Columbia Men’s Bonehead Vent Boat Shoes

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Having a clear focus on design and proper comfort, the columbia boat shoes seem to meet and exceed every expectation regular consumers may have. After all, when you think about it, it’s not only about the way a pair of shoes looks, but more about how it feels when you’re wearing it, whether any type of breaking in is required and whether you can get it for a good price. If this is what you’re worried about, then you’ll be surprised of what Columbia has in store for you. Below we’re going to tell you more about their shoes and why we believe they’re the Holy Grail of comfort, design and overall quality.

Columbia Men's Bonehead Vent Boat Shoes

A step forward

We all have one or more pair of shoes that we wear depending on where we go. For instance, you cannot wear sneakers at a wedding and you cannot wear summer shoes if you plan on climbing the Alps. As you may be able to tell from our examples, what we’re trying to say is that these days there are far too many shoes brands that simply forgot what make a pair of shoes great. They rely too much on their designers to come up with a great design that attracts attention, but forget that comfort is one of the main reasons someone may choose to buy a somewhat simpler looking pair of shoes in spite of a flashier one.

As such, if you’re the type of person for whom comfort can never take the backseat, then you may want to take a closer look at the columbia bonehead shoes. From the stitched front to the thick, yet lightweight and comfortable sole, these shoes are a joy to wear. In fact, once you try them on it’s going to be very hard to take them off: that’s how great they actually feel.

Columbia Men's Bonehead Vent Boat Shoes 2

Zero compromise on quality 

Let’s get a bit more technical, shall we? First of all, it’s important to mention that these shoes are made of high quality leather, feature a ventilated design and are also very lightweight. This means that you can easily wear them all day long without having to worry about getting sore feet. The sole also has great traction on land and deck, so you don’t need to worry about slipping even when walking on a really wet surface. Color wise, they’re available in Mud / Stone, Collegiate Navy / Stone and Cordovan / Elk.

If you take a closer look at the midsole, you’ll see it features several ports. Well, those ports are water and air flow drainable which also helps improve shock absorption when walking on rough terrain. Because of that, we can easily say that the company has focused quite a lot on making the shoes breathable in order to keep you dry and comfortable at all times. As for the footbed, you can remove it if need be for maintenance purposes. Thanks to all of these great features, the columbia bonehead shoes are excellent for a wide range of water related activities.


1. Water drainable.

2. Ventilated design.

3. Lightweight and comfortable.


1. Only available in 3 colors.


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