Timberland Men’s Classic Two-Eye Boat Shoe

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What makes the Timberland classic boat shoe so durable is the high quality manufacturing process and the features that are included. The shoe is made from full-grain, sued, and nubuck leathers. These are classic Timberland rugged leathers that look amazing, while providing extreme comfort and durability. The upper portion of the shoe is completely hand stitched all the way down to the midsole. This ensures a high quality stitch every time. You do not need to worry about these shoes coming apart at the seams. For extra comfort these brown boat shoes contain a full-length EVA insert with a layer of Poron® foam under the forefoot. This provides 2 layers of cushioning for your feet. The rubber outsoles are completely slip resistant meaning you do not need to worry about traction or durability.

Timberland Men's Classic Two-Eye Boat Shoe

Timberland has been a highly trusted name in the boot world for decades. People know that when they buy a pair of Timberland boots, they are investing in a quality product that will last for a considerable amount of time. Did you know that Timberland also puts that same commitment to quality into their 2 Eye Boat Shoe? These are classic deck shoes for men that offer all of the benefits and stature of the Timberland brand, in a comfortable and stylish boat shoe.

Timberland is known for their dark brown and tan colored apparel so you probably guessed that they offer brown boat shoes. The actual color options for the 2 Eye Boat Shoe are Rootbeer/Brown, Navy, Brown, Navy Burnished, Dark Brown, Rootbeer Smooth Leather, and Rootbeer Smooth. All of these colors provide a classic Timberland-style look, but the Rootbeer/Brown combination is the top seller of them all. This combination is stylish and classy, demonstrating that the person who is wearing it understands men’s fashion and quality materials.

If you have ever purchased a pair of boat shoes before, you know that there is nothing more frustrating than investing your time and money into buying a pair of shoes only for them to not last. Some boat shoes may look nice, but they break or are damaged easily. They cannot handle the wear and tear of day-to-day wear. With the Timberland 2 Eye Boat Shoe the last thing you need to worry about is longevity. These are high quality deck shoes for men. If cared for properly these shoes are designed to last for over a decade. That is an investment you can feel comfortable with.

You know you are wearing Timberland quality when you have the iconic Timberland logo featured on the top portion of your boat shoe. This Timberland classic boat shoe possesses all of the durability you expect from the Timberland brand, in convenient brown boat shoes. If you are tired of investing your money in boat shoes only to need a replacement a short time later, these shoes are the answer to your problem. When buying a pair of Timberland 2 Eye Boat Shoes you can be sure that you are purchasing a high quality shoe that will provide you comfort and style for years to come.

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Sperry Top-Sider Men’s A/O Boat Shoe

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In 1935 Paul Sperry invented the first boat shoe. This shoe was designed specifically to provide traction and comfort for sailors on the open sea. Did you know that this original shoe is still available on the market today? You can own your own small piece of history when you purchase the Sperry Top Sider authentic original boat shoe. This is a stylish shoe that can be worn on a boat or just around town. You do not remain in business for over 80 years without doing something right. Sperry has been successful for so long because they originated the idea and have committed themselves to producing a quality product ever since. When you are interested in the authentic feel of a real boat shoe, these mens Sperrys are for you.

Sperry Top-Sider Men's A-O Boat Shoe

The wide range of colors offered include Sahara, Oatmeal, Amaretto, Tan, Navy, White, Brown/Buck Brown, Brown, Black/White, Black/Amaretto, Ice, White/Black, Burnished Brown Tan, and Ash Grey. The most popular colors are Sahara, Brown, and Navy. Sperrys has over 80 years of experience in making boat shoes and this experience has helped them to offer a well-designed shoe in the colors that people want. Sahara is such a classic look for a boat shoe we highly recommend this color when purchasing these shoes.

As with any product there can only be one original. With boat shoes Sperry Topsiders are those originals. A Sperry Topsider is a symbol that you understand the history of the boat shoe and you are ready to take to the sea. Remember these are the shoes that were actually built to have the features needed by sailors on the open sea. When you buy any other boat shoe you run the risk of not actually being able to take them out on a boat, and you know for a fact that you are only wearing an imitation. Sperry Topsiders are the shoes for people who don’t want to be caught in anything but the authentic originals.

