Rockport Men’s Summer Tour 2 Eye Boat Shoe

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The rockport 2 eye boat shoe is an incredible pair of shoes that’s going to change the way you think about shoes in general. Made of genuine leather, these fully synthetic and high quality men’s boating shoes feature Adidas’ special ADIPRENE cushioning that effectively absorbs shocks and therefore makes wearing the shoes a very comfortable experience.

Rockport Men's Summer Tour 2 Eye Boat Shoe

Buy on AmazonOne big problem though for many of us who love shoes is the fact that sooner or later, no matter how careful you are with changing your socks and washing your feet after using them, they’re still going to start smelling bad. Fortunately, that is no longer the case with the rockport summer tour 2 eye boat. That’s because they feature an antimicrobial lining that minimizes foot odor so that you never have to embarrass yourself ever again when having to take your shoes off when visiting friends, relatives, etc. better yet, the shoes also feature an EVA outsole that absorbs shocks and reduces leg and foot fatigue.

More about ADIPRENE technology

Known as a pioneer in the shoes industry, Adidas has come up with a great range of technologies that have been incorporated in all their shoes over the years, making them a lot more comfortable to wear, but also more durable. When it comes to their ADIPRENE technology, it helps turn any pair of shoes that incorporates it, into a sports shoe. What this means is that the technology helps absorb shock in the heel and therefore increases walkability and minimizes the impact on your foot.

Great comfort, lighter design

Rockport Men's Summer Tour 2 Eye Boat Shoes

Buy on AmazonIf you don’t like wearing socks, then from now on you can basically forget about them, since these mens deck shoes allow you to wear them without socks. This is actually possible thanks to the unlined upper which allows the shoes to breathe and reduce the chances of unwanted odor or sweat. ADIPRENE technology was also molded into the heel, meaning that it effectively cushions the heel at impact, allowing you to comfortably wear the shoes all day long without getting sore feet. The shoes’ excellent design also stands out and combined with the great pop of color makes these shoes a great choice regardless if you plan on taking a walk or going to a party.

An overall great choice 

As you can see, comfort and style is now available in a pair of shoes that’s going to simply blow your mind. The new Rockport Men’s Summer Tour 2 Eye Boat shoes can be worn on most occasions and not only are they excellently designed and durable, but they also protect your feet and back from various conditions by effectively absorbing shocks as you walk. Given the fact that they also don’t cost as much as an arm and a leg and come in a wide range of colors (Taupe Nubuck/Tan, Light Tan, Navy Nubuck, Red Nubuck/Navy and Light Tan) renders them an even better choice to consider.


1. Excellent price to quality ratio.

2. Very durable and comfortable to wear.

3. Special ADIPRENE technology effectively absorbs shocks.


1. Some people claimed the shoes may be too narrow.

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