Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Mako 2 Eye Boat Shoe

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If you like to wear suits or maybe want to wear jeans and shirts, then you certainly need to have a great pair of shoes that you can pair them with. In this regard, we recommend that you take a closer look at the sperry mako. Classy, bold and featuring a premium look, it’s hard not to like these shoes. After all, they exude a kind of classiness that you only get to see in shoes that cost dozens of times more, so they’d undoubtedly upgrade your style the minute you decide to put them on.

Get the best one you can afford

Sperry Top-Sider Men's Mako 2 Eye Boat Shoe ver 1

Have you ever had to buy a new pair of shoes, but you eventually found out (the hard way) that finding a pair that you genuinely like is close to impossible? Well, the truth is that you’re not alone in this and there are many other people who find themselves in the same position as you. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about that any longer, since thanks to the sperry top sider mako, you can now complete your look and feel amazing everywhere you decide to wear them. Regardless if you’re attending a corporate party or maybe a birthday party, you can have the peace of mind that wearing them you’re going to attract a lot of compliments.

Quality and comfort are top notch

Sperry Top-Sider Men's Mako 2 Eye Boat Shoe ver 2

The minute you’ll try the sperry top sider mako 2 eye on you’ll realize 2 things: these are very comfortable and secondly, the quality, including the stitching, are top notch. If you know what makes a good pair of shoes, then you’ll realize that the mako 2 eye shoes are in a league of their own. For added comfort, the manufacturer decided to use a special type of rubber in order to make the sole, making the shoes that much more comfortable to wear.

Taking a closer look at the laces, you’ll notice Sperry has opted for a three hundred and sixty degree lacing system that uses rust proof eyelets and also features the company’s log on the tongue. This is there just to give the shoes that extra little bit of style they need to look simply perfect. The collar and tongue are both padded, which improves comfort, while the dual density bottom with a cushioned midsole further adds to that.

Since every time you walk, your feet and also back are subjected to shock, Sperry decided to use an EVA heel for comfort which is great at absorbing shocks with every step you take. And since these are boat shoes we’re talking about, Sperry also used their Wave-Sipping technology for the outsole in order to ensure you won’t slip regardless of how wet the surfaces you walk on may be.

All in all, if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that’s comfortable, adequately priced and available in a multitude of colors (such as Amaretto, oak coffee/fawn, coffee, oyster/taupe), then you absolutely have to get the sperry mako shoes.


1. EVA outsole.

2. Lightweight and durable.

3. Classy look.

4. Premium build quality.


1. New batches may be a bit narrower.



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Sperry Top-Sider Men’s A/O Boat Shoe

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In 1935 Paul Sperry invented the first boat shoe. This shoe was designed specifically to provide traction and comfort for sailors on the open sea. Did you know that this original shoe is still available on the market today? You can own your own small piece of history when you purchase the Sperry Top Sider authentic original boat shoe. This is a stylish shoe that can be worn on a boat or just around town. You do not remain in business for over 80 years without doing something right. Sperry has been successful for so long because they originated the idea and have committed themselves to producing a quality product ever since. When you are interested in the authentic feel of a real boat shoe, these mens Sperrys are for you.

Sperry Top-Sider Men's A-O Boat Shoe

The wide range of colors offered include Sahara, Oatmeal, Amaretto, Tan, Navy, White, Brown/Buck Brown, Brown, Black/White, Black/Amaretto, Ice, White/Black, Burnished Brown Tan, and Ash Grey. The most popular colors are Sahara, Brown, and Navy. Sperrys has over 80 years of experience in making boat shoes and this experience has helped them to offer a well-designed shoe in the colors that people want. Sahara is such a classic look for a boat shoe we highly recommend this color when purchasing these shoes.

As with any product there can only be one original. With boat shoes Sperry Topsiders are those originals. A Sperry Topsider is a symbol that you understand the history of the boat shoe and you are ready to take to the sea. Remember these are the shoes that were actually built to have the features needed by sailors on the open sea. When you buy any other boat shoe you run the risk of not actually being able to take them out on a boat, and you know for a fact that you are only wearing an imitation. Sperry Topsiders are the shoes for people who don’t want to be caught in anything but the authentic originals.

Sperry Top-Sider Men's A-O Boat Shoe 2

Sperry makes their original boat shoes with custom imported leather just as they did in 1935. They have a moccasin-stitched toe for style and durability. The eyelets are rust-resistant and they have a slotted collar for a light and airy feel. The insole contains a shock-absorbing EVA heel cup for extra comfort on those hard boat decks. The outsole is rubber non-marking with wet/dry traction. This is the original Paul Sperry design inspired by his dog’s paw which revolutionized boating footwear forever. That’s right; the non-slip boat shoe design was based on a dog’s paw after Paul Sperry noticed that his dog never slipped, even on ice.

When you want to actually venture out on a boat, and desire to wear the authentic original, Sperry Topsiders are really the only option for you. There can only be one original and this is it. Send a message to the people around you that you know what you are doing in the ocean, and understand what it takes to wear a quality boat shoe. Purchase the Sperry Top Siders authentic original boat shoe today.

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Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoes

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Sperry Top-Sider LogoTo understand Sperry topsiders you first have to understand the man behind the shoes. Paul Sperry is the founder of the brand. He was an avid sailor, adventurer, and explorer. He was also an inventor. He believed in the power of freedom and what he felt were the truly unlimited possibilities of the sea. However, in 1935 there was not a solution for the issue of maintaining traction on a slippery boat deck. This could make sailing a dangerous and unpleasant experience. Instead of just complaining, Paul Sperry wanted to take action and do something about this. So Sperry began to attempt to invent a non-slip shoe for boating. Although this was a difficult task, he gained inspiration from the most unlikely of sources, his dog Prince. Sperry noticed that Prince never slipped, even when he was walking on ice. So Sperry inspected Prince’s paws. He saw that the dog’s paws had many small cracks and lines that were going in various directions. He used this design to invent the world’s first non-slip boat shoe. Yes, the non-slip traction on today’s boat shoes was inspired by the design of a dog’s paws.

Sperry Boat ShoesWhen you purchase a pair of classic Sperry topsiders this is the history and legacy that you are buying into. The brand has evolved from the first boat shoe manufacturer in the world to a true lifestyle brand. But Sperry is still the authentic and original boat shoe brand. Their boat shoes are truly iconic. The shoes that they produce today have many unique design elements including:

1. Hand Sewn True-Moc Construction
2. Leather Uppers
3. Shock-Absorbing Heel Cups
4. Non-Marking Rubber Outsoles

Sperry Nice legs shotAll of these features make them the perfect shoes for both land and sea. The shoes also still come with the razor-cut wave-siping for superior traction. The technology pioneered by Paul Sperry and his dog Prince. The Sperry boat shoes are available in a wide variety of designs to meet all of your footwear needs. The colors consist of timeless neutrals and brights, but we highly recommend blue Sperry topsiders and red Sperry topsiders. These are the most classic and vibrant colors available. Sperry makes shoes for both men and women and also uses a variety of materials to make their boat shoes including leather and suede. There is almost no limit to the styles and combinations. We highly recommend you review their website to see all of the available options.

Sperry now provides contemporary styles that stay true to their heritage. If you are drawn to the sun or the ocean, Sperry is the brand for you. We truly believe that there is a Sperry boat shoe that is perfect for everyone. Remember, when you choose a Sperry boat shoe you are buying a piece of history from the original boat shoe inventor. You are paying tribute to the person who made all of our lives a little easier. When wearing these boat shoes you will truly feel like a modern day explorer, just like the storied adventurer and icon, Paul Sperry.

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