Sebago Men’s Clovehitch II Oxford

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If you’re the type who tends to buy just a few pairs of shoes every 2 years or so, then you probably know that it’s very important for you to get the right one. After all, if you’re unlucky and get a pair that needs to be replaced after just a few months that means you’re losing money in the process. Luckily, durability, classiness and quality materials are some of the main traits that describe the sebago clovehitch ii shoes. Not only do they look impressive, but at the same time they’re also very comfortable to wear.

Sebago Men's Clovehitch II Oxford

Why getting a new pair of shoes is always a gamble

More and more people are frustrated about the fact that when they need to buy a new pair of shoes, they aren’t sure whether they’re going to get one that lasts for more than several months or a pair of shoes that will, yet cost a lot of money. In this vicious circle plenty of people are going to consider the cheaper alternatives and in the process realize that they’ve made a mistake. However, that’s not to say that quality shoes are always expensive. The perfect example in this regard is the sebago clovehitch walnut.

For one, they really have that classy look that’s going to make you stand out wherever you decide to wear them and secondly, they’re put together very well: from the nice stitching in the front to the leather and mesh construction, everything about this shoe screams quality.

Great attention to detail and high quality materials

When taking a closer look at the sebago boat shoes, you’ll realize that they feature mesh panels for breathability, a weathered leather upper, but also a traditional slotted collar with eyelets and padded linings to increase comfort. When all of these details come together, they give the shoe that nice nautical feel so many of us love.

What makes the Sebago shoes though stand out is the fact that they’re all about coming up with timeless designs and manufacturing authentic products. In fact, the company celebrates New England with every pair of shoes they release and it’s this very philosophy of sticking to their roots that have helped them attain the success they’re currently enjoying.

Sebago Men's Clovehitch II Oxford 2

Sebago’s philosophy

After all, shoes aren’t supposed to be only technical, but also comfortable, easy to put on and take off and affordable. Whether you decide to wear these shoes in the city streets or maybe on rougher terrain, you’ll realize that they’re very comfortable and they won’t give up on you. After all, each Sebago shoe is designed with utmost care in order to perform at its best regardless of when, where and how you use them.

Now that you know why the Sebago shoes are so different from the rest, it’s easy to realize why getting a pair is going to be a treat for your feet. Since they’re so comfortable and can withstand a lot of abuse, they’re easily going to become your new favorite pair of shoes.


1. Very durable.

2. Can be worn on various types of terrain with no compromise on comfort.

3. Made of high quality leather.

4. Breathable design.


1. A bit on the heavy side for some people.


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