How to polish different types of boat shoes

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Polishing your boat shoes can be a real challenge, especially if you own a pair of canvas or suede shoes.

Lets first cover the leather boat shoes and we will later discuss how other materials can be cleaned effectively.

Firstly, please remember that you don’t always have to polish boat shoes. You can always use a shoe cream (for not suede and non canvas boat shoes) and rub it off using a shining cloth. This is mostly good enough. These instructions are for people who would like to really polish their shoes so that they look like new.How to polish different types of boat shoes

 To polish your leather boat shoes, you need the following stuff handy:

 A good shoe polish

  1. Shining cloth
  2. Shoe brush
  3. Boot cream
  4. Polish Applicator

Brush the shoes: Gently brush the shoes to remove dust and dirt from it. While brushing your shoes, ensure that your strokes are mostly unidirectional. Randomly brushing your boat shoes in all directions can damage the leather.

X Avoid Steam. Do not steam your leather boat shoes. This can damage the leather. Steaming is a good option for Suede, but not leather.

Polish the shoes: When it comes to shoe polishes, the Allen Edmonds shoe polish is one of the best shoe polishes for pure leather shoes (not suede). Use a polish applicator to apply the polish.

After you have done applying the polish, use Dressing agent to retouch the heel edge to make your shoes look smart and new like.

After you have done with the retouch, use a shining cloth to shine your shoes. Remember that depending on the leather, you may or may not be able to shine your shoes like one of those dress shoes. So, go easy on the shining part.

Polishing your Suede shoes: This can be tricky. Basically, you should never polish suede with any type of polish. Suede shoes will only require you to clean using a specialized brush to remove dirt. After your suede boat shoes are cleaned with the brush, you must use a suede protective spray to prevent scuff marks from showing.

Cleaning Canvas boat shoes: This is a lot easier. All you have to do is prepare a mild solution of soap water. Take a soft brush or a buffing cloth and dip it in to the solution. Use this brush or cloth to clean your canvas boat shoes. Remember to remove the insoles and laces while you clean your shoes.

That’s about it. Please do let us know if you have any specific issues while cleaning/polishing your boat shoes.

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