Best boat shoe colors

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TimberlandThere are many scientific and psychological theories that relate human beings with colors. However, none of them has had enough evidence to prove concretely why human beings are very selective when it comes to color. This posts highlights general boat shoe color preferences of different people.find-more-like-these

Let’s start with women. Women are strict on this. She will hardly accept a gift she does not like the color. You, therefore, have to get it right on the choice of color if you want to impress her. Men are a bit tolerant, but that does not mean they don’t respond to it.

During the summer, we all want to ride high in the waves and have the most amazing moments. Almost everyone wants to ride in the newest boat and dress to impress. Boat shoes are part of the dressing I am talking about. Since different people have different color preferences, it is hard to pinpoint which exactly is the best color for everyone. Choosing the right one can go a long way in helping you add more fun to your beach moments by making you look attractive. So, which ones are the best boat shoe colors? Well, read on and discover for yourself if you have been getting it right or missing out so much.

Rockport Blue GreenBuy on AmazonThe best color is one that matches your environment, is versatile with most of your clothing, does not reveal traces of dirt from a distance but is bright and attractive to the human eye. Most people, do prefer brown just because it is easier to rhyme it with most clothing. Go ahead and disagree if you must and then let me know what your opinion is. Another group of people prefers blue. This is so because they think it is the most appropriate since blue represents water on maps and in pictures drawn about nature. So, their imagination tells them that they are rhyming their environment. Is this true? Do you support them or disagree like I do?

The remaining lot have their preferences with reasons best known to them. It is hard to choose the best color but carefully analyzing your situation can go a long way in landing you to the best option. I personally think brown and blue are most likely the best colors for boat shoes. However, the selling boat shoes models of Sperry Top-Siders and Timberland do come in many other colors.SebagoBuy on Amazon

Apart from buying a good color that soothes your mind and matches you outfits, you need shoes that are comfortable inside and gives your feet a soft and gentle touch as you move around. They also need to soak as little water as possible and finally, they need to be light to enable you run around for a fantastic summer time.

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What boat shoes should I get

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Boat shoe types

Boat shoes are some of the most stylish pairs of shoes in the market today. They are among the traditional shoes. Back in the day they were often paired with sweater vests or something else that made for a geeky look. But not anymore, boat shoes can be paired with just about any outfit and produce a really spectacular design. They come in all materials, colors and sizes but then they have similar shapes. So if you are wondering to yourself, “What boat shoes should I get?” Here are ideas to guide you in buying the best pair for yourself.

Check the design

Boat shoes bring with them both aesthetic looks and impressive functionality. This however depends on the design that you choose. Often, they are in neutral colors such as black, gray, beige and brown. These shades are very versatile and thus can be worn with many clothing styles. White boat shoes are not the best unless you can keep them clean constantly (which is pretty difficult). Those shoes made from trendy print fabrics are best used for casual affairs.

Right size

Boat shoes are pretty different from other shoes particularly so when it comes to fitting. To get the right fit, ensure that there is just the right space remaining at the top of the shoe. The space should not be too much or too little. With the right amount of space left, the foot will be able to move comfortable and accommodate slight movements happening inside the shoe.

To test for the right size, use your thumb when the shoe is on the foot. An extra thumbnail between the top of the shoe and the big toe should prove to be enough space. Too little space between the foot and the shoe might make walking unbearable.

Leather boat shoes

Leather boat shoes come in highly favored because of their versatility. They can play both official and casual. The only problem with leather is that it can be difficult to wear and even maintain. The feet may develop nasty blisters if the shoes are not worn properly especially during the first few occasions. There is however Chromexcel leather. This is a better option. It is a type of leather that has gone through a softening process using natural oils. It is so soft that you can walk so comfortably in the shoes.

Chromexcel leather being soft allows you to skip the whole process of breaking in a shoe. The shoe will not need to be trained to grow accustomed to the contours of your feet. To top this off, it is really easy to maintain.

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Why are boat shoes popular

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bruno mars wearing boat shoes

If you read popular magazines or watch fashion shows, you’re probably aware on how popular boat shoes have gotten over the years. They are just one of those types of fashion pieces that won’t ever seem to go out of style. However, many people are wondering exactly why they are so popular when they obviously aren’t the most expensive pairs of shoes nor the most stylish as well. There are quite a few reasons why they are popular and learning about them may just give you a reason to get a pair for yourself as well.

Why are boat shoes popular?

Now one of the main reasons why they are so popular is the very fact that they are super comfortable. No matter how long you wear them and no matter how tired you are, your feet won’t hurt or ache. They are created to perfectly conform into the shape of your foot and so every step you walk, you will feel as though you’re walking on a cloud. Aside from comfort, they also happen to be one of the most versatile styled shoes on the planet. They virtually go well with all kinds of outfits and actually make each outfit appear cooler and more stylish than they already are.

Comfort and style may have a lot to do with why they are so popular and fashionable, but celebrities also have a lot to do with its fame. Literally every celebrity in the world has a pair of boat shoes and since they rock them so well, many of their fans make sure to have a pair for themselves as well. A couple of the A-list celebs that have been spotted wearing the coveted boat shoe include Rihanna, Kate Middleton, Kanye West, Bruno Mars, and Anne Hathaway. The great thing about these shoes is that these celebrities all have such different styles when it comes to fashion, but all seem to perfectly add boat shoes into their wardrobe. It just comes to show how they can look awesome on every person regardless of their personal style.

Boat shoes are a must for any person that wants to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. The reasons why they are so popular are quite obvious, and they will continuously be famous for many years to come. So don’t wait any longer to get a pair for yourself, as they will become your go-to pair of shoes for almost all your outfits.

