Skechers Women’s Buccaneer Anchors Away Boat Shoe

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The most probable reason you are reading this review is that you have come across the Skechers Women’s Buccaneer boat shoe and want to get yourself a pair. But being a cautious shopper, you wouldn’t make a purchase without doing some research.

Skechers Women's Buccaneer Anchors Away Boat Shoe

find-more-like-theseHere are some reasons that would keep you from buying this shoe.

• Most buyers noted that they are a bit wide. For people with narrow feet, this could cause a lot of slipping that could result in blistered feet.
• The shoes tend to stretch throughout the day. They can therefore feel ‘floppy’ after hours of wear.

Before you decide this is not a good shoe and move on to find a better one, let us look at the numerous reasons you should buy this shoe.

• While many buyers complained that the shoe is a bit wide, this is not because of an issue with the shoe. Most agreed that they had narrow feet. Padded insoles and heel grips can fix this issue quite effectively.
• It offers pretty decent arc support
• Sketchers shoes are very comfortable to wear. You can easily go a whole day in them and not have sore feet in the evening.
• The gel infused memory foam insole provide amazing support for your feet. It conforms to your foot to offer additional comfort and support.
• These Sketchers buccaneer boat shoes look good and go well with anything.

Since 1992, Sketchers has been a leading footwear maker and designer for people who are keen on keeping up with the trend. Production of high-quality, diverse and affordable shoes has been key to their success. Their products include 7 brands and 5 branded fashion lines that cater for men, women, and children alike.

Back to the shoe, the Skechers buccaneer boat shoe is of amazing quality. It is built to offer maximum comfort when wearing and the inclusion of a memory foam insole is proof of this. You can wear them the whole day and still feel free and fresh at the end of the day. Needless to say, this is a shoe for people who value comfort above all else. Let us run through the reasons you should or shouldn’t buy this shoe.

Skechers Women's Buccaneer Anchors Away Boat Shoe Top Viewfind-more-like-theseReasons you should buy the shoe

– They fit snugly. A majority of people who said they are wide agreed that they had rather narrow feet.
– They offer pretty decent arc support.
– They are very comfortable to wear.
– A memory foam insole adds to the comfort and support of the shoe
– They look good and match almost anything

Reasons you may not want this shoe

– They stretch when worn which can lead to a loose fitting after hours of wear
– After stretching, there can be a lot of slipping resulting in blisters. This can however be fixed by using heel grips

Now that you know the strengths and weaknesses of this shoe, we hope you are better placed to make a decision. If you buy the shoe online and are not satisfied with the quality, Amazon’s policy allows up to 30 days for you to return the shoe. Alternatively, you can visit a local store to fit the shoe then make the purchase online to take advantage of the sale.

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