Sperry Top-Sider Men's A-O Boat Shoe 2

Sperry makes their original boat shoes with custom imported leather just as they did in 1935. They have a moccasin-stitched toe for style and durability. The eyelets are rust-resistant and they have a slotted collar for a light and airy feel. The insole contains a shock-absorbing EVA heel cup for extra comfort on those hard boat decks. The outsole is rubber non-marking with wet/dry traction. This is the original Paul Sperry design inspired by his dog’s paw which revolutionized boating footwear forever. That’s right; the non-slip boat shoe design was based on a dog’s paw after Paul Sperry noticed that his dog never slipped, even on ice.

When you want to actually venture out on a boat, and desire to wear the authentic original, Sperry Topsiders are really the only option for you. There can only be one original and this is it. Send a message to the people around you that you know what you are doing in the ocean, and understand what it takes to wear a quality boat shoe. Purchase the Sperry Top Siders authentic original boat shoe today.

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Sperry Top-Sider Charter H&L Boat Shoe for Toddlers, Little Kids and Big Kids

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Did you know that boat shoes do not have to be only for adults anymore? With these Sperry shoes for kids the benefits of a boat shoe are now available to your toddlers and big kids. Adults have been enjoying the benefits of quality boat shoes for decades; it was only a matter of time before someone offered high quality boys boat shoes. This is now the case with these toddler Sperrys. These are quality kids shoes at an affordable price. Your child deserves the best, and that is what Sperrys provides.

Sperry Top-Sider Charter H&L Boat Shoe for Toddlers, Little Kids and Big Kids 2

These shoes are available in a dark brown color which provides a classic leather look. The color makes a great companion to a pair of khaki shorts and a plaid button down. It provides a casual style fashion to your little future sailor. If more exotic color combinations are required these are probably not the shoes for you; however, the dark brown provided is so convenient and stylish we doubt that you will want to look for anything else.

Why should adults be the only ones who can enjoy the features and benefits of a boat shoe? These adorable boys boat shoes look just like the full-sized versions. They are the same quality shoe as the adult version, in a smaller size. Since most people do not know that these boat shoes are available for kids, they instead purchase a cheap pair of flip flops or sandals. These often do not last and can create a safety issue because they do not offer comfort or support. A flip flop or sandal is also not very secure so it can frequently slip off and be lost. If you are a parent you know that one lost shoe can be very frustrating. With Sperrys shoes for kids you can eliminate all of these issues. Your child’s feet will be perfectly safe in a quality shoe that is completely secured to their feet. Yet they will still be able to experience the lightweight comfort of a classic boat shoe.

Sperry Top-Sider Charter H&L Boat Shoe for Toddlers, Little Kids and Big Kids

These boys boat shoes feature a padded collar and very supportive sole. They are hand sewn to ensure maximum quality of every stitch. The leather used is very lightweight not adding any extra resistance to your child’s foot while walking. The upper portion of the shoe is mesh providing a comfortable fit while not chafing the ankles or adding any unpleasant friction. The shoe has adequate cushion with an EVA midsole that is now very common on adult boat shoes. The outsole is made of flexible non-marking rubber with special traction pods reducing any risk of slipping. This is really a classic adult boat shoe built specifically for kids.

If you thought that boat shoes were only available for adults you are wrong. These Sperry shoes for kids provide all of the benefits of a classic boat shoe in a smaller package. If you are looking for a pair of boys boat shoes you should consider purchasing them today. They will provide years of enjoyment for your child until their feet outgrow the current size. Then we guarantee that you will be scrambling to buy a bigger pair.


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Timberland Men’s Icon Three-Eye Classic Shoe

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Purchased for decades by loyal consumers who know what a rugged and overall great pair of shoes is all about, the timberland men’s icon three-eye classic shoe is the perfect example of how a pair of shoes should actually be like. The company has been producing these for decades and the reason they are still the number one choice of many consumers worldwide is because they’re built like a tank, are very comfortable and are adequately priced.

Timberland Men's Icon Three-Eye Classic Shoe

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Replacing your old pair of shoes with a new pair

Many of us feel lucky when we buy a pair of shoes that we eventually discover is everything we ever looked for in one. However, as with everything, you know there will come a day when you’ll need to replace it with a new pair. This is the moment when you’re going to start wondering whether you’re going to find a pair of shoes that matches up to the one you wore for so many years. Luckily, if you have your eyes on the timberland 3eye classic lug, then you won’t have to worry about that at all. How come?

