Irish Setter Lakeside Slip-On Boat Shoe

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For the water and outdoor lover, a quality shoe is necessary for all seasons. For a stroll near the lake, nothing beats the quality and comfort of the Irish Setter Lakeside Slip-On Boat Shoe. This shoe is well constructed, with great ventilation and protection, while not compromising comfort. Customers love this shoe not just for the quality but also for the casual, yet stylish look.

Irish Setter Men's 3819 Lakeside Slip-On Boat Shoe

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You will find that most boat shoes of other brands do not have good treads for some reason. Some of them are no better than an indoor slipper. This boat shoe however, has excellent treads. This is extremely important on slippery boats and slippery decks. It can truly protect you from any sharp objects like stepping out from your boat on to hard rocks. The grip on the treads is so incredible that it could be suitable for hiking uphill.


Irish Setter is known for their quality. The sole is made of non-marking rubber and is waterproof. The outer lining is mainly of leather and textile. The generous cushioning allows the interior of the shoe to be so comfortable that you can wear it with or without socks. The hugging fit around your feet will feel just perfect. For those who love to fish for long hours, your feet may tend to get tired and get moist from the constant coverage around your feet. It is similar to the feeling of wearing running shoes over a long period of time. Being near the water for long hours also adds a lot of moisture around you. This lakeside shoe has a breathable moisture resistant lining that will keep your feet both warm and dry at the same time.

Irish Setter Men's 3819 Lakeside Slip-On Boat Shoe Top View

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The great thing about buying quality shoes such as these is that it can last forever. Many people have to buy new shoes for each season every year, but this one can last you at least a few years, even after daily wear. They are good at withstanding beatings even on rough terrain. Another great thing about this style of shoe is that it’s great for outdoor wear, but can also be worn in a business casual setting. They go great with khakis or casual trousers. Perfect for those business type meetings outdoors. The contrast of colors in the materials stitched together is also very eye-catching. This shoe is fantastic for spring, summer, and fall.


The truth is, this shoe isn’t exactly a slip-on. It has laces. Yet, every shoe, whether lace, Velcro or true slip-on, can potentially become a slip-on if you so desire. Just adjust the laces a little more loosely. Most people do that with running shoes and other similar shoes very often. You also may find that people with wider feet will feel a bit of tightness. It’s a good idea to wear socks and work your shoes in when you first get them to alleviate this problem.

Is it a Great Buy?

Absolutely! After only one pair, many customers go out to buy more and can’t live without them. Some even own different versions of the same brand. The Irish Setter Lakeside Slip-On Boat Shoe will never disappoint you.

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