Sanuk Men’s Shipwrecked Loafer

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The hot weather outside is the main reason why most of us want to get a pair of shoes that’s made using breathable materials (canvas) so that we don’t get sweaty feet and feel like taking them off to cool down. Luckily, this is exactly how the sanuk boat shoe is built. Given the fact that lightweight and breathable materials are used, it’s safe to say they’re very light and you can easily wear them all day long without getting sore feet.

Sanuk Men's Shipwrecked Loafer 2

Buy on Amazon What makes a great pair of shoes

Have you ever wondered what actually makes a great pair of shoes? Is it the materials it’s made of, the design or maybe it’s the various technologies the manufacturer incorporates in it? Well, honestly, it’s all of these and a little bit of creativity. Most people these days have no clue how to buy a pair of shoes in the sense that they don’t know what to look at. Most of them will go by comfort and looks as the main factors that influence their decision, but there’s so much more to consider though. The shoe’s weight, the materials it’s made of, the laces, the outsole, insole and so on.

The truth is that not everyone knows about the impact these things have on the shoes and the experience of wearing that pair of shoes and if this is the case with you as well, then don’t worry about it. The new sanuk shipwrecked shoes are everything you’ve been looking for in terms of quality materials, comfort, price and color availability.

A simple, yet inspiring design Sanuk Men's Shipwrecked Loafer

Buy on AmazonWhen you take a closer look at the deck shoes men, you realize that their design is that of a sandal/shoe combination that features a shoe upper on a sandal bottom. So basically, what you get is the excellent comfort of wearing a pair of sandals and the protection of a shoe. For instance, thanks to the sandal bottom, your feet can easily flex and bend as you walk, while the loose fitting upper helps the food naturally and effectively absorb shock. Given the fact that the laces are placed across the shoe’s top makes it look like a typical boat shoe. In terms of color options, you can get them in brindle, navy, natural and camo.

A little more background one the shoes

Did you know that Sanuk shoes were actually created by surfers in S. California in the late nineties? The reason they were created is because at the time, surfers wanted to get a pair of shoes that perfectly reflects their lifestyle and that’s how Sanuk was born. As the present confirms, the brand grew to be very successful and these days hundreds of thousands of people buy them for their simple looks, excellent comfort and interesting design. On top of that, they’re also quite affordable, so you don’t need to worry about spending a fortune for one.


1. Breathable materials.

2. Lightweight and perfect for the hotter season.

3. Very durable.


1. Some breaking in may be required.

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