Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Lander Fashion Sneaker

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Style, value and great build quality are 3 things that you certainly need to look for in a new pair of shoes. After all, you’re going to wear it everywhere you go and probably on a daily basis, so it definitely needs to represent you and match your style. Ralph Lauren is one of the most popular shoes brands in the world and not only are you guaranteed that their shoes are top quality, but their design is simply out of this world. As such, if you’re looking to replace your current pair of shoes and want to get something that’s different and stylish, then opting for ralph lauren sneakers is a great idea.

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Lander Fashion Sneaker

Comfort and style taken to a whole new level

The classic boat shoes from Ralph Lauren speak a lot of the style and the overall design that Ralph Lauren is known for. Their aim is to make a pair of shoes that not only stands out through its simplicity, but also one that is comfortable and can be worn for many hours without causing any type of discomfort. The first time you’re going to get these on, you’ll find them to be a bit narrow. However, as the minutes pass you’ll start to realize just how comfortable they become. One thing to bear in mind though is that we don’t recommend these for people who have wide feet. However, if your feet are narrow, then you’ll love these.

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what style you rock, since these will go well with just about anything: pants, bathing suits, shorts, you name it and they’ll certainly complement your style.

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Lander Fashion Sneaker 2

Walk with style

As you may have noticed, these are canvas shoes and therefore are very light. Since they’re made of canvas though, you may think that if it starts raining, you’re soon going to have wet feet. Well, that’s simply not the case with these shoes and that’s because they don’t get wet that easily. This is especially useful if you’re late for your date and it starts to rain outside. Sure, the rest of your clothes will get wet, but your shoes won’t. After all, having wet feet while dining with somebody can be pretty uncomfortable.

In terms of color choice, you can get the polo boat shoes for men in a wide range of colors, including grey/navi/white, khaki/dark brown, navy white/newport navy, cream/umber, deep grey/umber, black/polo black. boating khaki/newport navy, grey, ocean pacific yellow/sapphire and tomato/acid lime.

If you care about your style and you’d like to get a pair of shoes that can be worn with most types of clothes you have in your closet, then you have to consider getting a pair of polo boat shoes for men as soon as possible. Once you try them on and wear them for 5 minutes, you’ll find it easy to understand why so many people out there are crazy over them.


1. Available in a wide range of colors.

2. Very lightweight.

3. Comfortable and durable.

4. Easy to maintain.


1. Not a good choice for people with narrow feet.

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