When do you wear boat shoes

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You can typically wear boat shoes on any occasion. These are some occasions when you would want to wear your boat shoes:

Sebago Boat shoes on the boat1. On the boat: Boat shoes are meant to have traction on the watery surface of the boat. Generally, Sperry Top-Siders and Timberland shoes are the best ones for sailing & boating. These shoes tend to drain faster and also dry up fast, which makes these shoes an ideal choice for boating and sailing enthusiasts.


Crocs beach boat shoes

2. On the Beach: Boat shoes can be worn on the beach. There is a specific line of boat shoes by Crocs that can be worn on beaches. These boat shoes are water friendly. The crocs boat shoes are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. You can also wear these on other occasions like hiking and gardening.


Timberland3. In office: Unless your office has a “strictly formals” policy, it’s usually okay to wear boat shoes to office. However, try not to wear shoes that may look too funky to be worn in office. Color choices are also important. It’s usually better to stick with brown, black, grey, maroon and tan shades.


Sebago DockSides Merlot4. University/College/High-school: Boat shoes are pretty popular with high school kids and university students. Boat shoes are available in variety of colors and styles. You can easy match them with different types of outfits and accessories.


Sebago5. For daily wear: Boat shoes are best suited for daily casual wear because they can be worn with most types of outfits. Boat shoes are relatively affordable for most people and can be easily bought online or any shoe store.


So, are there any occasions when you should avoid wearing boat shoes? There definitely are…

 X On strictly formal occasions:

Although many people wear boat shoes to office, you may not want to wear boat shoes on a strictly formal day at office. You may have an important interview or a meeting. Boat shoes may not suit the most formal occasion, however, it also depends on the company you work for.

X On a wedding day:

Needless to say, Boat shoes are not dress shoes and should not be worn with lavish outfits or wedding dresses.

Boat shoes are best worn as daily casual wear shoes or when you are actually on a boat. You can wear boat shoes with shorts, chinos, khakis or jeans. Remember, not to wear regular socks with boat shoes as its in bad taste.

Remember that boat shoes are supposed to be worn without socks or with socks that do not show. Sheec, Jockey and Hanes manufacture some of the best boat shoe socks.

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5 Reasons why boat shoes are cool

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Boat shoes in cool colors

Boat shoes were originally invented to be worn on wet surfaces. Only sailors and boating enthusiasts would wear boat shoes. However, boat shoes have now become popular with common people. Boat shoes today are so common that they are almost part of the culture.


Here are 5 reason why boat shoes are so popular:

1. Comfort & grip:

Boat shoes are extremely comfortable for casual wear. They grip the surface well, do not skid or slip easily. Boat shoes are easy to wear and remove. They can be worn without socks or with hidden socks.

2. Suits multiple outfits:

You can wear boat shoes with different types of outfits – shorts, chinos, khakis, or linen trousers, it does not matter. Boat shoes go with most of the casual, and semi-formal outfits. In most offices, boat shoes are easily passed as business casuals. One of the advantages of boat shoes is that it does not require intensive care like dress shoes. Its often easy to maintain boat shoes and they endure well.

3. Suitable for all ages:

Boat shoes can be worn by people of all ages. In America, you will see boat shoes being worn by teenagers, young men/women and even the middle aged people. These are the only type of shoes that are popular with all sections and as well as all ages of people. You will see Sperry Top-Riders being worn by many teenage girls and boys in high school as well as many men/women in their twenties and thirties.

Sperry Top-Sider4. Durability:

Usually, boat shoes from all top brands such as Sperry Top-Siders, Sebago, Rockport or Timberland are pretty durable. Good quality boat shoes can last for several years without much damage.


Timberland Blue5. Variety:

Boat shoes are available in variety of styles and materials. You can get boat shoes with or without laces. Boat shoes are available in different types of leather like Suede and also in Canvas.

Boat shoes work really good as daily pair of shoes. You can wear them with Jeans or Khakis, it really does not matter. They go with most of the outfits. Most people prefer to wear boat shoes with hidden socks or no socks at all. Wearing boat shoes with normal socks can be seen as out of fashion disaster.

If you’ve never worn boat shoes and don’t want to go wrong, pick a pair of good looking Sperry Top-Siders. You can be certain that you will not be disgraced.

