Slip-On Boat Shoe Top View

Buy on AmazonGBX Shoes Review- Features- What Makes The Shoe a Perfect Wear for Men?

A variety of features makes the GBX shoes for men a perfect wear- the features that have made them increasingly popular with men who love stylish casual but classic footwear.

• The shoes are laceless but feature non-functional stylish rawhide laces. The laces contrast the rest of the shoe
• The synthetic outer sole is much lighter and more comfortable for walking than other sole materials. The soles also have better traction and are more discreet. They are also waterproof, making them excellent for wearing on a boat deck. The synthetic sole’s white color contrasts the rest of the shoe
• The shoes are made of leather, which is one of the strongest and most durable shoe materials.
• The shoes feature a sturdy construction plus the design and style is classic
• The moccasin too and slotted color add style to an overall casual wear


• Great fit and really comfy- Provide plenty of arch and heel support for everyday wear
• Have incredible traction
• The synthetic soles are more discreet- They do not make a solid impact sound when you walk. They absorb footstrike impacts better than other types of soles
• All round shoes- Can be worn during sailing(they are extremely grippy on wet decks) or as a casual wear
• Odor control is better- The inner soles are breathable
• Lightweight
• Easy to clean and dry really fast
• Available in a variety of sizes and colors


• Some customers complain that the toe-box is a bit too square- If you’ve got narrow feet, they might be a little bit wide for you
• The laces are a little too long compared to the picture
• May lose some grippiness fast due to wear and tear on concrete


The price range for the GBX boat shoe on Amazon is $16.99-$70.00 plus free return on some sizes and colors.


The GBX Men’s Bardo Slip-On Boat Shoes are an excellent choice for men looking for a casual style for sailing or walking around town. Plus they are affordable and the quality is premium.

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