Rugged Shark Men’s Bill Dance Casual Angler

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Rugged Shark has continuously endeavored to make shoes that can be used with utmost comfort in all water environments. With the Rugged Shark Bill Dance Casual Angler, the manufacturers have done this with exact precision and probably exceeded expectations. Why? Because this shoe not only serves you perfectly wherever you are pursuing your favorite water activities but it is also great as casual wear for other occasions.

Rugged Shark Men's Bill Dance Casual AnglerBuy on AmazonIf you have ever shopped for a shoe to use in a water-related activity, you certainly know the frustrations that most buyers have to endure. Perhaps the leading frustration here is buying a shoe that is hyped as water resistant but it gets water-logged at the very sniff of water. And how comfortable would you feel when the water-logged shoe you are wearing gets stuck on your feet suffocating the very life out of you? The Rugged Shark Bill Dance Casual Anglers are true rugged shark shoes designed with the knowledge of such frustrations in mind and are therefore guaranteed to make your experience most pleasurable.


Over the years, the Rugged Shark Bill Dance Casual Angler has consistently received five-star reviews from satisfied users. If you are an enthusiast of water activities such as boating and fishing, this is the one shoe that is guaranteed to help you enjoy your favorite activity in utmost comfort. The shoe uppers are made of water-resistant leather (enabling your feet to remain dry all through your water activity) and also have air mesh breathable quarter panels to keep your feet well ventilated throughout the day. The hand sewn leather also guarantees that the shoes will serve you for a long time.

To complement the premium upper leathers and therefore make the shoe durable, the shoe’s outsole is made of non-making rubber which is slip-resistant, thereby taking care of the consumer’s safety. Other features of the Rugged Shark Bill Dance Casual Angler have been made with the consumer’s comfort in mind. For starters, this hardy shoe is lightweight (weighing a mere 12.5 oz) allowing for great flexibility when you wear it. Being a slip-on, the shoe is easy to both wear and remove. These rugged shark boat shoes also comes fitted with shock-absorbing Phylon midsoles (which are removable) and foot support without pressure points. For a comfortable fit, the shoes are also fitted with dual elastic gores. Finally, the shoes are available in gold dust color making them highly usable with your favorite casual wear.


• Made of non-marking rubber and therefore leave no marks on floors
• Hardy rugged shoes for men is able to withstand pressure and maintaining comfort on the feet.This makes it ideal for people doing demanding jobs (such as truck driving).
• Can be used for strenuous jobs as well as casual wear for formal occasions


• Great as they are, the Rugged Shark Bill Dance Casual Anglers tend to be quite small and for the perfect fit it would help to order larger than your normal size.
• The removable midsole is likely to get detached when you remove shoes.

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