OshKosh B’Gosh Alex-4G Boat Shoe for toddlers and little kids

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Not many pairs of shoes these days are built by hand and if you’re someone who still believes that manually made goods are higher quality, then you’re absolutely right. In this regard, the oshkosh shoes for toddlers set a new standard not only for quality, but also unique looks and overall comfort. Therefore, if you’re currently in search of a new pair of shoes for your little angels and you want to make sure that they’re going to like it and feel comfortable wearing it, then we thoroughly recommend that you give these amazing shoes a try. Your kids will love them so much, they won’t want to take them off!

OshKosh B'Gosh Kids boat shoe 2

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What makes the Onkosh baby shoes a great buy

As a parent, you’re probably very well acquainted with a lot of shoe brands out there and if you tried at least three of them, then you probably know that finding a high quality pair of shoes that is comfortable, lasts long and doesn’t start to look like it’s 3 years old after just 1 month of use, is very hard. If that weren’t enough, most baby shoes are also prohibitively expensive, sometimes even more expensive than a full-size pair of shoes. That’s simply insane! After all, manufacturers use a lot less materials to make them, so it doesn’t make sense that they’re priced so aggressively.

Fortunately, there is a brand that still believes in serving the consumer by providing him with the high quality shoes he’s after. Oshkosh has been manufacturing shoes for many years and during this time they learned to appreciate and know exactly why so many people love their shoes. The attention to detail, the excellent designs and the overall comfort of their shoes is simply unbeatable. The rubber sole for instance can last very long regardless of the harshness of the terrain they’re used on.

Secondly, the shoes are very lightweight which is perfect for babies and toddlers whose leg muscles are still in development. Because of their light weight, you don’t need to worry about your little ones falling because the shoes are too heavy for them to walk properly.

OshKosh B'Gosh Kids boat shoe

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Maintaining and caring for the oshkosh kids shoes is not difficult at all. In fact, when they get dusty or dirty, all you need to do is throw them in your washing machine and then let them sit outside on the porch or balcony for them to dry. Just make sure though that you do not use powerful detergents when washing these, since they may affect the fabric and the color. The same goes for the temperature you choose to wash them at.

As you can see, the oshkosh baby shoes are excellent for both kids and toddlers not only because of their excellent comfort level, but also because of their great design and durability.


1. Lightweight and durable.

2. Easy to put on and take off.

3. Classic black and white strip design.

4. Carefree maintenance.


1. Shoe laces may unravel and may have to be frequently re-tied.

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