How to select the best boat shoe socks

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Many buyers ask what the best boat shoe socks are. There are quite a few brands that you could buy, but before we can provide you with our suggestions, we would like to point out certain things you should keep in mind while buying socks for your boat shoes. Read on to find out: Boat Shoe Socks


  1. Socks should not slip: Traction is crucial when it comes to boat shoe socks, especially if you are going to wear your shoes around water. Make sure that the socks do not slip after you wear your shoes. Most cheaply made socks will slip and won’t be comfortable and won’t serve the purpose.
  1. Lightweight: The socks cannot be too heavy. You want to feel as if you aren’t wearing any.
  1. Hidden: The socks should not protrude too much out of the shoe. This kills the whole point of actually buying any special boat shoe socks. The classiest socks will never show out of your boat shoes.
  1. Grip outside of the shoe: The socks should not only grip your feet inside the shoe, but also when you walk without shoes, with your socks on. Believe it or not, it helps in certain situations.
  1. Testing: If you can try testing socks, there is nothing like it. Ensure that the socks don’t slide off your heal. You will experience this issue with most cheap socks
  1. Should work with other shoes: Should be comfortable with other shoes you own. While most people are happy buying boat shoe socks for the sole purpose of wearing with the boat shoes, it helps if these work well with other shoes like non boat shoe loafers. 

So, these are few things to keep in mind while buying the best boat shoe socks. Boat Shoe Socks 2

Coming to our recommendations, there is a brand called Sheec that sells some good boat shoe socks at affordable prices. These socks don’t slip and most buyers find them comfortable to wear.

Hanes and Jockey also are great options. On the other hand, even though Sperry Top-Sider sells be best boat shoes in the business, the boat shoe socks sold by them are not be most preferred. We will add some direct links to buy the best boat shoe socks, but you can easily find some on Amazon with little research.

Boat shoe socks not only ensure you have a comfortable experience with your boat shoes, but it will keep the shoes from smelling and your feet from sweating. So, they are not just for comfort or fashion, but are a requirement.

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