Mephisto Men’s Slip-On Boat Shoe

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Featuring impeccable craftsmanship and great comfort, the Mephisto womens shoes are a cut above the rest of the shoes on the market today. Not only that, but for extra longevity, the manufacturer opted to craft these with rich sup-hydro water resistant leather and as you can imagine, they feel great and are a perfect fit as well. The shoes also feature the company’s popular soft air technology which means that the foot is properly supported and shock is effectively absorbed in order to minimize the chances of getting sore feet.

Mephisto Men's Slip-On Boat ShoeBuy on AmazonWill they fit me?

There aren’t too many shoe manufacturers out there that design shoes in larger sizes and this is a big problem for people who have wider feet or larger feet than the average individual. But it’s not only about size, but also comfort and it seems that more than thirty percent of people who buy shoes wish that manufacturers focus more on the quality instead of other factors.

If these are your main gripes when buying new shoes too, then rest assured, since that’s not going to be the case with the Mephisto shoes. In fact, these shoes are excellent and the workmanship and materials are top notch. You’d be very hard pressed to find another pair of shoes that is as comfortless as these and also within their price range (especially if your local stores run a Mephisto sale).

Many of those who’ve bought and worn these shoes are very impressed with how awesome the shoes look and that even after using them for a few months, they still look great. If you’re looking for an exceptionally well made, but also classy looking boat shoe, then the Mephisto shoes should certainly be your main choice. In terms of price, they’re very affordable and after you put them on you’re going to realize they are worth every penny.

Mephisto Men's Slip-On Boat Shoe Top ViewBuy on AmazonThey feel just right 

It’s not only their superior comfort that is making waves in the shoes industry, but also the fact that they’re made using the latest shoe-making techniques. For instance, the moisture wicking lining effectively manages to repel moisture in order to keep the feet cool and dry. When it comes to the foot-bed, it’s well padded and offers great support which minimizes friction and helps ensure a more comfortable and secure stride. If you take a closer look at the outsole, you’ll notice it helps a lot in absorbing shock as you walk and can also provide great traction on a wide range of surfaces.

Lastly, what most people love about these shoes beside looking great and being comfortable is that they fit snugly and are also easy to take on and off. Just make sure that before you buy one pair, to check if there’s a Mephisto shoes sale running in your area and you’ll be able to get them for a special price.


1. The shoes fit very snugly.

2. Excellent workmanship and materials.

3. Very comfortable.

4. Available in larger sizes.


1. The sides can be a bit stiff for some people.

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