Steve Madden Women’s Eros Slip-On

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Whether you’re into shoes that feel comfortable all day long and do not make your feet sweat or shoes that feature a unique design, that’s exactly what you’re going to get when opting for the steve madden eros shoes. As the name implies, these shoes will make you feel extremely attractive to the opposite sex and wearing them is going to make you feel like a goddess. With that being said, below we’re going to tell you more about how you can walk in style with the new steve madden eros shoes for women.

Steve Madden Women's Eros Slip-On

Buy on AmazonIdeal for youthful people both on the inside and outside

If you take a closer look at the steve madden shoes for women, you’ll realize that the company has paid a lot of attention to details. In fact, they’re specifically made for the fashion conscious individual who wants to stand out, but at the same time not attract too much attention to the point where he gets long stares. The round, shiny and silver colored metal details on the shoes give them a youthful, yet rebel appearance that will certainly appeal to a lot of youngsters. From teens to people in their twenties and beyond, these are a great choice for everybody with a sense of fashion and people who want to reconnect with their inner younger version of themselves.

Great choice of materials and overall quality

Most people describe wearing the steve madden slip on shoes to feeling like a god why wouldn’t they? In fact, these shoes are anything but ordinary. From their studded and printed twist to the metal details on the front, these shoes will pair great with a bold cross body, a white scoop neck tee and cropped jeans. However, this is only a suggestion and you can choose to wear them with any other clothes you want. As long as you feel and look great with them, then that’s all it matters.

Steve Madden Women's Eros Slip-On Top look

Buy on AmazonLightweight and easy to maintain

Compared to other similar shoes out there, the steve madden slip on shoes are lightweight, meaning that you can easily travel long distances with them without having to worry about your feet getting sore. Better yet, they’re also very simple to maintain and you won’t have to worry about the fact that they’ll look worn out after just a few months of use as it’s the case with the majority of shoes out there.

The man behind the company is none other than Steve Madden and ever since the nineties he put great emphasis on quality and durability. He also stresses the fact that a pair of shoes must not only look great, but also last long enough and feel comfortable enough for the user to feel like buying it was worth it.

With that being said, from now on you can rest assured that you can easily find the pair of shoes you’re looking for when deciding to shop with Steve Madden. Since their shoes are affordable, made with durable materials and feature excellent designs, you’re certainly going to love wearing them each and every day!


1. Youthful design with silvery metal details.

2. Lightweight.

3. Durable.

4. Slip-on design.


1. Snakeskin design may not appeal to everyone.

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