3 Easy ways to keep your boat shoes from smelling

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Here’s How to avoid boat shoes smell

Before we tell you how you can easily avoid your boat shoes from stinking, lets discuss few popular solutions that don’t work. Here are couple of myths about killing this stinking smell:

Do not freeze your shoesX Freezing your shoes: Believe it or not, freezing your boat shoes is a temporary solution. Many people freeze their shoes overnight to get rid of the smell, but it always comes back. Its widely believed that freezing kills the bacteria that causes the smell. It may be true, but there is no scientific evidence for it. If it does kill the bacteria, why does the smell come back again? 

Deodorizing your feet wont helpX Deodorizing your feet: Some people like to spray deodorant on their feet before they wear the shoes. This does not help either. In fact, the deodorant smell can mix with the actual stink and cause even more disgusting smell. Deodorants do not kill the root cause of the smell.

If the above things don’t work, what will? The solutions lies in getting rid of the root cause. The stinking smell in the boat shoes is caused by the sweat produced by your feet. The warm condition created within the shoe helps multiplication of the bacteria.

There are 3 solutions to fix the root cause of this problem:

Odor-X Odor Fighting Insoles by Dr. Scholl’s1. Non leather insoles:

Wear non-leather insoles that can be washed and replaced. Buy multiple of these so that you have spare ones. The washable Pure Cotton Terry Barefoot Insoles by Pedag work the best with boat shoes of many different types. Pedifix and few other companies also produce such insoles, but the Pedag are probably the best and most popular among the boat shoe wearers.

Another alternative to the terry cotton insoles are the Odor-X Odor Fighting Insoles by Dr. Scholl’s. You can get a pack of 4 insoles for less than 20 bucks. These insoles are easier to wash and can be low maintenance compared to the terry cotton ones.

Sheec Boat Shoe Socks2. Boat shoe Socks:

Wearing good boat shoe socks will ensure that the sweat is produced by your feet is absorbed by the socks and does not reach the shoe leather. This will prevent any bacteria from developing and will keep your boat shoes odor free.

In one of our posts, we discussed comprehensively about how to select the best boat shoe socks. Click here to go through that post.

Gold bond foot powder3. Foot powder:

If you generally sweat a lot, you may want to use a good foot powder like Gold bond foot powder. Pour some powder on your feet and in your socks. This will help absorb the excessive sweat and prevent infections in your feet. This is a must for people with sweaty and irritated skin.

So, those are 3 sure shot solutions to get rid of that unpleasant stench from your boat shoes.

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