Eastland Women’s Solstice Boat Shoe Oxford

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Boasting a classy, yet sturdy design that’s perfect for casual wear and also outdoor adventures, the eastland boat shoes are a great choice for the woman who appreciates style and knows how to flaunt it. Not only are these shoes wonderfully designed, but they also last much longer than your average pair of shoes, regardless of type.

Eastland Women's Solstice Boat Shoe Oxford

Buy on AmazonAmazing quality and comfort 

While design and look may be secondary, it seems that comfort is very important for almost everyone wanting to buy a pair of boat shoes. If you’ve likely read the online reviews, you probably know that these shoes are very comfortable and compared to other similar pairs out there, they’re also very cheap. If you already ordered and received them, then you already know just how comfortable the inside of the shoe is. Also, where comfort is concerned, the cushion rises to the point where it offers perfect support for the foot’s arch, making the eastland womens shoes a joy to wear.

Great build quality 

The eastland shoes feature a padded tongue and insole for improved comfort, so the minute you put them on you’re going to fully understand why so many people out there love them and continue to rate them five stars on most online stores. The full grain leather upper is very easy to care for and since it’s paired with breathable and lightweight nylon mesh panels, it allows your feet to breathe effectively and therefore keep them cool.

Not only that, but the fabric knit insole is very soft as well and provides excellent cushioning and moisture control no matter if you plan on using the shoes for a walk or for something more adventurous. The slip resistant sole is made of high quality rubber which improves both comfort and durability.

Eastland Women's Solstice Boat Shoe Oxford Top View

Buy on AmazonTop notch design 

When Eastland designed this pair of shoes, it opted for classy colors that would appeal to as many people as possible and it seems that they’ve made a great choice. In fact, the contrasting textures and colors create a very impressive oxford look that has the same comfort level as a slipper. The moc inspired eyelets and lacing around the padded collar make the shoes even more appealing and further reinforce their signature look.

Completely handsome and lined, the cushioned insole and padded tongue are going to make your feet feel extremely comfortable, while their design is going to be a treat for the eyes of everyone glancing at them. In terms of colors, you can get these shoes in a wide range of them, including Bomber Brown Leather, Tan, Navy/Gold, blue, Tan/Gold, Tan & Stone Leather, Black and Burgundy nubuck.

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will change the way you look at shoe sin general, then it’s certainly recommended that you take a closer look at the eastland boat shoes. The materials used, the design, but also the attention to detail shows just how much the company cares about each pair of shoes they make.


1. Perfect for casual wear.

2. A lot more comfortable than the majority of flat shoes out there.

3. The shoes don’t become droopy even after using them in very humid weather conditions.

4. Sturdy and durable.


1. You need to wear them for a week until they break in.

2. They can get dirty really easily.

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