Madden Men’s M-Gamer Boat Shoe

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The Steve Madden M-Gamer Boat Shoe is a real game changer when it comes to dress shoes/casual shoes. It is made from comfortable leather and features a soft synthetic sole that grips amazingly to any surface. The laceless design is perfect for men who are fashion-aware. In terms of looks, a slotted collar and contrast stitching gives this boat shoe a classic look that goes well with any dress style.

Madden Men's M-Gamer Boat Shoe

Buy on AmazonMany people looking to own a pair of boat shoes have had disappointments with other brands. Most common complains and issues that people encounter include an uncomfortable fit where one shoe fits tighter that the other. In most cases, this leads to blisters after a couple of wears and a feeling of being cheated out of their hard-earned money. Another common issue that many people have faced is squeaky soles. Many have reported that after wearing their shoes for some time, the soles begin squeaking for no apparent reasons. It sure gets very frustrating to be out with friends and have your shoes squeaking every time you walk. Steve Madden’s boat shoes however, have all these issues and more – like soles that wear out too quickly – covered. They are very comfortable to wear, and fit perfectly. You also never have to tip-toe when out with your friends because of a squeaky sole. Generally, the Madden game on boat shoe is the perfect definition of money well spent.

Madden Men's M-Gamer Boat Shoe Top View

Buy on AmazonBut what really makes these boat shoes so comfortable, sturdy, and durable? Well, it is all in the details. Steve Madden devotes time and money to ensure that they deliver top quality in all their products. The leather on this shoe is very soft and stretches to fit your feet perfectly. Thanks to this, you will not experience any chaffing at the back of your ankles. This however, does not mean that they compromise on durability. The leather is very durable and will last hundreds of wears. Additionally, the soles are softer and have better grip than other boat shoes. You can therefore have peace of mind that even on wet and slippery surfaces, chances of you slipping are quite slim. These shoes are also lightweight and you may even forget that you are wearing any shoes.


– These shoes are very comfortable making them great for people who walk a lot
– They truly look good without being loud or flashy
– Their stylish design makes them go very well with anything you would want to wear
– They have very soft soles that grip well to any wet or slippery surface


– The soles and insoles are not very thick. They can therefore get a little uncomfortable on rough ground
– The soles are white and get dirty quite fast. You would need to clean them regularly to ensure they are always presentable
– The shoes are also very narrow. For people with wide feet, this is quite a disadvantage because it can cause feet to blister
– If you wear them frequently, the eyelets may come off and potentially cut your feet.

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