Lacoste Womens marice Jaw SPW Dark Pink

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Why Choose the Marice

The Lacoste Marice is a stylish slip-on flat that is perfect for the spring and late-summer seasons. They are light and comfortable with a sleek look that compliments casual outfits. They are more of a sporty in their style but not in their functionality. These are more of a deck shoe than a sneaker. They are made of textured canvas that allows for a breathable shoe.

Lacoste Womens marice Jaw SPW Dark Pink

Buy on AmazonA Soft and Comfortable Shoe

If you’re looking for a sporty closed-toe shoe that is good for the warmer weather, this slip-on is a good choice. Like most of Lacoste shoes for women, this shoe comes in various colors but this specific one features a feminine pink color that fits nicely into the flowery color palettes of the warmer months. This model is also great for women who are on their feet and are looking for a soft shoe that won’t weigh them down throughout the day.

Product Features

The sneaker is a slip-on shoe without any shoe laces. It’s made of textured canvas fabric in a dark pink hue with the white Lacoste crocodile branding on the outer part of the shoe. The shoe also features a white, slim rubber outsole that will give you better grip and some comfort and support. This specific model of Lacoste footwear also features OrthoLite insoles that add some additional, breathable comfort to these canvas shoes.

Lacoste shoes usually run true to their noted size, but some people have noted that the Marice can be a little too wide for people who have naturally narrow feet. This is especially true around the heel. If you’re concerned with your shoe slipping off as you walk, you might want to consider getting the shoe a half-size smaller. However, if you have a normal foot in terms of width, stick to your normal size for the best fit.

Lacoste Womens marice Jaw SPW Dark Pink Top View

Buy on AmazonPros 

People who have bought the shoe in the past say that the shoe is very comfortable and great in preventing tired feet. While there is a recommendation not to wash the shoe, users have also stated that they have successfully washed their pair lightly by hand using mild soap and leaving them to dry in the air. There have been no reports of faded colors or general discoloration, either.

Another benefit of this particular Lacoste shoe is the breathable insoles. These are sure to keep your feet comfortable in terms of temperature and cushioning.


There are plenty of good points about the Lacoste Marice, but there are also some drawbacks that are worth noting. While the rubber outsoles do offer some support, these shoes aren’t meant to provide the same support as an athletic shoe. They won’t help with any orthopedic issues like collapsing arches, overpronation, or similar issues. Some users have also reported that this shoe doesn’t have as long of a life as they’d like.

Final Verdict

Overall, the shoe is a great, light-weight shoe for women who are on the go and are looking for something comfortable to slip on in a hurry. As long as you’re looking for this particular type of shoe, you can’t go wrong with the Lacoste Marice.

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