What boat shoes should I get

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Boat shoe types

Boat shoes are some of the most stylish pairs of shoes in the market today. They are among the traditional shoes. Back in the day they were often paired with sweater vests or something else that made for a geeky look. But not anymore, boat shoes can be paired with just about any outfit and produce a really spectacular design. They come in all materials, colors and sizes but then they have similar shapes. So if you are wondering to yourself, “What boat shoes should I get?” Here are ideas to guide you in buying the best pair for yourself.

Check the design

Boat shoes bring with them both aesthetic looks and impressive functionality. This however depends on the design that you choose. Often, they are in neutral colors such as black, gray, beige and brown. These shades are very versatile and thus can be worn with many clothing styles. White boat shoes are not the best unless you can keep them clean constantly (which is pretty difficult). Those shoes made from trendy print fabrics are best used for casual affairs.

Right size

Boat shoes are pretty different from other shoes particularly so when it comes to fitting. To get the right fit, ensure that there is just the right space remaining at the top of the shoe. The space should not be too much or too little. With the right amount of space left, the foot will be able to move comfortable and accommodate slight movements happening inside the shoe.

To test for the right size, use your thumb when the shoe is on the foot. An extra thumbnail between the top of the shoe and the big toe should prove to be enough space. Too little space between the foot and the shoe might make walking unbearable.

Leather boat shoes

Leather boat shoes come in highly favored because of their versatility. They can play both official and casual. The only problem with leather is that it can be difficult to wear and even maintain. The feet may develop nasty blisters if the shoes are not worn properly especially during the first few occasions. There is however Chromexcel leather. This is a better option. It is a type of leather that has gone through a softening process using natural oils. It is so soft that you can walk so comfortably in the shoes.

Chromexcel leather being soft allows you to skip the whole process of breaking in a shoe. The shoe will not need to be trained to grow accustomed to the contours of your feet. To top this off, it is really easy to maintain.

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