John Varvatos Men’s Schooner Boat Shoe

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When it comes to dressing shoes, elegance and comfort are the two most important aspects to consider. Durability is important too, but who cares about the durability of ugly or uncomfortable shoes?

John Varvatos Men's Schooner Boat Shoe

Buy on AmazonJohn Varvatos’ boat shoe combines style, comfort and durability. One can never go wrong with these shoes. Part of their qualities is due to the material they’re made of. Suede is one of the most exquisite fabrics available. It looks more elaborated than leather and has a soft, pleasant texture. If properly maintained, suede gives you the style you were looking for. In addition, contrast stitching highlights the color of those shoes and makes them look interesting and appealing. One look at them is enough to realize that John Varvatos Men’s schooner shoes have class.

Finally, John Varvatos schooner shoes come laceless. Their side fixed laces adjust naturally to the wearer’s feet shape. Combined with the softness of the material, this makes John Varvatos schooner shoes extremely comfortable to wear.

Buying shoes online might be a daunting task. There’s a reason why there are still so many “offline” shoe shops. While online traders often offer lower prices and wider choice of products, a number of people tend to face the following issues:

1. The claimed size is different from the real one.
While Amazon provides you with exhaustive shoe size charts, one can never be sure whether the shoe size, claimed by the vendor, is real. Shoes aren’t T-Shirts – they need to have a perfect fit in order to be wearable.

2. The color/style/design is different.
There’s another problem online buyers face often. Many online stores post unrealistic photos of their products. Thus, when the product arrives to the customer, it’s not how it looked in the photos. The differences might be on the color, style, shape and/or size, among others.

John Varvatos Men's Schooner Boat Shoe Top View

Buy on AmazonEvery brand is different, though. There’s a group of honest brands in Amazon, and John Varvatos is proud to be one of them. John Varvatos schooner boat shoes proved to come in the exact same color, size and style as in the photos. Virtually every customer review states that the shoes “look exactly as in the photos” and that the “9.5M size ordered fit as expected”.

John Varvatos is an American high-end designer. The men’s schooner boat shoes were especially made to meet the higher standards of quality. While suede gives them durability, comfort and elegance, there’s another thing worth mentioning.

John Varvatos Men’s schooner boat shoe comes with rubber sole. Some of us are used to the thought that when it comes to shoe fabrics, leather is the king. After all, leather is durable, comfortable and it can only be found in high-end shoes and clothing.

Truth is, natural rubber proved to be better than leather in several ways. Rubber soles have better traction and absorb the foot strike impacts better than leather. In addition, rubber soles are waterproof, while leather isn’t. Finally, they don’t make this tight impact sound when you walk.

The bottom line is that once again, John Varvatos proved to be a true master in his craft. He picked the best materials and used them to create high-end shoes with a unique, signature design. John Varvatos men’s schooner boat shoe has certainly great value per money.


1. Looks nice and stylish
2. Comfortable to wear
3. Manufactured on the US
4. Looks exactly as in the photos, fits true to size


1. Some customers have reported that the shoes might become squeaky over time.

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