Well, that’s because Timberland has managed to build a great reputation for itself among consumers by producing high quality shoes for more than forty years. It’s not only the design of the shoes that stands out, but also the quality and attention to detail which are specific to Timberland.

The new Timberland 3 eye lug

Timberland Men's Icon Three-Eye Classic Shoes

Buy on AmazonThe timberland 3 eye lug combines the outsole of their six inch premium boots with the upper of a boat shoe, resulting in a pair of shoes that’s equally intriguing and fascinating. While most other companies out there are taking a shortcut when it comes to durability and overall quality, Timberland is committed to staying loyal to their core principles and that is producing the most comfortable and highest quality shoes they can. Their timberland 3 eye lug stands out not only thanks to how comfortable and rugged they are, but also because they’re made using rich oiled leather and a stitched design that adds to their premium look.

Therefore, if you’ve been looking for a pair of shoes that you can count on no matter the terrain and weather you plan on using them in, then you should certainly give these shoes a try. The outsole is large, thick and effectively cushions the impact your feet are subjected to when you walk. Better yet, they’re also available in a wide range of colors, so that you can easily get the right pair that matches your style. Speaking of color options, they include Burgundy/Brown, Brown, Black chamois, Brown Pull Up, Navy, Burgundy Smooth Leather, Rootbeer Smooth and Burgundy.

Timberland also cares about the environment and that is why they use recycled materials when it comes to making their shoes. Their packaging is environmentally friendly as well, so you can have the peace of mind that buying a pair of shoes from them is going to help protect the environment as well.


1. Environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

2. Comfortable, durable and very rugged.

3. Timeless and classy design.


1. A bit on the heavy side.


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Timberland Men’s Hulls Cove Boat Shoe

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For the classy, sophisticated, yet also casual individual, getting a pair of shoes can prove to be a complicated endeavor, but not if you’re looking at one from Timberland. In fact, the timberland boat shoes have been widely acclaimed for being some of the most popular shoes for men. This is not only because they’re made with the highest quality materials, but also because they offer superior comfort, a classy design and a very unique color combination.

Timberland Men's Hulls Cove Boat Shoe

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Finding the right pair of shoes can be daunting

Buying a new pair of shoes may be extremely easy for some people, especially for those who don’t really care about what they wear. However, if you’re someone who has style and want to ensure you stay loyal to the look that best describes your personality, then the purchase of a new pair of shoes cannot be taken lightly. Unfortunately, there are many brands out there that only manufacture poor quality and poorly designed shoes, making it a lot harder for you to find what you’re looking for.

The thing is that you shouldn’t let that disappoint and discourage you, since if you look hard enough then you’ll certainly stumble upon better shoe brands, such as Timberland, specifically the timberland boat shoes for men. These shoes have built a great reputation for themselves not only because the manufacturer pays great attention to each and every detail of it, but also because they’re affordable, are available in multiple colors (such as dark brown, brown, navy, red brown, red brown nubuck, navy tumbled full-grain and grey tumbled nubuck) and will last you for a very long time.

Great comfort, excellent style

Timberland Men's Hulls Cove Boat Shoe top view

Buy on AmazonIf you’ve read the reviews many people who got these shoes posted online, you’ll find that the majority of them extol them for their incredible comfort. In fact, if you’re someone whose feet sweat a lot and you want to make sure that won’t ever be the case again, then you may want to take a closer look at the timberland classic boat shoes. They’re built in such a way that they keep your feet cool and prevent them from sweating.

For decades, Timberland has been manufacturing some of the best boat shoes money can buy and their latest model incorporates their traditional nautical feel that has made their first such shoes so popular. The outsole is very well made and it allows you to safely walk on wet surfaces, while the craftsmanship is second to none. A global leader in marketing, engineering and design of premium footwear, Timberland knows exactly what its consumers want and delivers every single time. The company is also adored for the fact that they use recycled materials in order to make their shoes, a practice that also seems to extend to their packaging process.

If you’re currently looking for a pair of shoes that looks classy, is made using high quality, yet environmentally friendly materials and doesn’t cost too much money, then you may want to consider getting the timberland classic boat shoes. You’ll be glad you did!


1. Available in a wide range of colors.

2. Made using recycled materials.

3. Great design and overall build quality.


1. They could’ve been a bit lighter.


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