Sperry Mens 2-Eye Burnished Boat Shoe Dark Brown

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Boat shoes also known as deck shoes have gained immense popularity in the last couple of years. This is due to its soft rubber soles and unique design which helps in supporting the foot. Furthermore it has a simple criss-cross lacing on the top which makes it aesthetically pleasing and offers a decorative addition to the design.

Sperry Mens 2-Eye Burnished Boat Shoe Dark Brown

Boat shoes are made up of canvas or leather depending upon the style and brand you buy. Canvas boat shoes are a good idea for warm weather, whereas the leather Sperry top-sider boat shoes can be combined with a casual outfit to create a smart look. So the Sperry boat shoes offer comfort and support to the wearer and at the same time displays a mature look too.

Boat shoes are available in various colors including: Sahara Leather, Oatmeal, Tan, Amaretto, Navy, Classic Brown Leather, White, Buck Brown, Black, Burnished Brown Tan, and Black/White. Among these the most popular among wearers are the Sahara Leather, Classic Brown, Tan, and Sperry Burnished Boat Shoe.

A lot of guys have a difficult time deciding which shoes to wear at different occasion. There comes a time in your life when you can’t dress formal but can’t afford to dress casual either. Hence for these in-between places Boat shoes are a perfect fit. For instance you can’t exactly wear your pair of Havaianas to your boss’s barbeque. Likewise it would be weird to sport a pair of shorts with athletic socks and sneakers.

Sperry Mens 2-Eye Burnished Boat Shoe Dark Brown 2

Hence the boat shoes are like flip-flops for well dressed men. You can easily wear them at the boardwalk, the pool, the beach, and many other places where flip-flops generally can’t go. It can go with shorts, and at the same time looks equally impressive with a pair of corduroys, chinos or jeans. Furthermore, they are very comfortable too. If you are wearing them with a pair of shorts, you can even go sock less.

Boat shoes were named originally because they provided good traction on the boats. This feature can be used to your advantage even off the boat. Sperry top-sider boat shoes have a non-marking outsole with dry/ wet traction. Along with that it also has a Shock-absorbing EVA heel cup. Because of its imported quality leather and rubber sole it is very durable. Sperry boat shoes also feature rust-resistant eyelets, moccasin-stitched toe, and slotted collar.

Pros of Boat Shoes:

  1. You can wear it anywhere: to the beach, office, date, or even while traveling.
  2. It is durable, sturdy and offers good traction.
  3. These are a perfect investment for your wardrobe.
  4. Boat shoes are super comfortable.

Cons of Boat Shoes:

  1. Breaking in to Boat shoes can be a tough task. Depending on the shape of your feet and the leather of the shoe, you may get painful blisters. But with time they will fit and mould to the contours of your feet.
  2. Taking care of them can be a chore because they’ll be exposed to water and sun a lot. But for this you can store them carefully, use a good water-based shoe polish cream and keep them dust free.
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