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Sperry Top Sider Angelfish the Best Boat Shoe for Women

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Paul Sperry invented the first pair of boat shoes and revolutionized nautical footwear forever. However, at the time the typical sailor was a man and this meant that traditional boat shoes have been designed and created specifically for men. 80 years later that has all changed with the Sperry Angelfish. This is a boat shoe created and designed exclusively for women.

One of the great features of Sperrys for women is that the color combinations are softer and more feminine. These do Best selling perforated boat shoe for womennot look like a regular boat shoe that a woman happens to be wearing. The Sperry Top Sider Angelfish looks like it was made just for a woman. To achieve this, the color combinations that are available include Linen/Oat, Gold Glitter, Charcoal/Snow Leopard, Cordovan Embossed Anchors, Navy, Platinum, and Red Britton Stripe. The Red Britton Stripe are an extremely popular option because they add a flair and pop to the shoe that not many other boat shoes for women provide.

Women understand that there has been a serious problem in the boat shoe industry. There are very few traditional boat shoe options that are designed specifically for women. Women do not want to wear men’s shoes. They have different footwear needs and want to wear a shoe that is more feminine and appropriate. With the Sperry Top Sider, women finally have a boat shoe that they can call their own. This shoe is the perfect solution to the problem that has been created because of the lack of traditional women’s boat shoe options. Sperry is the original boat shoe creator, and it is only right that they would also be the top provider of a classic women’s shoe.

These shoes are 100% imported leather but designed in a way that is much cuter than the traditional men’s boat shoe. You still receive the Sperry’s quality with a completely hand sewn construction and fun sequin inserts. The shoe also contains a 360 degree Lacing System with rust proof eyelets to ensure a secure fit. The leather is stain and water resistant making them ideal for everyday use. The midsole is molded with EVA cushion to ensure extreme comfort even when they are worn consistently for long periods of time. The rubber outsole is non-marking with the same Wave-Siping technology that is included in the men’s shoe. This channels water away from the shoe meaning you can wear these on the deck of an actual boat without the concern of slipping.

We are sure that you will agree the Sperry Top Sider Angelfish is a classic boat shoe made just for women. Women no longer need to feel left out, or simply wear a shoe made for a man. They can now enjoy a cute boat shoe designed specifically for them. If you would like to experience a true women’s boat shoe, made by the company who originated the boat shoe 80 years ago, we highly recommend that you pick up a pair of these soft colored Sperry Angelfish today. The Red Britton Stripe color is our pick to provide style and pop, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the color combinations they offer. We guarantee after you buy these Sperrys for women your feet will thank you.



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Top 5 most loved boat shoe brands

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Boat shoes are not only fashionable, but they also offer great comfort, ease and utility. Boat shoes were originally created for wearing on the boat decks. This means that they feature non marking soles which are made of rubber with the trademark scores which provide the much needed additional grip on the wet boat decks. They are generally fashioned with quality white soles and sides, and a loafer style top, making them the perfect kicks for wearing during the summer time. They look great with khakis, jeans and even summer dresses. In addition, they are very comfortable and affordable for semi casual footwear. In recent years, the boat shoes have steadily grown in popularity. With their simplicity of build, it is not surprising that the boat shoes are much loved by many. If you are looking for the best boast shoes, here are the top 5 brands which produce the best boat shoes.

Sperry Top-Sider

Sperry Shoe Company was actually the very first company to produce and sell boat shoes. The creator of Sperry shoes is a man by the name Paul Sperry. Since Sperry came up with the incredible innovative sole design, the Sperry Top Spider boat shoes have been the leading boat shoes the ever since. Sperry company specializes in quality boat shoes with a cutting edge rubber sole which keeps your feet comfortable. Sperry Top Spider boat shoes were actually designed with function and comfort in mind. The shoes are still the leading brand for both men and women.

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Sebago boat shoes have been around since the 1970s. The shoes are still among the best boat shoes in the market. These sporty boat shoes have multicolored uppers which are installed with a slip proof, thick rubber sole. The foot bed is constructed with very comfortable materials which ensure the wearer enjoys great comfort. Sebago boat shoes were very popular in the 1980s when they were the fashionable footwear for the preppy college kids and also for the United States Sailing Team. Over 30+ years later, Sebago boat shoes still look very good. Today, all Sebago’s boat shoes are still hand sewn, and are sold in over 85 countries.Sebago

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If you are looking for dependable boat shoes to wear while relaxing, Timberland boat shoes are the perfect combination of both function and style. Timberland was created way back in the year 1952, when a shoe stitcher named Nathan Swartz wanted to make shoes which could withstand the worst of conditions. Timberland shoes are not only dependable, but they are also very fashionable. Just like other top brands, Timberland shoes are all hand sewn, and they’re crafted from specially oiled leather. The shoes have an elegant look which can be dressed down or up. As a matter of fact, Timberland shoes are popular both off and on the dockside.


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 Cole Haan

Cole Haan is America’s luxury and premier style brand. Every season the company introduces a new exciting collection of high quality men and women footwear. Cole Haan is inspired by a great passion for beauty and innovation, and all their shoes are made using the most luxurious and top quality materials available. Cole Haan also pays great attention to details which sets it apart from the rest. Cole Haan is a truly dynamic, luxury brand.

Cole HaanBuy on Amazon


Rockport is known for their comfortable and sleek boat shoes. The Rockport Company is actually one of the top innovators in the shoe industry and they use the most advanced technologies and materials, making their boat shoes very comfortable and durable. If you love outdoor adventures on your boat, or simply going out on dry land, Rockport boat shoes are the perfect footwear for you.


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