When do you wear boat shoes

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You can typically wear boat shoes on any occasion. These are some occasions when you would want to wear your boat shoes:

Sebago Boat shoes on the boat1. On the boat: Boat shoes are meant to have traction on the watery surface of the boat. Generally, Sperry Top-Siders and Timberland shoes are the best ones for sailing & boating. These shoes tend to drain faster and also dry up fast, which makes these shoes an ideal choice for boating and sailing enthusiasts.


Crocs beach boat shoes

2. On the Beach: Boat shoes can be worn on the beach. There is a specific line of boat shoes by Crocs that can be worn on beaches. These boat shoes are water friendly. The crocs boat shoes are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. You can also wear these on other occasions like hiking and gardening.


Timberland3. In office: Unless your office has a “strictly formals” policy, it’s usually okay to wear boat shoes to office. However, try not to wear shoes that may look too funky to be worn in office. Color choices are also important. It’s usually better to stick with brown, black, grey, maroon and tan shades.


Sebago DockSides Merlot4. University/College/High-school: Boat shoes are pretty popular with high school kids and university students. Boat shoes are available in variety of colors and styles. You can easy match them with different types of outfits and accessories.


Sebago5. For daily wear: Boat shoes are best suited for daily casual wear because they can be worn with most types of outfits. Boat shoes are relatively affordable for most people and can be easily bought online or any shoe store.


So, are there any occasions when you should avoid wearing boat shoes? There definitely are…

 X On strictly formal occasions:

Although many people wear boat shoes to office, you may not want to wear boat shoes on a strictly formal day at office. You may have an important interview or a meeting. Boat shoes may not suit the most formal occasion, however, it also depends on the company you work for.

X On a wedding day:

Needless to say, Boat shoes are not dress shoes and should not be worn with lavish outfits or wedding dresses.

Boat shoes are best worn as daily casual wear shoes or when you are actually on a boat. You can wear boat shoes with shorts, chinos, khakis or jeans. Remember, not to wear regular socks with boat shoes as its in bad taste.

Remember that boat shoes are supposed to be worn without socks or with socks that do not show. Sheec, Jockey and Hanes manufacture some of the best boat shoe socks.

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