Sebago Boat Shoes

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Sebago Boat Shoes

When you are in the market for a new pair of boat shoes the Sebago Docksides might be the right choice for you. The Sebago Dockside is a true representation of the Sebago brand. Sebago aims to craft boat shoes that provide a truly timeless look. These shoes feature rawhide laces and durable traction soles which truly differentiates them from the other available boat shoes on the market today.

All Sebago products are truly authentic. This is because they hand-sew their Docksides in the same way that they did when they first started selling them decades ago. In fact, Sebago has been in business for over 70 years. Throughout this time they have believed in providing well-crafted shoes that help their customers live the active lifestyle they want. This attention to detail and craft provides a high quality shoe that lasts longer than most of the other shoes currently available. This is achieved without sacrificing style or performance.

Sebago Boat Shoes

The Sebago brand started on the New England coast and embraces the New Englander lifestyle of the ocean. This is what inspired the creation of the brand. Since their formation their shoes have been all about performance and that has not changed. They want their shoes to be able to last and perform at a high level when used on the city street, wooden docks, or on your favorite boat. This means that they create a truly versatile shoe. They take performance and design so seriously that each shoe is carefully crafted and inspected to ensure that it will always provide the best performance. Quality is their top priority, and this is reflected in everything that they do.

Of course the major advantage of these shoes is their durability. Customers have reported that their shoes last for many years with little or no wear and tear. These shoes provide a great deal of longevity increasing their value and overall usability. This is a quality shoe that will provide years of utility for your dynamic footwear needs. That is something that we just cannot say about every boat shoe.

Sebago StoresSome of the special features that you should know about these shoes include:

1. Made of Genuine Leather
2. High Quality Rubber Soles
3. Moc-Toe Stitching
4. Around-The-Collar Rawhide Lacing
5. Molded EVA Foam Insole
6. Non-Slip, Non-Marking Rubber Outsole

Their shoes can also be customized for any size foot and come in narrow, medium, wide, and extra wide sizes. They also offer many different color options but we highly recommend the Sebago Docksides tan and Sebago Docksides grey. These are classic color options that truly look great on this durable boat shoe.

So, if high performance and longevity are your top priorities in a boat shoe, then the Sebago Dockside should be high on your list of choices. When you choose this brand you are really choosing a high quality shoe that will not need to be replaced for many years to come. After purchasing a pair we are sure that you will agree. With a Sebago Dockside boat shoe you cannot go wrong.

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