Clarks Men’s Jax Boat Shoe

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When it comes to buying high-quality shoes, Clarks is always a trustworthy brand that does not disappoint. One of their best products so far is the Clarks Jax boat shoe. With an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 at the moment of this review, these boat shoes from Clarks stand head and shoulders above the competition by providing extended durability, supreme comfort, adjustability and maximum breathability.

Clarks Men's Jax Boat Shoe

Buy on AmazonThe Problem

Most shoe buyers are struggling to find comfortable shoes. Most shoes on the market are not as comfortable as promoted, especially if they are made of low-quality materials. Additionally, most shoes are standardized and won’t fit perfectly on the foot. However, the solution is now at hand. Clarks men’s jax boat shoes offer the perfect solution to this problem. These shoes fit as expected, are extremely comfortable and are built to last. The inside lining is cushioned, which makes them feel great on any type of feet.

Clarks Boat Shoes – Features and Specifications

These are high-quality shoes made from natural leather. Featuring a synthetic sole, they are highly comfortable and can be worn for years without leaving blisters on your feet. The contrast between the slotted collar and textile lacing, together with the lace-up closure, make these shoes extremely beautiful and appealing to the eye.

The jax boat shoes from Clarks make a great fashion statement, improving the fashion factor of your outfit. They are highly adjustable and provide easy on/off. The construction of the fabric lining gives your feet maximum breathability. For extra shock absorption, you can detach the cushioning insole. To top it all, these shoes offer excellent traction control due to their sturdy rubber outsole.

Clarks Men's Jax Boat Shoe 2

Buy on AmazonPros

  • Quite inexpensive
  • Made by a world renowned company with over 100 years of experience in the shoe manufacturing industry
  • Offer maximum breathability
  • Easy to put them on and take them off
  • Very comfortable
  • Attractive design
  • Stylish, work perfect with every type of outfit


  • It takes a few days for the shoes to accommodate your feet
  • The sole might split open if you wear them in rainy days

Buying Experience

Buyers on Amazon can get a 20% discount on these boat shoes. It can take a week to break in to these shoes, but no more than that.

These shoes are definitely built to last and to make a perfect fashion statement. You may be literally stopped on the street and asked by strangers where you got these shoes from. You will feel like a star.

All in all, the Clarks boat shoes are a good buy for men of all ages.


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Clarks Boat Shoes

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You may have heard of Clarks because they have been in the shoe making business since 1825. That is almost 200 years of experience in the shoe industry. With that kind of longevity you can only imagine what Clark boat shoes can offer in terms of comfort and style.Clarks Logo

If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable boat shoe to get you through your weekend, a Clarks boat shoe is an excellent option. Clarks boat and Clarks deck shoes are more casual than some of the other boat shoes we talk about and review on this site. They provide an ultra laid-back vibe which is versatile for relaxing on a boat or beach, or spending time cruising around town. These slip on deck shoes are purposely designed to not require socks. clarksIn fact, they are engineered to be vented through the fabric so that your bare foot is all that is needed. Who wants to worry about socks when they are trying to relax the day away? With Clarks there is no need to worry about blisters or sweaty feet. Your shoes ensure that your feet remain vented and cool throughout your day.

Clarks offers many different styles of boat shoes, all of which come with varying features and benefits. They are purposely created to provide a high level of comfort that puts you in a relaxed and laid-back mood. These are the ultimate in kick-back and relax foot apparel.

Some of the top features that most Clark deck shoes provide are:

1. EVA Soles: You have probably heard about EVA before on this site. EVA is great because it improves shock absorption and water resistance while adding to a boat shoes lightweight appeal. We often recommend that you consider boat shoes that employ EVA.

Clarks Best Boat Shoe2. Ortholite Technology: This technology helps to support your foot. It also aids in the venting we mentioned earlier, making your foot experience more pleasurable with less moisture and more air. We don’t always want to wear socks, but we also don’t want sweaty feet. Ortholite technology helps in this area.

3. Nubuck Lining: This is a unique feature which reduces the friction you feel, making your bare foot experience more smooth and comfortable. When they say they want you relaxed they truly mean it. With these shoes socks are definitely optional.

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As you can probably tell the theme of Clarks boat shoes is relaxation. These are the shoes that you take on vacation and wear throughout your day, and then to a relaxing night out on the town. Clarks claims that their boat shoes redesign relaxing comfort, and it is hard to argue with that point. They truly embrace a kicked-back lifestyle. If you are looking for a boat shoe that is comfortable and relaxed, while not compromising on style, you should check out the selection of boat shoes that Clarks has to offer. They have a unique niche and almost 200 years of experience backing them up. It is very hard to go wrong with a pair of Clarks boat shoes.

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