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How to polish different types of boat shoes

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Polishing your boat shoes can be a real challenge, especially if you own a pair of canvas or suede shoes.

Lets first cover the leather boat shoes and we will later discuss how other materials can be cleaned effectively.

Firstly, please remember that you don’t always have to polish boat shoes. You can always use a shoe cream (for not suede and non canvas boat shoes) and rub it off using a shining cloth. This is mostly good enough. These instructions are for people who would like to really polish their shoes so that they look like new.How to polish different types of boat shoes

 To polish your leather boat shoes, you need the following stuff handy:

 A good shoe polish

  1. Shining cloth
  2. Shoe brush
  3. Boot cream
  4. Polish Applicator

Brush the shoes: Gently brush the shoes to remove dust and dirt from it. While brushing your shoes, ensure that your strokes are mostly unidirectional. Randomly brushing your boat shoes in all directions can damage the leather.

X Avoid Steam. Do not steam your leather boat shoes. This can damage the leather. Steaming is a good option for Suede, but not leather.

Polish the shoes: When it comes to shoe polishes, the Allen Edmonds shoe polish is one of the best shoe polishes for pure leather shoes (not suede). Use a polish applicator to apply the polish.

After you have done applying the polish, use Dressing agent to retouch the heel edge to make your shoes look smart and new like.

After you have done with the retouch, use a shining cloth to shine your shoes. Remember that depending on the leather, you may or may not be able to shine your shoes like one of those dress shoes. So, go easy on the shining part.

Polishing your Suede shoes: This can be tricky. Basically, you should never polish suede with any type of polish. Suede shoes will only require you to clean using a specialized brush to remove dirt. After your suede boat shoes are cleaned with the brush, you must use a suede protective spray to prevent scuff marks from showing.

Cleaning Canvas boat shoes: This is a lot easier. All you have to do is prepare a mild solution of soap water. Take a soft brush or a buffing cloth and dip it in to the solution. Use this brush or cloth to clean your canvas boat shoes. Remember to remove the insoles and laces while you clean your shoes.

That’s about it. Please do let us know if you have any specific issues while cleaning/polishing your boat shoes.

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How to select the best boat shoe socks

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Many buyers ask what the best boat shoe socks are. There are quite a few brands that you could buy, but before we can provide you with our suggestions, we would like to point out certain things you should keep in mind while buying socks for your boat shoes. Read on to find out: Boat Shoe Socks


  1. Socks should not slip: Traction is crucial when it comes to boat shoe socks, especially if you are going to wear your shoes around water. Make sure that the socks do not slip after you wear your shoes. Most cheaply made socks will slip and won’t be comfortable and won’t serve the purpose.
  1. Lightweight: The socks cannot be too heavy. You want to feel as if you aren’t wearing any.
  1. Hidden: The socks should not protrude too much out of the shoe. This kills the whole point of actually buying any special boat shoe socks. The classiest socks will never show out of your boat shoes.
  1. Grip outside of the shoe: The socks should not only grip your feet inside the shoe, but also when you walk without shoes, with your socks on. Believe it or not, it helps in certain situations.
  1. Testing: If you can try testing socks, there is nothing like it. Ensure that the socks don’t slide off your heal. You will experience this issue with most cheap socks
  1. Should work with other shoes: Should be comfortable with other shoes you own. While most people are happy buying boat shoe socks for the sole purpose of wearing with the boat shoes, it helps if these work well with other shoes like non boat shoe loafers. 

So, these are few things to keep in mind while buying the best boat shoe socks. Boat Shoe Socks 2

Coming to our recommendations, there is a brand called Sheec that sells some good boat shoe socks at affordable prices. These socks don’t slip and most buyers find them comfortable to wear.

Hanes and Jockey also are great options. On the other hand, even though Sperry Top-Sider sells be best boat shoes in the business, the boat shoe socks sold by them are not be most preferred. We will add some direct links to buy the best boat shoe socks, but you can easily find some on Amazon with little research.

Boat shoe socks not only ensure you have a comfortable experience with your boat shoes, but it will keep the shoes from smelling and your feet from sweating. So, they are not just for comfort or fashion, but are a requirement.

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